Awesome DIY Bath Bombs!

Recently I've entered a sort of bath bomb addiction. I've bought nearly 20 bath bombs in the last month or two. They have many pros such as being relaxing, moisturizing, and insanely good smelling, but they can be a real drain on money. Trying to lower the money I spend on my new addiction, I did some research on how to make my own bath bombs with ingredients you can find all at Walmart.


-1 bowl and 1 cup

-Mixing utensil

-A bath bomb mold (You can buy one meant for Christmas decorations at hobby lobby, bath bomb molds online, or do like I did and buy rubber desert molds for fun shapes.)

-1 cup of baking soda

-1/2 cup of Epsom salts

-1/2 cup of citric acid

-1/2 cup of corn starch

-3 tsp of oil (I used olive oil)

-2 tsp of essential oil

-1 tsp of water

-Liquid food coloring

Step One: Dry Ingredients

Now that you've got all of the items you'll need, it's time to start the mixing. The very first thing that you've got to do is thoroughly mix all of your dry ingredients (baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, and corn starch). Make sure that they're fully mixed and there are no clumps. Warning, the citric acid will make the whole mixing process pretty unpleasant. I had to breathe into my sleeve to avoid sneezing. (P.s., my mom and I searched for citric acid FOREVER in Walmart. We eventually found it in the home aisle. Apparently, it's used in canning foods. We spent like half an hour just searching in the food section.)

Step Two: Liquids

It's time to use your cup! Mix up all of your liquid ingredients in your separate cup (oil, essential oil, water, and food coloring). After it's fully mixed, pour it into your dry mixture in small doses. You need to mix fast, because the ingredients will react and start to bubble and fizz. Mix fast and add the liquid in bit by little bit. Your mixture will turn a surprising color, and it will still be pretty dry. I expected it to be very pale colored since it's such a small amount of liquid, but it was a brilliantly bright color. I like to mix lemon and mint essential oils for a nice, energizing mix. Essential oils can be pretty expensive though, so try the smells out before you buy just in case it's a smell you don't like much. (My mom and I sampled a few of our first choices and were glad we tried before buying. They were awful.)

Step Three: Shape!

Now that you've got your mixture made up all nice, it's time to start shaping your bath bombs. Just fill up your molds and squeeze together to fuse both sides of the bomb together (if using a spherical mold.) You can then tap both sides with a spoon, and pull the top right off. Gently set the bomb to the side to dry and make more. If you used dessert molds, fill your mold and pack the bath bomb mixture down. You may want to let it dry directly in the mold to avoid breaking, as it's harder to get the shaped bath bomb out of a non-smooth mold. If you want prettier bath bombs,, try mixing up the colors. I did layers of purple and blue, and it looked really cool. I also squeezed together little clumps of one color and threw it into the mold before filling it with the other color. This resulted in a pretty cool looking polka dot bath bomb. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE COLOR YOU USE MY TURN YOUR BATH WATER COLORS!

The ingredients can get sort of expensive if you don't search for the best deals, but you can also make more than one bath bomb from it. I managed to make nearly 20 bath bombs with $30 worth of ingredients, and my family loved them! Have fun mixing up your colors and scents.

If you had trouble following the directions written, a video will be attached here with a tutorial (I didn't do the tutorial, but this one helped me out with my learning process)

Have fun making your bath bombs! Also, don't forget to give the youtube video a like if it helped you out. (I don't know the creator of the video, but it's just polite to like her video if it helped you!)

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