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Why is there this difference with water?

Another pass at a stupid (maybe) question:

Why does steam dehydrate us?

and water or ice hydrate us?

Why is there this difference with water?

I ask this after the other day, seeing a puddle of water on the counter remain there like nearly all day (with the ac on), when the day before that, water dried up instantaneously (hot day and ac off a few hours).

Like, we’ve all been schooled on this,

but isn’t it WEIRD

Why is there this difference with water?

that just because the water is cold it takes longer to evaporate? And just cause it’s warm, it will evaporate nearly in seconds? Almost before your very eyes?

I also saw a video today of some YouTubers doing a “last to leave hot tub challenge wins” yk some cash prize. And one member, while in the hot tub, asked for water, and his friend joked: you’re in water.

It’s just so odd to me, that water in a different FORM, as well as temperature, will either HYDRATE or DEHYDRATE us.

The matter is definitely dependent on temperature (boiling point 🔥 and all that; freezing point ❄️ - we’ve got our extremities). But not only that, the form also affects us.

Solid 🧊 water hydrates us

and gaseous water / steam 💨 💦 🌫️ dehydrates us.

I do suppose it’s not the water doing that to us, but the actual temp. surrounding the water, and us.

If you see steam like in a sauna it will be hot, and the heat itself will pull moisture from your body.

It’s crazy, they say a hot shower will dehydrate us and a warm/ cool shower is better. In the case of a shower.. it really is the water and its own temperature 🌊 effecting us.

I don’t know.. it’s crazy to me.

So in that case, why does hot water and/or gaseous water DEHYDRATE, and solid or liquid/ cold water HYDRATE us?

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Isn’t it just odd?

I feel like I am having a similar moment to when I learned about pi or infinite numbers. Like why though? How even? lol
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Temperature is very peculiar
Why is there this difference with water?
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