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Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

For those of you on the outside looking in, you're probably like what the hell is going on down in Texas and you'd be right because we're asking the same exact questions. For reference, in Houston, in our entire history, it has maybe snowed exactly 4 or 5 times. An average winter for us is like 60+ degrees F and we've even had years where even in December the temps were in the 80's so its fair to say, we don't "do" snow and freezing temps.

Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

So leading up to this storm, as the weather people would do for any hurricane, we were getting warnings that it was coming and to prepare by stocking up with groceries and gas, and wrapping pipes, protecting plants, bringing pets, etc. People were doing that slowly but surely and despite hearing the temps might get down to 13 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit, people were worried, but many were looking forward to the anomaly because with previous storms, by the end of the day, the snow and ice have usually melted and its back to our regularly scheduled programs.

Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

What actually happened was the day after Valentine's day, all hell broke loose after the first day of the storm in which it rained, the rain froze, iced over, and then was covered by about 1-2 inches of powdery snow (in my area). Probably 90% of the city stayed home that first night/day. Freeways were empty, everything was closed, all good. About midday though, power started to shut off for certain people in what was 20 degree F and below weather with no warning and instead of coming back on in about an hour as with a rolling blackout, the power stayed off for some people, upwards of 3 days. Imagine your newborn, your pets, your grandparents, all just sitting there in what should be your warm house, now freezing.

Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

What was a few became a lot, then whole sides of town, then just about everybody either was completely in the dark for days or had power out for whole days at a time with no relief, then back on. My power went out twice...once at my house and once about an hour out of town at my aunts house and then my power came back and a day later, hers did. I was not a happy camper because I work online and have a business online and it was friggin 38 degrees inside! What was fun at first became a nightmare for so many as we then began to lose water because the pressure dropped too low in the system and pipes were literally bursting in the cold because either people had to clue about how to take care of cold pipes, or there was so much conflicting into...drip the water, don't drip it, turn off the water to your house, don't......and so no power and no water was just about everyone's reality.

Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm

Texas has it's own power grid independent of the rest of the US, meaning it supports itself, and that's great until it isn't. We can't just hook up the system to our neighbors if we are in need so a combination of frozen systems, non existent or non functioning generators, and overload and stress on the power and water systems all topped off with a Senator jetting off to Cancun in the middle of state wide disaster (despite accusing others politicians of doing the same) and the energy company playing real dumb on their massive blunder and pointing fingers every which way have led us here.

At this moment, luckily people have begun to regain power again (in my area), water is slowly but surely coming back online but we're having to boil water for drinking/eating due to potential bacteria in the water until probably Monday, people have died of CO2 poisoning simply trying to keep warm, many people already struggling with the pandemic and food supply are having to throw out their food, pipes have burst and destroyed homes and businesses....and just basically a giant cluster F.

Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm
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  • KillianK
    I'll admit, when Texas first got snow and started complaining about how cold it was, I started laughing my ass off. I found it hilarious as I have to live with that shit every year over here in Illinois. I also found it funny as while I may grumble and gripe about having to shovel it and deal with the inconveniences of an unplowed road as I'm driving; that's really all that it is, an inconvenience. Then there's big ol' Texas bitching and moaning about snow. I laughed.

    Then the power outages happened, temps dropped lower than Anchorage Alaska, and people started dying. I stopped laughing, it was no longer funny.
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  • Anonymous
    This is a bit of a black eye for Texas, isn't it. What you're describing happens where I live all the time. It's business as usual and we are just used to it. We're always prepared for it so it's not a big deal.

    Texas was just caught off guard and unprepared, and ended up looking kind of silly. Not really the image Texas likes to foster.
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    • zollo

      well to be fair it's not just the people who were not prepared but just about every building structure and pipe works. Y'alls stuff was made for the freeze in mind but our stuff just wasn't. Most Texans don't have snow gear and plus those power outages were brutal! I was sleeping with double layered pants, double layered shirts with a big puffy jacket, puffy socks, a hat and five blankets stacked on top of me!

    • Anonymous

      @zollo Oh I totally agree with you. But it's still Texas, the state that thinks it's better than the rest of them. :)

    • zollo

      Well... I won't totally disagree with you there. I personally don't think that but we do have some obnoxiously proud people. But then again I feel like most people think their states are the best because that's just where they live.

