When a guy gives a girl a key to his place, what does that really mean?

He pretty much said, "here you go now don't loose it "and continue what he was doing

Update: he even gave me the code for his credit card, and thanks me anytime I tidy up,actions speak louder than words so according to all my answers, I am in a serious relationship, lol


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  • That's usually a pretty serious step in the relationship... he's giving you free reign to come and go as you please.

    • I agree with this.

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    • Since you have a roommate, I'd guess he doesn't want a key, I wouldn't think he'd want a key to your place regardless, I was just curious about the hesitation.

    • Yeah there's no need to give him a key since you have a roommate. He definitely is thinking of this as a very serious relationship tho and you should think about whether you would be ready to actually move in with him within the next year.

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  • I'm pretty sure the next step is you moving in with him.

  • He's trying to say " I want this relationship to go somewhere else" but in a good way.

    • Go somehere else? Why can't he just say it? He did tell that he is very happy that I love his doig so much, can you enlighten me about somewhere else, like he wants something more concrete and serious? Should I as a woman be freaked out?

    • No you shouldn't freak out. He probably just thinks your the right girl for him and is trying to see if you also want to take it to a stage were you might want to probably move in with him. So he's letting you see how he lives and what he has. As of kinda wanting to see if you would be comfortable him and his living space.

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  • It means he wants you to clean while he's out.

  • That is so sweet. I wish my boyfriend will do the same to me soon like your boyfriend. May I ask how long have you guys been dating?

  • It's moving to the next level! It's good!

  • it means he is happy...except it...not many guys will do this...you got one of the few tht is a keeper...and guys I'm not sayin y'all ain't keepers but some guys don't want tht...congratulations girly...

    • Thanks! Hope you find that excpetion as well

    • i found it only my man is buying a house for me an him...an your very welcome...just memeber if you stay with him to love hi, every day as much as you can

  • My boyfriend gave me a key to his place about 2mo ago. When he gave it to me he said congratulations and welcome to my life. The only thing I find weird is he wants me to call before I come over. I don't know what to think of that.