What I'd Like to Have in the Future

What I'd like to have in the future

I had a really good dream last night and it got me daydreaming about my future and I thought I'd share a bit about it. It's nothing wild or crazy, but it's what I want..

Wife and children

Well.. I want to find some one to spend my life with and 2-3 children. Hopefully I'd at least get one of both sexes. Always wanted to be a dad and embarrass my kids, teach them sports, help them with their homework, play games, go camping.. I think I'd be good at it.

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

Then there's obviously having someone you love and who's always there for you. Travelling together, starting hobbies together, cute romantic gestures..

I want my own house, large backyard with space for projects and a woodshop

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

I want a big peaceful backyard to work on and improve, hopefully with some elevation change. Then I would definitely want to have a shed for tools and woodworking and other projects. Then I would just ask the guys to come over build/tinker stuff, drink some beers and then maybe do some bbq and watch a game. :P

Summer cottage next to a lake with a wood heated sauna at the shore

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

It's nice to get out of civilization, shut of your phone and all communication and live in the midst of nature for a while. Go to sauna every day, hiking, yard games, swimming, chilaxing...


I already mentioned it, but I really want to start travelling. I've never really been able to afford it or I've used my money on something else. My travel bucket list is getting a bit long..

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

I'm also considering going to exchange somewhere before I graduate.

Have a meaningful career

I want to leave my mark in this world. Affect it in some way for the better (hopefully..). Maybe design or help design a new medical instrument.

What I'd Like to Have in the Future
If not with my career, maybe some other way. Maybe with a hobby..

Write a book

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

It doesn't even have to be published. I just really love writing and always wanted to try and write one. I'm both thinking about writing fictional stories and philosophical texts.

Compete in a sport

The one I'm thinking about the most is powerlifting. It wouldn't be too hard to accomplish and I think it would be a fun experience.

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

I'd also really like to do a marathon, marathon cross-country skiing competition and a triathlon some day.

Skydive, bungee jump and climb a cliff

Okay... there's some crazy and wild stuff on this list. I wanna do all the Duracell bunny adrenaline junkie stuff.

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

I'll let this explain how I feel..

..oh yeah! And a doggo!

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

What do you want from your future?

What I'd Like to Have in the Future

Have a good day ;P

What I'd Like to Have in the Future
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  • Jaximus-Lion
    Not sure about the kids, it's up to the wife if she says she want am in, if she says no kids (boring) but am in. Travelling , we already do at least twice a year (it's cheap when you already live in europe). I can't compete in sports (have diabetes) but i do workout a lot and help elders where i work with some rehab recovery workouts. A book !!! Hmmm that's interesting, am gonna think about that. Am gonna get few pets dogs, cats and some birds too. I would recommend the bungee jump, didn't do the others it costs WAY TOO MUCH. And one more thing ! Cure for cancer because fuck cancer
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    • just_tired

      I almost got to skydive in the army and wouldn't have even cost that much, but didn't have the money at the time

    • Oh man! sky diving, the bungee jump was a good rush, but go higher, free falling, my mentality is not ready for it yet :P

    • just_tired

      Yeah, I guess I'll try the bungee first.. :D

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I want the same things from life. I would add a few things on this list but your Take shortly sums up my goals for life.

    Good luck 😊
    and have a good day. 😜
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    • just_tired

      Cool, what would you add? :)

    • Anonymous

      All of the ones on your list, It's that I am a bit scared of extremal sports. But who knows...

      * I want to be famous and one of the best ones in my profession.
      * I want to have my own law firm
      * I want to have have horses of many different breeds
      *I want to compete in horse riding and car racing&Karting
      *I want to try drafting in the rivers
      * I want to travel all around the world and live a life people in different countries live. Like spend a week in Buddhist church or etc.
      *I want to get to know many people and then make the most interesting ones characters of my future book
      * I want to have the most exciting love life, find someone who will do crazy things with me and love my crazy side.
      * I want to spend my money on charity, help poor people.
      * I want to learn a professional dancing.
      * I want to learn painting
      * I want to spend every New Year's eve outside, like a Santa, giving poor people presents anonymously.
      I want to earn enough money to manage all of this.

    • just_tired

      Great list! I could easily add bunch of those to mine :P

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  • jennifer_bloom
    There are so many good and bad things that can happen to somebody when they are alive. I will let God decide how many good things he wants to give me and I will ask God to save me from the bad.
  • SovietBall
    * Find a job
    * Get a great GPA and perfect scores in my standardized tests to secure a chance for me in a prestigious college abroad (This will be a very tough challenge, because I will be juggling studying with working, lol)
    * Surprise my crush with a ticket to Maldives with me next year (I really hope she'd say "yes", because I will have been working like a slave to afford that romantic getaway, lol)
    * Make her become my fiancee next year before we travel together with the hope of marrying her once I finish college abroad and return home
    * Arrange my wedding in a luxurious cruise (Inspired by Titanic, lol)
    * Live in a mansion with her
    * Have a daughter
  • themetalhead
    all sounds awesome! I'm hoping to eventually do some travelling. and be in a band
  • RicanEyes
    Sounds like fun and something to look forward to. I hope all your dreams come true and you can enjoy every step of it. :-)
  • BronzedAdonis
  • PrincessPie
    Fantastic list! I’d love to go traveling as well, hope all your dreams come true. 🌟
  • nonumbersinmyname
    In the future I'd love to have my current girlfriend as my wife, Hi-Rise apartment in Miami, freedom to travel all over the world, and be a successful business owner.
  • razor97
    you want a lot of things.. but you can't get all of them without much effort. you need to work to keep them, especially your body if you want to be in a sportive competition
  • gobsmacked3
    The ultimate ideal, a Utopian one is achieving Peace of Mind
  • scooogy
    I know I'm not gonna have all of these, and maybe even other things insead
  • NitroCat
    Having a family, writing a book, still doing the hobbies I'm currently doing and much more.
  • GayHowellMeme
    Not all dreams come true
    • just_tired

      True, but doesn't mean you shouldn't dream

  • Rosewanda
    I would like to travel.
  • Revolver_
    I also want all of these
  • Tim-loves-it
    GO FOR IT!
  • Anonymous
    A wife, maybe not kids. Steady job with good enough benefits. Average house with safe surroundings. Not enough money to show off with but enough to live comfortably.
  • Anonymous
    I want wife and kids and a nice home with a good job