4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea

Guilty as charged. We all have been a friends with benefits and have had a friends with benefits, however no matter what it never ends with a happy ending. Someone will always want someone more, someone will always end up sleeping with other people and someone will have their heart broken. These are my 4 top reasons why being and why having a friends with benefits is always ALWAYS a bad idea.

4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea

1. No Boundaries

Think of your worth. You set no boundaries, you set no rules and that’s how they will treat you ALWAYS. The fact that you start with no boundaries will lead to a very VERY unhealthy relationship and if they ask you out tomorrow night, you reply back with no (for a good reason) they will simply call up some next person. You will naturally meet someone who will make you happy in a healthy way so why waste time on a relationship with no boundaries when you will be in one eventually that will have boundaries and respect?

4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea

2. Selling Yourself Short

You are just a piece of meat. You are nothing more but sex. You are a body that they can have a fun time with and then say bye too without a care. Your sex is just fucking, there is no emotion. They don’t call you daily, they don’t wish you well. They manipulate you thinking they care only to end up having what they want (they will ALWAYS) come first. If this is how you’d like to be treated then go for it, however know that you will ALWAYS be a body that they can use for a good pump/ rub and nothing else.

4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea

3. You Hurt Yourself Emotionally

Think about this. You commit to a person who doesn’t give a shit about you and eventually you catch feelings. You are torturing yourself being with someone who isn’t with you. We as humans need that emotional stability and to lack that in a relationship you long for and know you will never have (except for at night when they call you) that can make you sick. It’s a health risk so really think about what you’re about to do because it will hurt you mentally.

4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea

4. Heartbreak

You become attached, they don’t want you, they slept with other people and BOOM heartbreak happens. They think you are obsessed or they just don’t understand your emotional needs so they leave you. You not only emotionally hurt yourself but now have hurt your heart. You give yourself when you sleep with someone and to constantly give, give and give to someone in a friends with benefits relationship to realize they don’t want you will not only set for major disappointment but also set you for an emotional breakdown trying to put whatever imaginary pieces together that you thought were there.

4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea

Alright so let me know what you think. Tell me if friends with benefits relationship is a good thing, if it works for you (how does it work for you?) and also if you’ve had a negative impact from a friends with benefits relationship. Also inbox me (message me) if you’d like for me to talk about a topic and post it on here. Much love guys/ ladies, thank you and god bless :) <3

4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea

4 Reasons Why friends with benefits Relationship is a Bad Idea
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  • lumos

    The issue here is that you're assuming one of the people want something more. Of course shit will hit the fan if person A wants more than person B can offer. In that case it's pretty obvious that a friends with benefits thing won't work. But if the people involved are aware of the boundaries and don't have any feelings for each other, it could definitely work out. Sex is not meaningless without emotions. And you're using each other equally so technically you're not "just a piece of meat". The point of being friends with benefits is that you get each other off and have a fun friendship. No strings attached. That's that. It doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to end in heartbreak, as long as you keep your emotions in check and don't enter it with the wrong motives (hoping it'll turn into something more).

    • croxy

      Thank you.

    • Azara

      i agree except the keeping emotions in check. i think if it gets to that point that you feel like your emotions are a disease or enemy, you should break it off., friends with benefits should be fun. if you can't feel whatever you feel then its not working.

      people are so obsessed with the notion of not feeling. but we feel in everything we do. just some feelings are not appropriate for some situations,. in which case we should be honest and remove ourselves instead of trying to fit our feelings to the situation. very unhealthy.

    • desidoll

      This ^

Most Helpful Guy

  • meatballs21

    I have to disagree, all of the issues you raise are only issues if you are unable to separate emotions from sex. This doesn’t make friends with benefits a bad thing, it makes you as an individual bad at friends with benefits.

    I have had several FWBs and encountered none of these problems. Why? Because we both entered into it knowing what it was, and even made a little set of rules to avoid any misunderstandings. The end result for all of these was a lot of fun and no drama or unrequited feelings.

    • Heyyakk

      Lucky. It's really a relationship for emotionally stable people

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  • OlderAndWiser

    I agree with all of your points. I think friends with benefits is something that people do when they are not being honest with themselves and they think they can "ease into" a relationship with someone else. It rarely works.

    • I always thought it was a unofficial relationship. It's like they aren't trying to give themselves the title of "couple," but are doing all the motions of a "couple."

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    • Lack of directness is the folly of all interactions.

    • @GreatnessPersonified Indeed!

  • Punkbuster107

    I think the "friends with benefits" movement is one of the most destructive things to happen in first world societies in a long time. The reasons you stated are all good ones, and others also.