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  • Goes to show you how badly the US is ill prepared for disasters. You think that Katrina and earthquakes in California would get us off our asses and be better prepared but it hasn't. Many quakes under the Cascadia Subduction Zone on the west coast is hinting at a major quake will happen and possibly soon. No one is prepared for that. As in past quakes, overpasses will be down and roads buckled. Water and gas mains will be ruptured causing fires. It will be bad. Texas is just a precursor of things to come.
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    • Anonymous

      It's all about money, not people. It costs to fix these things and all they do is tell people in Texas, would you rather we fix your local pot holes or buy snow plows and winterize power plants for snow that happens maybe once every 10-20 years. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what people vote for and they can get away with that because it's true....we just don't get snow down here and they were banking on that until they couldn't anymore. We'll see what's going to happen because people are pissed now, but are they going to be willing to vote to shell out the money to actually fix this issue after the snow has long thawed out and we're dealing with more pressing and realistic issues like the hurricanes we get every other year.

    • Where the hell does all the oil revenue money go to in Texas? In Alaska people don't have to pay income taxes because of oil pipeline revenue and in Nevada from Casino income. Why do people rebuild in New Orleans when they keep getting blown away by hurricanes?

  • kitkat9
    I live in Abilene and we got a record 14.8 inches of snow. Finally got hot water back today so I’m about to take my first shower in 7 days🙌 Glad y’all are safe and it seems like we’re through the worst of it.
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    • jimmy2

      I hear you

    • Iakai

      I bet your vagina smelled so good before you showered

    • EyesOfGod

      Wtf xD

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  • devilman666
    Welcome to global warming creating extreme weather conditions, the fires in Australia were one extreme weather circumstance caused by climate change, and this is another. I know it seems weird that global warming could cause extreme cold but weather patterns are weird. It's sad because you guys can't really get infrastructure for that, here in Canada we have snowplows ready so even if it snows 3 feet we'll have the roads cleared before people go to work in the morning.
    • PhantomMk

      This shit ain’t climate change it’s been happening for years as well as the fires so wtf are you talking about I’ll wait.

    • Dallas tipped below temperatures not seen since 1989, basically 32 years since this has happened. This shit hasn't been happening for years, it's happened before but that's hardly enough to shake away fears. As for the fires, there have been fires in Australia before, but not to that level, to put it simply, they've had big bush fires before but it's typically been much shorter and less frequent, in 2009 they experienced Black Saturday and in 1983 they had ash Wednesday, these days were named after the horrific fires that took place. To put this into perspective, what happened in 2019-2020 is being known as the black summer. This was estimated to be 25 times worse than their last bushfire disaster, the 2019-2020 season was so bad that they had double the deaths of the 2008-2009 disaster, which was previously their worst year. The 2019-2020 bushfire disaster in Australia was absolutely unprecedented. The scale and severity and frequency of the fires was unheard of.

  • BeMuse
    Your real problem is ERCOT is shutting your power off in rolling blackout not the storm. They are doing that because the government is regulating their emissions and demanding more renewable energy. It’s an Obama/Biden Paris Climate Accord thingamabob... As a result the Chinese Communist Party invested in Texas wind farms and when windmill blades get coated in ice, they don’t work property so you have insufficient energy generation. Then guys get up in helicopters run by fossil fuels to spray deicing chemicals made from oil to remove the ice so that you can have that “clean” energy… lol Renewable are great for improving air quality, but you have to have the capacity in reliable energy to do the job when the job needs doing. In Florida that is primarily natural gas and nuclear. We have a lot of solar, but we don’t depend on it. Nuke plants or natural gas can ramp up production when the sun doesn’t shine or a solar farm gets damaged by a hurricane. You guys need to do the same… Don’t depend on the Chinese Communist Party to provide you electricity via wind farms.
  • Dragonpurple
    Last month here it was negative 19 degrees for a few days after which... we had a heat wave up to 15 or 20 above zero and that felt warm and balmy to me. I didn't even need a coat anymore, maybe a light jacket. That cold is unusual here, as the lowest we usually get is maybe 1 or 2 degrees, below zero is unheard of.

