6 Common Lies Our Brain Tells Us

1. I can't do it

If you're not brave enough then yes you can't take the right steps. But if you take the right steps then there is nothing you can't do. The important point is to avoid our brain lying to us.

2. Others are better than me

If you believe in your brain then you will never feel fine.

3. I don't have time

You think that you don't have time but then you realize that indeed you have- for the things that you really want to do.

4. I can do it later

There is no time like the present.

5. No harm in just a one-off thing

If you give up on something then don't do it again.

6. It's too late

It's one of the most common excuses. No! It's never too late for anything. You can try new ways.


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  • Actually none of these are necessarily lies.

    1. There are many things you cannot actually do. The self-assessment isn't incorrect. What you mean is "I cannot do it right now" or "I need to learn how to do it" but there are many, many things you simply cannot do at the moment of consideration even if it is possible you could do them later. It's an I/O report with JI/JO considerations.

    2. Actually a lot of people ARE better than you in a myriad of ways. That's not false. The falsehood is that you are equivalent to others; objectively speaking the truth is that you do and will fail to meet the standards of others alongside their particular skill levels. There is only one "best" and the odds that you are it are very low.

    3. Actually this isn't a falsehood either. When we talk about time we usually do it in relation to a timetable. What we don't do however is look at how we fill the table; usually people fill the table backwards, they put what they "need" to do first and then what they "want" to do second. Professionals and those who actually use timetables effectively usually do the opposite; they put what they "want" to do first and then what they "need" to do has to fit in presuming it isn't of abnormal urgency. This prevents burnout and abandonment of the plan so when a person, especially a well organized one, states they do not have time they may in fact be telling the truth and if your brain tells you this within your own timetable it may also be telling you the truth.

    4. This is another JI/JO issue. "Can" is the operative so actually it is completely true. You really can do it later. I don't think this article is titled correctly. Perhaps if it were "I should do it later" then you'd be correct.

    5. This is a mixed bag. There are actually times when it is appropriate to do "one-off" things. Your image references an addiction but in reality you never actually quit being addicted to things. So from a neurological and psychological vantage point the association is completely wrong. Generally speaking irrational behavior tends to really be one-off if not addiction or based in mental illnesses like mania so actually it is completely okay to eat that candy bar. In working out people call these "cheat days" but the concept carries into spending, etc.

    6. Actually there are plenty of deadlines you really cannot meet. Just like there are plenty of things you really cannot do. Another JI/JO.


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  • The biggest lie I can never tolerate is---"LIFE HAS NO MEANING"---- I then say , the only meaning in life is the meaning you bring to your life. If you believe in your life , you will believe in your dreams.

  • Another great take

  • good job

  • Nice mytake. I like it.

  • As long as Conservative Christians believe they're the "right" religion, they will always be better than anyone else. That's why Trump won the presidency... they believe he's conservative christian


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  • Thank you for this. I needed it.