What does it mean when a guy calls you "woman"???

Ok, there is this guy at work, he is 41 and very out going and athletic. He is 6'5, 6 pac abs, med built, has drk blond hair, striking blue eyes and has very masculine features. He is very well off, he has a Harley, BMW, Porshe, and a boat. He often talks about how he enjoys fishing. Well every time we talk or text he often calls me woman. Like he often talks to me about his kids, bd tells me how its important for kids to have a momma. He tells me how he loves to spoil his kids and stuff. He's divorced. One time he told me to listen to a voice mail message his 6yr old left him asking for stuff. Another time he told me to call him and he was at the beach with them. One night he text me saying that he was in bed and his kids hopped in bed with him to talk to there daddy and it was pretty late he said "woman get to bed, if you're not already and get to sleep, I'm tired and am off to sleep myself". I'm 25, and up till now I really have not met a guy who called me "woman". So please I would like to know what this means, I'm not bothered but curious.
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To the two ladies, yes he is my boss and the reason I used this public site to post my question is that being on an assignment work visa from the UK, in London bloks don't refer to ladies as "woman". Friends and collegues have suggested that I should have a chat with H.R because this persons behavior would be highly inappropriate. I don't want to cause problems but I also don't understand American slang. I like American men there is something about them but as friends tell me to be careful.
What does it mean when a guy calls you "woman"???
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