Reasons to try a buzz cut

Hey there guys and gals of gag!

I figured I would make a fun little post about some reasons why people should at least give a buzz cut hair cut a shot so hope you enjoy : )

Reasons to try a buzz cut

1. Saves money

Yes pretty much says it all right there, getting a good buzz cut dosent have to cost you lots of money in that local fancey barber/hair dresser place. Al you really need is a decent set of clippers and yourself or a freind to cut your hair and away you go. If you haven't dontit before it is not very hard but you might have to go over it a couple extra times for good mesure.

2. Super neat and clean

Unlike certian hairstyles out there ( and more the longer hair styles) the hair styles can some times be hard, expanesive and time consumming for the upkeep of it and can sometimes get rather anoying at times. The buzz cut is unlike these hairstyles are quite short and neat and require very little upkeep in the morning and needs less stuff for your head such as shampoo and conditioner.

3. It's a classic

The buzz cut hair style has been around for centuries and can be seen even being done in some parts of the anceint world and even been found to be done by some armies to help them from hair getting in the way during combat and even stopping it from getting caught or snagged.

4. Your hair can grow back

If you are not huge on the idea of keeping the buzz cut after you tried it out you can always grow your hair back in no time and try another hair style.

5. Keeps your head cool

If your in a place with a really hot summer, hot room or hot atmosphere in general unlike the people with huge amounts of lovley thick hair to keep their head nice and over warm in a situation like this while your head can stay nice and cool.

6. Different styles

Like most other types of hair cuts in the world there are plenty of different types of buzz cuts out there such as the faded or high top stymes for people to try out.

Well I hope there are just a couple of reason just to think about it, I hope you also share your views, opinions or suggestions on the matter by all means : )

Thanks for reading and stay awsome.


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  • In my opinion, Guys are more attractive when they have a buzz cut


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What Girls Said 1

  • Noooooo! Men look so much better with hair! How would you feel if this was a thing with women? Hair is life, stop spreading lies and misery.

    • haha relax its not like i am saying, DO IT DO IT NOW OR ELSE! : P

What Guys Said 3

  • Do you give guarantee on point #4? And is this take written also for girls?

    The more common repellent reason is, it'll make you look ugly. :/

    • Yes I can unless you have some condition that I have no personal knowlage about that effects your hair growth.

      Yeah I have seen girls who have had a longer style of the buzz cut and pulled it off wonderfully.

      Well thats a subjective point of view : )

    • Good :)

      Do you really like girls with buzz cut? o_O

    • Just like anything really some do and some dont : )

  • I had a buzz cut and never again will I get one. The looks I got from people were like I just got out of prison. Took awhile for my hair to grow back but as soon as it grew up, i stopped getting crazy looks.

  • I have a buzz cut!!