Do you think Hitler did anything wrong? / Do you think Hitler was misunderstood?

I feel that some people might be biased when it comes to Hitler, why does he have to be vilified all the time? Take a look at some of the good things Hitler could've done
Do you think Hitler did anything wrong ? / Do you think Hitler was misunderstood ?

Hitler might of been able to prevent 9/11

Hitler fought in WW1, if the Germans won WW1 then WW2 (and by extension WW3) would never of happened. Hitler tried his best in both world wars so that he could save everyone from WW3

Hitler didn't even want to invade Poland but then Shia encouraged him

When you think about it, was Hitler really a bad guy? Hitler had nothing against the Jews

On top of that Shrek stopped the german trains anyway


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  • Everyone makes mistakes. He clearly was a brilliant political leader. But when the war broke out the mistakes he and his Generals made were inexcusable in many cases starting with the escape of the BEF at Dunkirk.

    • That's true, when you think about it the Germans had all the right tactics and decent equipment. They should of won. Hypothetically where do you think the world would be now if the Germans won the war?

      I think that the main failure was the battle of Britian, all the luftwaffe had to do was focus on attacking RAF air fields eventually the RAF would have to give up and then the germans could drop fallschirmjaegers unopposed.

      Then they could've used U-boats + along with bombers to attack the royal navy.

      So close but yet so far

    • I can't imagine how Europe would be in case of a German victory but it would be definitely better than now with the society were traditions and the preservation of European culture would be of the most importance, instead of materialism and legal slavery we experience today.

      The battle of Britain is more complicated than it seems for me. The Germans didn't have strategic bombers and their fighter range was too short. Which means that the British could anytime retreat to the north were they kept on training pilots and producing planes and continue the fight from there. We will never know.

    • mmm. . . Suddenly I'm hungry for bratwurst (you made me think of it)

      "We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity stands or falls... We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity... in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people"

      - Hitler

      ""It is clear to me now that we have slaughtered the wrong pig"


      You know I never thought about that. . . If the British lost ground in the south and somehow lost the London it would do a lot of damage to the economy. it's all speculation anyway. I always like to think about what could've been though

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  • The man made 6,000,000 mistakes which can clearly be identified as such; however, he did leave us with a few mediocre paintings, and his grooming was impeccable.

  • yeah he systematically killed 6,000,000 Jewish civilians. so there's nothing to villify there. yes all participants in wwII or any war will kill military and civilians but rarely (and not in WWII) does a country commit mass genocide of a group of people who are not involved in the fighting or aren't casualties of war (which the Jews were not)

    argue however you want but Hitler was a monster and anyone who tries to justify, rationalize or even glorify his actions is a scary person

    • I wouldn't call Hitler a "monster" he's still a human. Hitler didn't exactly have it easy. He fought in WW1 only to come home to a broken nation

      There's no way to know how that kind of trauma could've affected Hitler. Think about it, coming home with PTSD, anger, resentment. . . You get my point right?

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    • yeah keep making excuses.

      i'm done.

  • The mass murder of civilians is what I care about.
    That was under his reign, even if he didn't know about it.

    • A fair point. . . but

      Didn't the Americans mass murder civilians in Japan? Didn't the allies destroy German Cities with their bombers?

      Both sides, allies and axis murdered civillians

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    • But of course, it's nice to have a decent conversation for once. I just get really upset discussing things I cannot change. Hurts a lot. No hard feelings, I hope. :D

  • I think he loved Jews, I just think his way of showing love was different.

  • I don't think Hitler was misunderstood, I think Hitler misunderstood.

  • A clear case of taking trolling too far.

  • Was this lame troll attempt really necessary?

  • He was just your garden variety ruthless, demented paranoid writ large. The mystery is not Hitler, it's how Germany came to follow him.

    • I wouldn't call it a mystery at all, if you look at post WW2 Germany and the treatment by allied powers. Slap Versailles on top of that, I don't think anyone would've expected Germany to take it lying down