Does this man sound attractive to you?

He was born in late 1790's to a family of French landowners near New Orleans. I don't have a pic, but he looks kinda like young Stalin
Does this man sound attractive to you?
but with a smaller nose.

Here's the thing, he's a vampire. Don't think stuff like Twilight. He avoids sun (crosses and holy water doesn't work and he'd probably laugh at you for trying) and feeds on people. He wanted to only feed on animals but that tastes awful and causes a vampire to be a total bitch (short temper, easily irritable).

He was turned into a vampire in the 1810's by some English criminal names William Walters (who was kinda religious) who made it to New York and then to the South. After the Battle of New Orleans, the croft they were hiding in collapsed because of a bomb. Williams was inside it, but our guy didn't help him. He was fucking sick of him, so he burned him to ashes and fled the scene.

He's kind of a bisexual, though they didn't have that word back then. He slept with a couple men along with women through his human life, but won't admit it—it's illegal.

He's a charming person. He's good with social stuff, I guess that makes him an extrovert. His name is Alexandre Richard. He's kind of an artist, knows how to play the piano. He likes to feed to musicians. He doesn't believe in God, though he doesn't say that out loud either.

After he killes his maker he started living with some guy named Pieter Van der Ahe who took him under his wing. Alexandre is good friends with this guy's firstmade, Jesse. Since Alexandre has connections to the brothels in the city, he talked to them the first night Jesse moved to the city to let him stay there. Jesse loved this because his favorite prey are prostitutes. He's also good friends with a Spanish woman (vampire) called Estefania because they both like art and feeding from artists.

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Sometime in mid 1800's he meets and falls in love with a mulatto human woman named Clotho, she's kind of a witch, doing stuff like voodoo. He realizes he can't turn her into a vampire for some reason (maybe it's because there are too many vampires -4- in New Orleans) so he breaks up with her. She walks out crying and while she crosses the street, she gets run over by one of those horse carriage things.

After New Orleans, he moves to Vicksburg, after the Civil War, Memphis, then St. Louis.
Does this man sound attractive to you?
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