How would you pronounce the last name Gnass?

  • Ga-nawss
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  • Nawss (with a silent G)
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  • Since it's a German name, I'd pronounce it the German way, which is exactly the way it is spelled. The "G" in German is ALWAYS pronounced like in the English word "Great". We don't have the tʃ and dʒ sounds that English has (like in the words "Gin", "Julia" and "Churchill").
    Thus, the initial "G" should sound like in "Good" or "Great". Then, you just add "nass". This part of the word should sound like "nuss" because the German "a" is darker than the English "a". So the correct pronunciation of this name is "G-nuss" for English speakers. Or in phonetic signs it would be "knaz".


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