    The only part I disagree with is the "we've all done it" part in thr first paragraph. Learning from your own mistakes isn't the only way to learn. Casual sex has major drawbacks, and our parents/grandparents have been warning us for years.

    • Anonymous

      Tis true. I learned and am happy with the relationship I am in. friends with benefits relationships are just wrong, should never happen in the beginning either you want to be with someone or not don't waste their time.

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    • You're*

    • I totally agree with your way of thinking. I think this kind of relationship is for immature people, and for sure it's a waste of time...

  • Tanuron

    Nice to hear someone not glorify friends with benefit thing, keep hearing how good it supposedly is all the time, but know would never work for me. Which yes naturally, never had friends with benefits nor never been interested in such. Would just be bad for me in too many ways.

  • Emilyv

    I agree 100% I currently have a friends with benefits. Honestly, it makes me really upset and I know I have to end it because I know he will never look at me more than a hook up.

    • Anonymous

      It's tough but girl you have to do it. You'll be happy in the end knowing you ended it.

  • The_Terminator

    I don't understand something.. you say "you give and give and give" .. but aren't you taking as well? Aren't you enjoying the sex as well? Women say they love sex just as much as guys do if not more.. then why do you feel like you're giving more than you're taking? Why do you feel like you're doing someone a favor and not getting anything out of it? It's incredibly confusing.

    • Anonymous

      I say that because eventually all you do is give. You eventually regardless female or not you realize you catch feelings (some people say this doesn't happen but it ALMOST 90% of the time DOES HAPPEN). I use that term because really you give and what do you get? You get someone who is not wanting a relationship and wanting to just have sex with you when they find it convenient (this usually happens after you catch feelings) and they then turn to you wondering why you're acting like this but really... You both are to blame 1. you for not being honest with yourself and 2. them for the simple fact that they don't walk away when it's too late..

  • Bittybittyboopboop

    You aren't describing a friends with benefits. You're describing a fuck buddy. Fuckbuddyship is where you barely know the other person's last name but you can recite the exact specifications of their cock. A friendss-with-benefits is, oddly enough, your FRIEND. Whom you occasionally mash genitalia with for funsies.

    friends with benefits can work out if the both of you are honest with yourselves. Are you someone who can just have sex without feeling the need to have the person be committed to you? Or do you need a boundary in place like monogamy just to feel comfortable? If so, that's completely fine. But it means that you're going to feel upset and possibly cheap when the other person doesn't fill that need. Are you doing this because you want the person as more than friends but you're willing to settle hoping it turns into something more? Yes? Well that's fucking stupid. Fuck off. You aren't being honest with yourself and you aren't being honest with the other person so you're taking the pussys way out. Don't do that. You're going to hurt everyone.

    That being said, you're presuming a lot of the people who are planning on engaging in a "FWBship" the way you're describing it. I consider myself a person that can do a friends with benefits properly, and I feel kind of insulted tbh. Being one of a sexual roster doesn't affect my value as a person because the only person's validation I need is my own. I don't need that emotional connection. I just need a decent person that isn't going to explicitly make me feel like a used kleeenex. Someone who cares about my pleasure just as much as their own. If they aren't that person, you shouldn't be fucking them anyway, they're gonna be a shit lay.

    It basically boils down to being able to separate that post-coital endorphan wave from your actual emotions, and being honest with yourself and the other person and being able to differentiate a craving for a person's sex vs a craving for that person's intimacy. If you can't do that, don'tt be a friend-with-benefits, and DEFINITELY don'tt be a fuck buddy.

    • Azara

      i agree except the las part. i dont see any problem with having intimacy,. it makes sex much better,. intimacy does not mean commitment. they are not the same thing.

      plenty of people are perfectly happy to have deep intimate friendships and deep intimater friendships with sex. commitment is not necessary for everyone, but that does not mean everything has to remain superficial. i think with sex its good to be in the moment and thinking about separating thinking from feeling which is an illusion bc feeling is pre thought, just makes the hole ordeal neurotic. i know people pride themselves on separating this feeling from that, but its all mental masturbation. you're either comfortable in a situation, or you're not. and it takes all kinds.. there's no one way to be comfortable. and as you pointed out if you're not feeling good get out. or more eloquently 'fuck off'' ;-)

  • AmericanPoet

    It's good to see more and more people be honest about this Cosmo/Sex in the City created silliness. I never understood why women allowed this behavior.

    Here is a guy's take:

    I can fuck a girl without having to work for it, when I want it, no questions asked? AWESOME!!

    And if I'm good I have 2 or 3 at any given time and a random hook up now and then with a stranger... even AWESOMER!!

