What does "Whale oil beef hooked" mean and why is it funny?

Everyone was laughing after one mentioned it but I didn't understand it. They were British if it helps.

they just told me to speak it loudly but I am no native speaker


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  • i have no idea and im British myself. im guessing it'll be a saying local to where they are from. we are such an old nation so we have lots of random local sayings.

    do you know where in the UK they are from?

    • They said something about living near Irish people

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    • i think its just clicked with me lol

      Whale oil beef hooked in an irish accent = well i'll be fucked. maybe...

      whale = well
      oil = i'll
      bee = be
      fhooked = fucked

      i know plenty of scottish people, and fooked or fhooked (?) in this case is what they for fucked. i could be completely wrong though. in what context did they say it?

    • Making fun of habits of people from different areas. So it will certainly fit xD

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  • I fucking LOL'd.

    It didn't seriously take you more than a second or two to figure it out, did it?

    • As I said I am no native speaker but after knowing it it makes sense xD