"CRYING" Why It's Okay To Cry

CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

There's so much debate if it's okay for a man to cry, if that makes them strong or weak, etc. blah blah...

And not just men, women get it too from other women or even men ("women are over emotional"blah blah)

But there's lots of reasons people may cry. And who is anybody to say it's not okay?

Some examples of when tears are okay:


CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

Anytime you suffer the loss of a loved one, there's bound to be tears. But they can be tears of sadness, bittersweet tears, nostalgic tears. What they can't be is wrong... Everyone grieves in their own way and noone should ever be made to feel weak or wrong for that.


CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

Some tears we shed are for the pain and suffering of others. That doesn't show weakness to me. That shows a kind, caring, compassionate person who doesn't always just think of themselves and their own happiness/unhappiness but cares about the happiness/unhappiness of those they love. And sometimes for any fellow human. Never something to mock, but rather admire.

Broken heart


I know I just did a mytake on break up jokes. But for some people, breaking up is no joke. The loss of love can be very hard and a broken heart can sometimes take awhile to mend. And it's okay to cry. Sometimes we need to cry to heal and before we can learn to laugh/love again

Billy Ocean said it better:

But the tears we cry, aren't always in sadness. Sometimes we can be so moved by love or a special moment in life that can move us to tears....

CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

Birth of a child

CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

To bring another life into this world is one of the most beautiful wonderful things in life. The first time they place that baby in your arms, or when that tiny bundle grabs ahold of your finger, it also grabs your heart. Tears of joy in a moment like that just makes it a beautiful moment.

I'm not ashamed to say I cried when my grandson was born. Although they were also tears of relief because my daughter had a traumatic delivery and it was a close call to her having a stroke. But, I'd of cried even without that.

Major milestones in a loved ones life can bring tears of pride and joy. They're also bittersweet because sometimes for some people those can also be the moments you miss those dearly departed who would otherwise be their to celebrate the joyous occasion.

And then we have my favorite kind of tears:

Laugh till you cry

CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

Life can be very hard and stressful. We can all use that laugh till your sides ache, tears streaming down your face kind of moment sometimes. And those are the funny moments in life that you'll better remember.

I guess the points I'm trying to make are:

CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

1. Tears are a result of emotions we may be feeling. And emotions are a normal natural part of life and being human. So why then do we try to shame someone for showing/having emotions?

2. Unless you have walked in someone's shoes, felt the pain they felt, lived the life they have... how can you/who are you to judge or say if it's okay for them to cry. Strength isn't not crying, strength is knowing when you need to cry, strength is living past the pain, strength is being yourself no matter who tries to knock or put you down.

CRYING Why Its Okay To Cry

Thanks for reading


"CRYING" Why It's Okay To Cry
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  • 1CentWorth
    Yeah... I think about this sometimes. Honestly, I do believe that crying is at least a little bit selfish. Even at the loss of a genuine loved one, but especially if in front of others. I just feel there is some self-pity or desired to be seen and/or heard.

    Regarding anyone who cries, I do believe that it is weakness the more often it happens. Not in the sense that anyone who cries is weak, but simply their emotional threshold is more easily reached than those who cry less often. If something devastating occurred to my family - say they all were killed in a plane accident - I would be sobbing uncontrollably. The emotions were too strong for me to keep my wits and control of myself. Emotional overload = crying. I believe this is absolute in all cases.

    Do women cry more than men? I believe so... I think we all believe so. should women be considered special to my logic? No. But, perhaps it's because it is general instinct from super long ago for a man to offer protection to a woman in exchange for comfort. Perhaps there's the other side where the women shows more vulnerability to help attract/keep the man.

    Either way, women somehow cross the threshold of emotion (s) being controlled much quicker than men do. (I assume women resist crying like men do because crying isn't fun - so no one tries to cry except weirdos) Men, on the other hand, have had to show dominance (by instinct), and that means being tough - in the body AND in the mind. In that, men learn to control themselves better and gain some resistance to emotional overload. Over time, the child grow to be an adult in late 20s to late 30s with a high level resistance to emotional overload.

    Therefore, women are emotionally weaker in that their emotional threshold is not developed as a woman's is.

    So, exceptions everywhere, obviously. Ever met a woman who's had a tough life? That's usually a tough chick and she won't cry anymore - she's done with it, her control is hardened, and her emotional tolerance is high. Then there's the guy who's always emotional. I think every guy know at least one like this and because he cries, he's weaker, and pitied. In a wolf pack he'd be an omega. Other exceptions not excluded.
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    • This answer is wrong on so many levels and exactly what this take is addressing...
      "Ever meet a woman who's had a tough life? Yeah ME! I've dealt with a lot of tough things in life beginning at the age of 5-6. I still cry when I feel the need.
      Men don't emotionally overload? What do you call it when men can't control their temper? Cuz anger is an emotion too!
      Tears don't determine strength or weakness.
      Crying at the loss of a loved one is selfish? Omg ok that is one of the most asshat thing I've heard. When my hubby died, I didn't cry at the funeral, but YOU DAMN RIGHT I cried when the casket bearing the man I loved/lived with for 20 years, the Father of my children, was being lowered into the ground. Not for attention, because everything but that coffin and my sobbing girls ceased to exist!
      Again this whole answer makes the point I was trying to make...
      Who are "you" to think you can judge or know what makes someone strong or weak until you been in someone's shoes.
      But thanks, cuz it also shows to the user that once again tried to use my post to blame"all" women, who said men don't cry cuz women judge them as weak... But it's men doing it to other men, not women.
      And people that judge/falsely label others, that's what's weak to me

    • 1CentWorth

      you should probably re-read it. your personal experience may differ, but if you cry all the time as a middle aged adult, you are weak or have something wrong with you. Do you see people on the news crying all the time? sure, when something shocking like the president dying or the space shuttle blowing up. For them, it has to be too much, because as adults we need to compose ourselves better than children do. You tell kids to stop crying all the time, so why don't you, seeings how your are an expert on the subject of crying uncontrollably all the time.

