The 3 Levels Of Human Awareness: Can You Master Them All?

Have you ever been so lost in your toughts that you don't feel the time passing? Maybe someone called you and you didn't even hear or see them? Probably. When that happens to you, you just shifted your level of awareness. Human awareness has 3 levels and the more levels you can master and control, the more you can use that control to change and improve yourself more effectively.

Below are the 3 levels of awareness:

Level 1 : External Awareness

This one is the most basic level that everyone uses to talk to other people, think about something, do everyday tasks, and so on. It's the easiest level and it's called external because it focuses on the outside stimulation such as changes in the environment, noises, people, and any external change that occurs in the surroundings.

Level 2 : Emotional Awareness

The second level is not so easy to pick up. It requires a higher degree of emotional intelligence that allows you to recognize your own emotions accurately, which grants you the awesome skill to control them to a certain extent and avoid falling victim of your own impulses.

So basically, it's the recognition and understanding of your emotions in a way that allows you to manipulate them in such a way that you become the master of your emotions

Level 3 : Subconscious

The subconscious is the most famous of them all. This level is definitely the hardest one to access or to change, but there are techniques that are used to control dreams, as well as the visualization technique which is believed to change your subconscious in 21 days of practice. It's also backed-up by scientific research that you can find.

So, on which level are you ? Post comments and I'll be happy to answer.


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  • LSD, I believe, and other hallucinogens, are also a fast way to access the unconscious and subconscious mind. It can fuck you up, though. There's a reason that shit stays hidden from you. Pretty much no human alive would be able to access all of that information stored beneath the conscious mind without going insane.

    But, at least for my trip, back when I was 19; there was a profound, indescribable rush of information. As if I was connected to the universe's information grid or something. I believe that was the door to my unconscious mind being cracked open.

    I'm level 100. My perception, at least in my own opinion, is quite good, in all areas. I've spent a lot of time practicing.

  • I'm on another level