Persian people. Why are they always rude to me?

I live in Los Angeles, where there is a large Persian population. In my experience, they have all been snobby and rude. I'm sure that there are some who are nice, but I have yet to meet them.

What is the deal with their attitude? I always try to be nice to them, but they're rude anyways!


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  • Really? Bummer, dude. Persian/Iranian women are one of the few who DON'T think I am ugly. Even when during my visits in the Middle East when I would come across Iranians, they were always friendly to me.

    Don't know why they are to you.

    • I think they're hideous, but that's just me. As far as whether or not I think they're nice, their looks are irrelevant.

      I work a front desk job, and the rudest people are always Persians. The nicest people are black or Hispanic. Whites are a toss up. Even when I'm not at work, Persians are the rudest.

    • "I think they're hideous"

      Asked and answered!

    • How do you mean? I'll be nice to anyone, regardless of whether or not I'm attracted to them physically.

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  • im from west la too. And I talk to a lot of Persian but they are not rude. They do think they are better than everyone else. They also like showing of how much money they have. They are cocky too. But they have never been rude before. They actually are really nice to me and older ladies always start up conversations with me.


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  • Persian? You mean Middle Eastern? Well I guess in the states they get harrassed a lot - people think they are terriorists who want to start nuclear wars.

    • Persian means Iranian, which probably means they get harassed even more living in the US.

    • In Los Angeles, they are a very prominent community. Lots of them are very wealthy. I think the mayor of Beverly Hills was Persian at some point. I have yet to see or hear of any of them being harassed in "Tehrangeles."