    It is always windy here too, so it felt like negative 35 or so below zero with the wind chill factored in.

    I have a 3500 watt generator I got for $249 from Cabela's a couple years ago for camping and/or power outage situations, along with a Yeti 500 last year.

    One cannot prepare for something like this on a whim, it takes planning to save up and get what you need, food storage, etc... However to say its unaffordable is not true.

    For a $1000 dollars or less one could have been prepared in advance, but I get it... nobody really thought with global warming going on this could ever happen in Texas. Why plan for something that will never happen.

    Generators have gone up in price to around $350 now over the last 3 or 4 years. My point being if someone really wanted to be prepared, you can start now and in two or three years you'd be prepared. Heck the stimulus would of been enough to get your basic preparedness, so long as you did it in advance.

    I personally hope those power companies that failed, get major government fines for screwing up. I also could care less about Cruz leaving, as a federal senator he has nothing to do with how Texas is ran.

    I really hope in the future people will take care of themselves and not rely so much on the government or other entities for their own well being.

    Can you imagine if a EMP pulse had gone off?
  • DCooper
    A freeze like this isn't common, but it's not a black swan event either. Texas is north of the Tropic of Cancer, which means it can freeze. While backup diesel generators to keep the critical pumps and other equipment on a gas line running aren't a frequent need, this is what no contingency plan looks like.

    Same goes for the wind farms. You need diesel backup units on site to supply the power to keep them from dropping below operating temperature, so that they can be brought back online as soon as ice on the blades isn't a concern.

    Is that a lot of diesel units to absorb the capital costs on, for very little runtime? You bet. But is it necessary if you're going to depend heavily on gas and wind power? Well, it is if you want to avoid lengthy outages in a situation like this. You can't have gas valves and pumps freezing up from the moisture, and still expect to get lots of surge capacity out of the gas plants.

    Coal plants don't really have this problem; it takes a lot of bad weather to stop a train from delivering the fuel for that.
  • CalmYourTits
    As someone living in Texas. I don't think it's that bad. Just annoying and a huge inconvenience.

    To people outside of America, they're probably laughing about how we can't deal without our first world privileges.

    Running water, power, heat... these are all privileges!! WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THESE THINGS!!! Maybe people should be more grateful instead of complaining all the time.
    • Minahh

      While it probably must be a really though situation for people in Texas, for Russians/Slavs for example it is quite common. Especially older generations know how to deal with temperatures going down. Things like tiled stoves are a must.

  • call_me_scar
    I enjoyed it nothing like a good walk in the snow Trying to Survive the Texas Snow StormTrying to Survive the Texas Snow StormTrying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm
  • AshleyTaylorDanny
    Problem is Texas doesn't own any snow plows. They have always figured God put it there God will take it away. Heard Michigan was sending people and equipment down there to help out our southern neighbors thank goodness.
  • Cdnowl
    Sorry to hear about all the problems. it’s very sad. It’s hard to imagine for us up North cause we are use to this for several months at a time each year. Crazy to think that we have have as a normal meaning snow removal pipes protected from freezing etc is not the normal in the warm states and then strange weather kits those states and it puts people’s lives and homes all at risk.
  • Laura85
    We get this every year but we prepare well. I just cannot get my head around how badly prepared the power/gas companies are over there and how your politicians other than Cruz just don't seem to have any concept of what it means to run a place as big as Texas. I hope you get through this and next time people are far better prepared
  • humanearth
    We just had -51F below zero. I am ready for the worst. I have two forms of backup for heat and electricity.

    One is wood heat and the other is kerosene

    Two is car battery bank and gas engine generator for short term use

    For long term use I have an engine that runs on wood gas that has a big pulley to run my 1920s John Deere Generator.

    It pays to be ready for the worst
  • Josh4206
    Thats why everyone should have a survival pack, with generators, batteries, water, canned food, gas for the generator etc. Then you wouldn't be without power or water.
    • msc545

      Yes, and everyone can afford all this stuff too.

    • DCooper

      @msc545 Everyone who doesn't want to go without power, water, and heat in an emergency can afford these things.

