4 Ways Your Car's Model Can “Drive” Your Date Away!

dating girls cars Research shows that a person’s choice of car implies a lot about their personality, attitude, and priorities in life. A car may just have transport utility value, but your choice of the model and how well you drive and maintain it can easily endorse a strong tagline about what to expect from a relationship with you.

Send a wrong signal and it can drive your relationship —miles away.

Let’s rephrase that in a scenario— you agree to meet someone who, you are told, will be the answer to one of your life’s toughest choices, let’s say finance. What do you think will give a good first impression and boost your confidence (maybe even put you off your guard):

  • If that person stepped out of a smart and well kept office, or
  • If the same person stepped out of an office that was unkempt and rundown?

A similar reaction should be expected as you step out of your car. The model, size, color, and maintenance of your car speaks volumes about your attitude towards life, and how much time and dedicated effort can you be expected to put in your relationship. Let’s discuss some categories of cars and your attitude towards them as well as the image they send out

The model, size, color, and maintenance of your car speaks volumes about your attitude towards life.

Your Car Has the Wrong Attitude

If the car perfectly represents your attitude and cravings, then you will be comfortable, otherwise we go into a sour mood. This is easily picked up by the opposite gender. Check yourself out with the following, and if there is a need —buy and drive the right car!

1. Confidence
Pickup trucks and SUV’s need guys who can haul heavy, feel in control of life, and have no qualms with doing what it takes to get the job done. Hence, someone stepping off a pickup truck has to show up on the macho-radar: a guy that braces efforts to make thing work, to get them to work.

2. Practicality
Then we have people who step off the midsized sedan level cars. Mid-sized cars such as give off a more pragmatic and practical guy image—who plans ahead, and who values efforts for the longer terms. Makes choices that keeps him abreast with changing time as well as offer utility for people close to him

3. Exuberance
If you are an extrovert that likes to be in the limelight or like to live on the edge, then you’ll step off a luxury car or a sports car (flashy or otherwise). The hard part for you will be to convince your date that you’re willing to share the spotlight with her. Whereas the good part is that you are likely to show up as an active guy whose adventurous lifestyle is likely to energize your partner’s lifestyle as well.

4. Mama's Boy
Finally, the van-guy who steps off a VW Van - a definite hippie. You’ll simply confuse your date. You might either have a spot for nostalgia or be seriously stuck in your past —you need to get out mate, and fast. Relationships demand security and constantly moving is “disaster” you’ve misspelled as “instability”. Apart from that you either are a married man, or borrowing your mom’s car even at this age.

It’s Your Car and You Have Not Maintained It

Is that a scratch on your car?

“It’s just a small scratch” isn’t it? But a scratch on the surface goes a long way for your relationship. A scratch shows that you’ve let someone get away with maiming an important investment in your life. If this sounds exaggerated, then let’s put this in context of your relationship— your date is looking for someone who will look out for them, someone who is conscious of small things that matter to them, that affect them, and hence is possessive about those small things.

Your date is looking for someone who will look out for them.

That “just a scratch” then shows your-partner-to-be that you are someone who will just let it go —“it’s just a small thing; no big deal; get over it”.

Even if you are generous enough to forgive others so easily, your partner wants to feel secure around you— and though they are hoping for someone who is not overly possessive, nor a control freak, they want someone who is affected by what happens to one of their most important thing in life.

So then, we hope to have car struck your dating plans with this post. Try to understand the views from the other gender in mind and either smartly step out of the right car or buy the right one. We really want you to make the date as memorable as possible—from the car and back again.


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  • This is really judgmental and inaccurate. I never cared what kind of car the men I dated drove, I'm not particularly materialistic.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've driven shit cars and well maintained British imports. Never has my car impacted my love life.

    So either this is a load of crap, or I'm a sexy beast with an awesome personality. And I'm nowhere near egotistical enough to buy the idea that it's the latter.


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  • I tought the van would make girls beleive you were overcompensating for something.

    Beside that , this actually make sense. Some more skilled car sellers can with surprising accuracy pinpoint the personality (and type of work) of a person simply based on the car they buy

  • A date who's driven away by my car? She wouldn't be my kind of girl any more than a date who's dating me because of the car I drive.
    Our ways will part.
    Good luck in life for you!

  • I have to be honest this article is pretty stupid and furthest from the truth.

  • I totally agree with @WiiU89

    Maybe this should be called "4 Ways Your Car's Model Can “Drive” Gold-diggers Away!

  • This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever read.

  • I wonder if the author ever went to the paint shop for a quote. He'd learn that things can quickly change to 'it's just a scratch' after all.

  • 4 ways OP is a beta

  • If she's so shallow as to date a guy, based on they type of car he drives, she's not worth his time