If you could make any movie you want, what would that movie be?

If you got put in charge of making any movie you wanted what kind of movie would you want to make? Assume you hand no fear of copyright infringements and an unlimited budget.

Mine would be star wars revenge of the nerds. It would be about star wars fans and star trek fans at a convention doing battle to find out which universe is better. Meanwhile an actual alien invasion takes place picking that very spot to start their conquest, and doesn't realize all of their toy props aren't real weapons. Also on the way to the convention they find a big foot and mistake him for their friend that was suppose to be dressed as a wookie. I would have weird al in charge of the music, Bruce Campbell would be the evil attacking alien king, and Joss Whedon would write the script.

So what would your movie be like?


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  • I'd do a sexy love triangle movie where a girl is stuck on an island with two brothers (who are also both of her crushes)...

    Which guy will win her heart? Will she get a seductive threesome out of them before making her final decision? Hehehe...

    The island will contain many dangers like that of the King Kong movie (dinosaurs, giant insects, apes, etc.)

    The guys will have to save the girl on and off. Sadly, it will end with her having to save one of the two of them.

    Maybe it'll be like that scene at the end of the Good Son. While the two hang off a cliff, she must let one go.


    Maybe it'll end like Saw The Final Chapter and the guys will let her go lol.


    I'll call the movie Count Me In... Or Island of Dreams... Or the Triangle Survival Guide


    • Ooh Ooh! I'd name it: On The Count of 3

    • Thanks for MHO. Hope you actually liked my idea

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  • Well I am not entirely sure but I have a few ideas

    1. It would have to be about real events
    2. It would have to be inspirational. Maybe about somebody who overcomes an eating disorder or about somebody who overcomes economic or social injustice
    3. It would have to be about somebody who was good

    I think I might do a movie about a bunch of disabled people living their lives and hanging out with each other

    Or a movie about a bunch of doctors going to foreign countries to save people's lives

    Or a movie about a person risking his life to save other human beings whether in a war or in a political crises

    • 1. based on real events
      2. inspirational
      3. a good person

      You want to make a movie about me? That is so sweet. :p

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  • I'd make a documentary analyzing the present state of world culture and communication technology.

    Or a road trip movie.

  • A sci-fi to mess around with special effects

  • Hard science-fiction. I love it when science-fiction movies are a realistic approximation of what's possible in an X number of years. Though I would also love to make the kind of sci-fi movie that would be heralded as the next Star Wars or Star Trek.

    Sorry, I don't have any imaginative plot descriptions at the ready.

  • probably some type of space sci-fi... hopefully one that wasn't confusing or just to far out there to make any sense

    • So would you want to do something like star wars, that already has an established universe, or would you want to create your sci-fi from scratch?

    • From scratch. Though it would definitely be difficult, but worthwhile if successful. Plus you can make up whatever you want.

      Plus star wars being established or any other universe, I don't want to be one to ruin the feeling of that.

  • A sexy movie

    "let the answers flyyyyy"

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