    I can even cheat on my GF/Wife with no fear!!!

    I have always believed that women who do the friends with benefits thing are at that moment an emotional wreck. Something has messed them up that they have so little self esteem that I can prey on them and they knowingly allow it.

    Now from the woman's view I don't get this. Wait around for the guy to call. Wait for him to have time, do the deed and he bolts. Other than leaving $100 on the nightstand...

    Here is a dose of reality, guys who do this (like I have) are doing this will several girls. Think about this... on one occasion a fucked a girl in the morning, got a BJ from one around Happy Hour and then met another girl for a late night bang session. I know... nasty right?

    I guess what I am trying to say is that we (men) are predators, you (women) are prey. If you want to give up that pussy for free, I will take it but do not expect me to respect you are treat you as anything more than a place to leave my sperm.

    And that is the heart of this rant, self respect. If you do not respect yourself, no one will. Every girl I have known who has done the friends with benefits has been hurt, given a disease, turned out to be "the other woman", etc and they never ended up with the guy like in the movies.

    • Sdavis2604

      Will you take a look at MyTake: "guys only want one thing" And tell me what you think. And if you a free with MyTake, tell what you think as a man. Because it's along the lines of what you just wrote and I feel you will agree with it. I'm getting slot of negativity on it because I have the same views as you've just written here.

  • bryon

    I have always avoided the friends with benefits scene for the very reasons you pointed out. I just never got into the sleeping with someone I didn't have an emotional attraction to , but if that feeling isn't reciprocated then it's all one sided and that's where hurt feeling begin ; no thanks. In a mutual relationship there is still the possibility or hurt feelings and bruised egos but nothing compared to A completely one sided love afair provides. Very much liked your take on this

  • abzence

    On one side you have the "pointless, meaningless, emotionless, don't give a damn - sex" and on the other I assume an idea about some romantic, committed, loving relationship.

    There's no rule that you can't care about your friend with benefits. (What happened to the friend part?) There's no rules against actually feeling love in that kind of set up. Love and relationships doesn't have to set up or dictated in a certain way.

    friends with benefits is not a certain doom just like a committed "normal" relationship is not a free ticket to cloud number nine.

    I believe the road to happiness is openness and honesty, not how your relationship status.

    People who get hurt in friends with benefit relationship are people who are dishonest, who pretend that that is all they want when they actually want or hope for more. It's lite playing football and complain that you got tackled really hard. Don't play football if you can't accept the concept, it's as simple as that.

    Just be honest with yourself and the people around you, problem solved. Some people can handle it, some can't. And if you can't, then just stay away from it.

  • ras144

    I personally think being fuck buddies could work... IF you're not using it as a way to replace relationship and/or motivated by low self-esteem.

    Of course, hook-ups aren't for everybody. Just as marriage and relationships aren't for everybody.

    • Marriage is for everybody, except for celibate people.

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    • ras144

      @Punkbuster107 Casual English, please. I don't understand your riddle, sir.

    • Marriage is meant to be a gift for anyone and everyone who wants it. It I's unnecessary to have more than one sexual partner for life, and it is entirely possible to be satisfied with one spouse for life. If everyone would, a great deal of our conflict, pain, and confusion would not exist.

      The fact that people are able to develop addictions and other behavioral disorders which make it impossible for them to function correctly in the context of a healthy exclusive marriage does not mean marriage was not meant for those people, it means the world has chewed them up and spit them out as something different than they were meant to be.

      "What is" is not the same as "what is meant to be".

  • 14jan97

    I'm sorry but just no. I couldn't agree less haha. I've had them and they're a ton of fun. I always set the no rules boundaries and it was a ton of fun. Who cares if you or the other person sleeps with someone else at the same time? The point is to have your sexual needs met and they all worked extremely well for me. It didn't matter when I was in my state, I could just swing past a guy's place I knew, have some fun, and then go home.

    • Survive

      Are you the one to initiate it?

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    • 14jan97

      @Survive the same as if you were interested in them romantically, however you'd show different intentions

    • Survive

      Would you hint to the guy to figure out OR tell him directly?

  • ZionOrtov

    A good relationship, is based off a fundamental framework of shared belief's, the greater your beliefs, the better the relationship.

    continue an effort into finding people who share the way you see the world, and who would want to share the world with you for you.

    Anything else is futile waste of effort, in the context of general relationship's, especially romantic one's.

    Sex is an act of love that should be done between two participant's that love each other, and are thereby married.