      Also, you took most of what I wrote out of the context in which I intended. The men don't cry thing was not real - clearly I've discussed men who cry. and they are the same as women who cry. you took a completely gender-free view on this and turned it sexist against women. Also, the minor part of being at least a little selfish it neutral in the simple sense that one is dwelling on their own despair. but, of course, you believe it is personal against you for some unstated reason that I would never know (nor care to).

      The female that goes through a tough life and is "tough" wouldn't be crying all the time. Your tough life still include the progression of your family, a marriage, children, obviously a place to live, food, internet (obviously), and about a billion other amenities. Such a tough life. People die - it fucking sucks, but it happens all the time. Your life sounds like a daydream to many people on this planet, including me, who grew up on the streets, hungry for food, and literally begging before I could join the army at 18. Did you do that? Would you consider a girl that never cries, tough? Would someone who's tough, always, be bawling his/her eyes out all the time? Rhetorical questions - don't bother answering.

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    • 1CentWorth

      (page 2)

      I know you've been waiting on a conclusion to this book, so here it is. Now that I know how sensitive and weak you are, I can use it to my advantage to cause damage. You don't know me, so I shouldn't have any impact on your emotional state, right? If that's true, nothing I say should bother you (unless you are weak emotionally). But here's the thing, you've lived a comfortable life. not to YOUR standards, but to just about everyone else in the world - which are much less fortunate than you. You DO feel sorry for yourself, even when it's for loss. the way you argue about it shows how much you are willing to defend that till the end. you are mad at me for pointing out your hidden secrets. More so, being overly emotional, or a weak person, you want to deny truth to anything that puts you out of your [artificial] spot light. You are so caught up with yourself you can't even read what I wrote objectionably. It's driven you to the point of wishing people wouldn't respond honestly to question literally asked to everyone. No wonder you feel like you've had a hard life - no one takes sympathy on you, which is probably the reason why you cry to begin with. Everyone knows that woman who cries just to get attention because she always wants to be in the center. And, yes, if you cry in front of people, there is some level of selfishness to it - just like when you cried at your husbands funeral.

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  • jhnny1331
    There is no shame in crying I lost my wife in Dec we were together twenty years i have moments that creep up on me all of the time I excuse myself and I have my moment alone it's how you do the actual crying itself everybody cries fuck everyone else they don't know what your going through
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    • My sympathies 🙏 and I truly know how you feel. ♥️

    • jhnny1331

      Thank you I really appreciate that are you ok with everything?

    • Think am, till certain times make it come back out.. It's been 6 1/2 years... Sometimes feels like forever... Sometimes like just yesterday 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Mollynotgemma
    Crying is a scary thing to do when it’s unexpected... just like laughing at an inappropriate time.
    Laughing could be deemed as being rude in a situation when actually it was a self defence mechanism for feeling awkward.

    Crying... is something we all do... wether we admit it or not. We all do it. What I find so sad about crying is that as a man they fear crying with each other. They all know they cried when their baby was born, or their mum died. But when do when chat with their friends and cry about their struggles in everyday life!

    Social media is constantly talking about mental health and I see most people post stuff about it... well I won’t say that’s bad. But sharing a post doesn’t show you care. Call your mate... actually ask if he’s ok...

    And foremost... we must remember when we see the person we never thought we’d see cry actually cry... how lucky we are they feel comfortable to do so with us!

    Crying is strength! Every tear is a release...

    We are carriers of our tears. A bottle is a carrier of water... the bottle can only hold so much water until it explodes... once it has its drained if everything and ha to start again and fill up...

    Learn to release gradually and consistently...

    We’re all made of water anyway!

    Cry on! Let the tears flow... if no one is there to catch them... nevermind... perhaps next time you’ll let someone drink
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    • Great, great answer ♥️♥️♥️ agree 💯

  • Lost_Spark
    It is always good to have a cry every so often, although the reason may not always be good but it is the release it brings.

    I don't think it weak or pathetic for anybody to cry, it shows we have heart and soul.
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    • I agree. 💯

    • Lost_Spark

      My partner cries when watching heart wrenching shows or movies. The Gladiator is a fine example, he always years up when Maximus dies in the arena and Lucille addresses the arena.

    • Glad he had someone like you who don't give him shit for being that way 🤗🤗

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  • sensible27
    Take the upsides and downsides.
  • Mystery_World
    But no one cares when someone is crying..
  • Anonymous
    There are only 3 times when it's truly acceptable for men to cry:

    1) When a heroic dog dies to save it's master

    2) When his testicles are struck by anything moving faster than 7 mph

    3) When his date use her teeth