    • DCooper

      And those who aren't really that rooted where they are, can easily relocate for a while while a situation like this passes.

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    You have my deepest thoughts for things to get better for you and I'm so sorry you've been faced with them crisis situations, my Great Aunt, Virginia is in her late 80's and she lives with her Son and Daughter-in-law and I hope their all doing good or least getting on their feet it's sad cause my Aunt has health problems
  • Hermes-Paris
    With no where to go and nothing to do you could try and get that Ted Cruz bod and eat about 40 pancakes each day. Smother them with plenty of butter and syrup.
  • Everyone should have an emergency pack with a Lifestraw and other items like solar cell phone charger, hand crank emergency radio, candles, emergency rations, printed portion of your local map with water sources (lakes, streams nearby), emergency blankets ( the foil type for $1).
  • Paul09
    Crazy how something normal for us, is hell on earth for you guys. I'd think everyone over their had solar power, wind power? Well either way I can not imagine how horrible of a experience this must be. Maybe now their will be changes in your state, to avoid this in the future.
  • Kayla45
    Yeah, here in Canada it's usually cold so I guess I'm used to it, although it's 34° tonight which is pretty warm for here anyway.

    I do sympathize with you Texans though, I've heard that your infrastructure isn't designed for cold temperatures.
  • Ryfyle
    That last part sounds absolutely retarded. If its freezing outside, why not store your frozen goods out there? And whats a senator going to do, magic the cold away? That's a problem left for the Executive Branch. Do you want said senator to rush in and introduce a bill making snow illegal?
  • Sia_nee
    I live in Houston and the snow storm sure was caos. I feel bad for the people who didn't survive, could have been anybody. Seems like they still aren't sure if the weather will be back to normal soon. Hopefully this stops soon.
  • bulletbob555
    I'm in South Carolina and ours is similar to yours but a little colder in winter. It doesn't snow every year. Its njust like a hurricane get your stuff ready. The thing is there isn't any plows. We have to wait till we thaw out and it melts. Sometimes right away or several days. I like snow better than ice with ice storms you lose electric. I hope the best of luck to you and yours
  • EyesOfGod
    y'all barely have an inch of snow. In Washington we had a foot and still had to go to work. Maybe y'all Texans will stop polluting cuz this is what climate change does. O with its Texas xD.
  • tetraxx
    Personally, I was without power for 44 hours and the temperature of my house went down to 44°F. Not fun, but not the worst. I was fortunate enough to have water.
  • Likes2drive
    We are used to it here in New York but you were caught off guard and the state is not equipped to handle that. At least I know more about what happened thanks to your post, I hope things are getting better there
    • Anonymous

      The president himself flew down to look at the state of us today. I think just about everyone has power and water restored, though I think some pockets still have water issues and those with busted pipes are now having to deal with fixing those with all plumbers in extremely high demand, as well as any damage busted pipes caused. Power/water companies tried to slip some of us ridiculous 10K water bills due to varying rate plans because a lot of people needed to drip their faucets continuously for days to keep them from bursting, but as you can imagine THAT did not go over well and the state is now negotiating with companies for more realistic and reasonable sums as well as FEMA will be covering a lot of the damages caused by the storm.....something we know all to well from our history with hurricanes.

    • Oh ok, I guess there will be a lot of work for contractors down there now and hopefully fema pays for it

  • msc545
    Your problem is that your utility companies decided they could get away with not weatherproofing their infrastructure such that it could tolerate low temperatures, and the whole thing seems to have crashed.

    They did this to *save money and increase profits*. Isn't Capitalism wonderful?
    • It’s not capitalism’s fault. It’s the electric companies fault for not maintaining their system. But let’s be honest for a minute. Texas is self sustaining and don’t connect to the rest of the countries power and we norm don’t freeze so hard so I can forgive for not catching this. As long as they fix it so it can’t happen again.

    • msc545

      @Ilickvulvas No, if I don't like Capitalism, I can work to change it here.

    • msc545

      @VanillaSalt And they didn't maintain their systems because of cost. They wanted the money to increase their profits. That is Capitalism.

