"You look young for your age." Is that a compliment?

If someone said to you and meant it, like "oh wow, you look young for your age". Would you take it as a complement, take it another way? How does it feel? It certainly be better with some other ego bosts along with it... beautiful, handsome, etc..

Is there a better thing to respond when someone hears your age? like being indirect... ex.
"oh wow, do you feel as young as your beautiful looks are projecting"? Is that even better?

I've had women say... you look 35, 38, 27, 48, you look young... they were not drunk... lol:) I took it as complements. How about you? What can your lover say to you?
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+1 y
So far, I like the "You look young for your age" comment instead, in some flavor of that.
"You look young for your age." Is that a compliment?
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