A how to guide to exercising: Killing twelve birds (problems) with six stones (solutions)

To all the exercise hating, junk loving, toothpaste eating people out there, this MyTake is for you. This is a list of six solutions that solve twelve problems. Interested? Read on...

-Problem: Commercials are boring/a waste of time/unproductive

-Problem: Exercising is necessary, but cannot find the time

-Solution: Exercise during commercials

Killing twelve birds (problems) with six stones (solutions)- A how to guide

Yes, exercising during commercials is a real (and popular) activity. You can find tons of articles about it with a quick online search.

And hey, why not? Better than no exercise at all. Be sure to tell your fitness fanatic friend how you got into shape. And record their face after doing so.

-Problem: Need to eat healthy

-Problem: No time to snack

Solution: Create a pre prepared fridge snack

Take a pyrex container, dump whatever you want into it and put it in the fridge. When you get hungry, take it out of the fridge. Apples and peanut butter/Carrots and ranch are two (fairly) healthy suggestions.

-Problem: Cannot sleep at night

-Problem: Too much homework/no time to do homework

-Solution: Do homework before bed

You will get tired naturally from doing homework which will help you sleep, and you will also get homework done. Win-win.

Problem: Not enough time to go shopping

Problem: Need lunch

-Solution: Walk down to the store and purchase a meal

While you are there, pick up groceries and other ingredients for meals as well. You go shopping, you get a break, and you get lunch. win-win-win

Problem: No energy

Problem: Drinking too much coffee/Trying to drink less coffee

Solution: Natural chocolate with nuts

You can buy this at your local grocery store. I find this helps me maintain energy, and it is actually beneficial to your health to eat a square of this chocolate because of the antioxidants. Be sure to get the natural kind. Hershey's doesn't have the same benefits.

Problem: Nothing to do

Problem: Need a change in atmosphere

Solution: Reorganize your room

Amazing how refreshed you'll feel just doing something a little differently/living a little differently. Move furniture and open up space. Put in an exercise area. Whatever you want, it is your room after all.

And, a bonus one

-Problem: Bored

-Problem: Not being as productive as you could be

-Solution: Try following this list

Hope you find this list useful and informative


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