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  • VanillaSalt
    I fail to see what the senator could have done that required him being here in person. He can work remotely and why not let him be comfortable while he directs our relief?

    Let’s be Frank. The people from Texas are tough and despite the bullshit that is 2021 no bad weather lasting a weeks gonna break us unlike California and fires, Seattle and riots, Chicago and police, New York an Covid, etc. let’s not forget the others we have in office have done an excellent job like genocidal murder, incompetence, malicious enforcement of laws, downright unconstitutional edicts, and our very own pedophile-in-chief.

    I gotta say not very many people doing a bang up job but I’m happy with Ted Cruz and the job he’s been doing. He steps up and speaks out both for and against his party which is more than 90% of these assholes we’ve elected can say.
    • PhantomMk

      I’m in the same boat man wth power does Ted Cruz have on a state level that would have changed anything him and Coryn already did their job sending a letter to the president requesting emergency aid from the federal government after that there is nothing they can do which these motherfuckers need to understand.

  • JustTheTrue
    I was born for this. I love the cold and want the cold to stay. Texas need more of this weather lol
    • Iakai

      Cleo boreo degeo neo eo? Freo

  • HiveBee
    y'all need to get some damn blankets lol. I sleep with my windows open and it be 0 degrees inside but I'm warm and toasty under a couple nice blankets lol.

    Anyways, back in 2011 I was stationed in Texas and there was a big winter storm and my car was frozen in a foot of pure ice for like 2 fuckin weeks! Guess it wasn't as bad of a storm as this one. Texans need to learn to step up their winter game lol.

    Buy some damn blankets it dont matter how cold it is under a couple decent blankets.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Sorry Texas,
    Y'all voted in a bunch of authoritarian clowns who deregulated your grid, then failed to fix it after the cold weather fubar'd it back in 2011.
    You stood by your corrupt politicians (and still do) when they launched a lawsuit against PA challenging how WE run OUR state elections.

    So.. Um, sorry not sorry. Get better representation.

    I feel sorry for Puerto Ricans, who still haven't gotten any real disaster relief and lost thousands of lives from their last disaster. Texas can pull themselves up by their bootstraps, right? I mean, that's what they've always preached to everyone else.
  • jiedwar1234
    The past week or so far out of left field for DFW that we literally got caught with our pants down. Things were so bad in Lewisville the emergency dispatchers were feeling up to 100 calls an hour people had no power for four or five days and people were literally freezing to death in their own home. They placed 300 people in a church gymnasium and open up the mall here as well so people could just stay warm. Meanwhile Ted Cruz decides it's high time to get the hell out of here when the rest of us are stuck and goes to Mexico. So happy that the person who's supposed to represent me in DC cares absolutely nothing about the people he's supposed to represent. But then again that's the way things are here in the US..
  • Jmmmfi4
    What you call a storm we in Ohio call "February " lol enjoy
  • MannMitAntworten
    California for all its boasting of being the 5th largest economy in the world has brownouts and blackouts due to a lack of power after shutting down nuclear power plants and a policy of riding itself of petroleum use... well, more die annually in summer in California from heat stroke and exhaustion than one anomalous Texas winter. But that isn’t news and the Dems feel California is the model by which the country should follow so no knocking California is to be allowed. In contrast, Texas, nit being a Dem state will see nothing but shaming. Any federal aid coming Texas way? Probably not and the Dems will hear zero backlash for it. Now, if this was Puerto Rico and a Rep was in the Whitehouse... federal aid arriving hours later would be media exposed as the end of the world - which is exactly how that played out. Nothing like leftist politics using lives as cannon fodder to fuel their rhetoric.
    • Kas19

      Can I see the statistics on heat stroke deaths in California? I haven't found anything on it.

    • Those statistics are compiled at the county health level. With 58 counties, you are welcomed to compile those statistics on your own. I will tell you to look at counties in the southern half of the state as well as all inland counties. The southern region will have the highest numbers mostly because it has the most brown/blackouts and senior communities.

