Homeless guy spits some truth?

This is a story about a man who made a small mistake, one that anybody would make (he was in possession of a small amount of drugs). He was sent away to prison for a long time. When he got out, he was not able to get a job or rent an apartment because of his felony status.

He complained about people not reading his facebook first and wanting to have a actual voice conversation over the phone. Then he explains how he feels about social media is basically separating us more then what it should have been doing. Bringing us together.

*That's why I don't use facebook!*

People should care and love each other more.
GoFundME link for Obediah is here: gofundme. com/w23rws


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  • our societies have been driven by FEAR and personal gain for way to long sadly. Fear and gain are the drives for most of people. They still choose between two evils by mere cold calculations of what is best for them if they can gain, otherwise - run away. Unfortunately, this model of behaviour is way to common. There are a lot of good people out there amongst homeless people as well.

    People get surprised in unbelieve when you offer something out of kindness and concern for their wellbeing, abilities, or any other need. I have been recently doing few things for my neighbours - like offered them help with walking dogs and a bit of gardening, since one of them has a broken arm and can't do these things until her arm heals. The lady insisted on me accepting money for my help, which I didn't want, but the envelop was basically handed to me and I couldn't back out of that without a fight, so I accepted with grace :) Then I realised that they would only be comfortable with my help if they can pay for it! I am not a professional dog walker or a gardener. They did it in a nice way though. I think we are both very appreciative of being able to help one another. They asked me few times after (still walking the dogs) if I want any more money - had to politely decline and explained that I was actually gaining some exercise and a break from my computer based work.

    It is crazy that people think that they can get help only if they can pay in some form or shape in return!

    • You are a good man for doing what you are for this guy! It is priceless. If he needs a Resume or any assistance with employment application documents - I run my own consultancy and I am providing job seeker services for people who have been out of work for longer than 6 weeks on free of charge basis. It is all Australian standards though, but can put few things for him together should this help him to improve his chances with employment. please message me to @Nomad2 if interested.

      You are a legend!

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    • technology can be very useful like for instance in this case with this homeless guy - I wouldn't learn about his story if it wasn't for technology :) People are indifferent because they are too self-absorbed. Like he did say in his story when he asked that woman about the time - she just totally freaked out as if he was going to harm her - bet she even didn't hear what he said. People live too much in their own heads and worlds with their own misery and own problems and unless what ever it is serves them - they are very unlikely to be interested. Our governments, corporate culture and wars turn us into tools - soulless puppets. People stop thinking for themselves and replaced it with thinking about themselves to survive. There are still open minded and mindful people out there though. And they make this world a better place :)

    • Thank you for mho

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  • Thanks for the heads up I haven't been on reddit for a while so haven't heard of this I'll donate 5$ when I have the chance

  • Help him out

    • GoFundME link for Obediah is here: gofundme. com/w23rws

    • I can't I got hurt and I am not working right now

  • Well to be honest you dont get 12 years of prison time for a small amount of drugs

  • Hello this is Obadiah (a. k. a. Larry Lynch), I'm the man in the video. The Gofund me account had been closed. Thank you to all the people who donated. Since the explosion of the video I have since formed a new opinion of social media. It can definitely be used for a good purpose. Anyone wishing to contact me and help add support or encouragement to the cause can look me up at ( repentnowministries@gmail. com ) or Facebook Larry Lynch Houston I'm the one with the wolf in the background.