  • Emperorxxxemilio
    Damn that sucks ass. I live in Michigan so I’m used to extremely cold weather but I can only imagine how people in Texas are reacting to this cold weather.
    • Anonymous

      You may be one of the few with a soul in their response to this. It's one thing if you live in a state where this happens every single year. You wouldn't be smart to not have ways and methods to prepare for such weather. In my entire life time, this is only one of the 3 times it has snowed and this is only the second time it has actually stuck to the ground for more than an hour let alone all day. Having snow tires makes absolutely no sense in most parts of Texas. Paying for weather proofed pipes or owning a plow or a snowmobile or taking a course to learn to survive driving on Ice makes little sense. So unprepared, 100%!!!! If a Hurricane suddenly landed in Michigan or a volcano errupted, how prepared would you guys be?!? Sorry I'm kind of venting here because most people are like but it's cold up north....and we have minus zero....but we don't. We never have. It is 80+ degrees for 80% of the year here every year.

    • Yeah that sucks.

  • Laciandmaci
    Welcome to Pennsylvania!!! Or anywhere up North or any region who can get hammered with snow!
  • ManHater
    Well, honestly the majority of people dying it's from being too stupid... Who lights a gas electric generator in their home.
  • GAGSucksBalls1
    Now do people believe in global warming, and that people are doing it to our planet and that trump didn't do ANYTHING to fix it
  • joeblow123
    Wasn't Texas told to winterize because of the approaching storms but chose not to?
    • red324

      The forecast I read only said a low of 30. Then the week before I saw a facebook post showing -17 degree temps from the weather man. Thought it was a joke. We were out of power for about 2 days. Just sat in the truck with the heat on. It was 40 degrees in the house and 17 outside.

    • Anonymous

      Correction, Texas was told by many, including some of our local politicians to winterize the last time we had snow back in I believe the early 2000's. The bills proposed did not even make it to the floor. You can't winterize the week of, this is something that must be done months ahead of time in terms of power plants and water companies.

  • Z1pTD
    Moved to Texas a few years ago. Yeah, Texas is really stupid in this weather ngl they don’t even know to salt the roads/put chains on their wheels
  • douride2
    Ok now try doing the same the power goes out for days but the temp drops into the -30s.
  • formula1fan
    As someone living in Canada it gets mighty cold here past few weeks it has gotten to -40°c I'm used to it by I sympathize with the Texans
  • Ilickvulvas
    I’m in Oklahoma we got it too and smashed 8 records
    • Hyouma

      I hope they were Beatles LPs. And Nirvana

  • Solo22
    Honestly seeing the blackouts that happened in Texas and all those people really freezing made me miss having a coal/wood stove even more. I used to have one when I lived up north and the heat they put out is amazing. It's a necessity when you have a prolonged power outage or a blackout to stay warm. Unlike kerosene or propane heaters, woodstoves or inserts vent exhaust gases outdoors and not in your living space. Even living in the south, I'm considering investing in one just in case a cold spell like that happens here. I think most of us take grid reliability and power for granted.Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm
  • SlightlyEccentric
    *Laughs in Alaskan*
  • Yaaten
    It's global warming! :D
    • Another ignorant one

    • Yaaten

      @Highwayrobbery Ignorant of what? The absurd propaganda the global-warming alarmists constantly spout to get people to relinquish their use of electricity?

    • KillianK

      This actually is an effect of global warming. And just because it's cold THERE doesn't mean it's cold EVERYWHERE. That's like going outside, seeing a rainbow, and saying "everywhere on earth can see that rainbow." That's called weather. Climate change and global warming is on a scale that you clearly can't begin to wrap your mind around.

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  • Gedaria
    This is a normal winter to us..
  • Sarahr123
    Woah that’s nice
  • Dbach
    Welcome to the north
  • Twalli
    That's the problem with deregulation
  • jimmy2
    I had to work 5 , 24 hours shits
  • Anonymous
    I am from a place where society is prepared for a potential cold winter, but of course Texas is not, and it is crazy and awful that this hit. You can maybe have a plan for clearing roads and so on, but houses are for example not constructed to deal with the cold and it sounds scary to be stuck in a home with no electricity, working heating system or running water.
  • Anonymous
    How do people in Alaska survive or Chicago? It looks over-exaggerated.

    Seems like your leadership did you like flint Michigan.
  • Anonymous
    Trying to Survive the Texas Snow Storm