    • blue_sun

      ... Because love is totally equal to marriage. (Sarcasm)

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    • schnipdip

      @blue_sun I agree. Again, it depends on the background knowledge behind that opinion. Saying love doesn't exist is an opinion. One that many people follow and many people believe is fact. They continue to promote this belief.
      I think you're more focused on cult behavior and the spreading of false ideologies.

      Like I said before, I will continue to promote what I believe is true about relationships to other people. They can choose to believe me or not. My opinion on relationships isn't fact. This is usually why there is a guider/ruler/leader. They help keep everything uniform and in motion. You see it in the muslim community where they don't have a central leader. Everything is discombobulated within their community and there isn't a set belief the religion is supposed to follow, like the Catholic church.

    • blue_sun

      @schnipdip Yes, that is a big thing. I'm very disturbed by the complete indoctrination from birth that happens to most children of religious people.

  • NatashaJ

    And friends with benefits kinda ruin dating online because now I can't go online with some guy wanting a hook-up what happen to love? or getting to know someone with fucking them?

    • Anonymous

      To date online now is harder. You need to be careful to 1. not be catfished 2. make sure that they are 100% committed to you and 3. make sure you and them understand eventually you both will meet in the future. It's hard to be in long distance when you don't have the physical needs of a relationship (one that is serious). I personally wouldn't go online for dating, just do you and eventually the right one will come, don't go looking for it because you'll get what you want but not in the way you wanted it.

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    • schnipdip

      No no no. Online is the best in so many ways. You do realize that you will not be able to tell the difference if a guy wants you or wants to hook up with you in real life.
      This is coming from a guy who is in an online relationship now - LDR to be exact. I met her on a dating site.
      Trust me, girls have it 100 times easier.

    • NatashaJ

      We know that we have it easier but still with my failures online I decide I want to try real life instead and see where I end up.

  • moistycakes

    Every single one of my friends with benefits relationships have worked out perfectly. I think if you are both on the same page and understand the type of relationship it can work out well.
    1. No boundaries
    I don't feel as though I sell myself short. If I enter into a friends with benefits relationship that's what I want at that current point. If I no longer want it, I stop it. My worth isn't defined by that type of relationship. Some people and sometimes you don't want a relationship, you want company and sex. (maybe that's just me).
    2. Selling Yourself Short
    If I willingly enter into friends with benefits I'm not looking for someone to text me good night and ask me my life story and buy me chocolates and dinner. I'm looking for sex casually. That's the entire point. I'm more than a slab of meat because I say so, and I determine that. I won't enter into that relationship with a dickhead or a manipulative person.
    3. You Hurt Yourself Emotionally
    No I don't. I can turn my emotions off when it comes to sex, which is what keeps you from getting hurt. You shouldn't be in that type of relationship if you can't handle it, some people can't.
    4. Heartbreak
    Again, no emotional attachment so no heartbreak. Plus, heartbreak happens in romantic relationships as well.
    I lost my virginity to a close friend and we have been on/off friends with benefits ever since. If one of us gets in a relationship or has an interest in someone we stop. I make it work because I know what I want and how to get it without the negative side effects. I think it can go horribly wrong with the wrong type of person. I wouldn't have that kind of relationship with a manipulative person because that erases the friends part of friends with benefits. I've never had a negative experience because I know myself well and where I draw the line and I know how to navigate the friends with benefits relationship and the partner I'm with.

    • Azara

      i agree with your post except the turning emotions off. no one does that. emotions are everywhere. you're probably just wisely choosing guys you dont feel thatch romance for. sex doesn't lead to attachment, you have to have a connection in the first place plus be in an open mind set. but thats thinking not emotion. you're just using your emotions in a lustful rather than romantic way., they are still 'on'.

      i also think a person can share very emotional deep profound moments with someone IN the moment and not feel the need to become bound. it just depends on what you're into. persona;ally no matter how fluid a relationship i find if its shallow its bring. i dont care about commitment but i like depth:) and it doesn't cause heart break. i think that happens when people go in secretly wanting more, or want more at some point and dont admit it. but not feeling in itself. like traveling. you can go to amazing places fall in love and still go home in good mental shape:)

  • krash2002

    Your take on the whole scenario is as if one party is fully taking advantage of the other. Why is coming to an agreement to just have sex such a filthy vulgar thing to do? As long as both parties are willing to come to an understanding of what the terms are. Then it can definitely work out.

    I've had a few FWB's in the past, and none of which turned out to be disastrous in any way. We both just understood what FWB's would entail, and took the time to communicate before entering such an agreement. Once we both accepted our situation for what it was. It become quite enjoyable, and would last for as long as it could. At which point, if things were to be changed. Then the person who was to change the terms would speak honestly about his/hers reasoning to do so.

    A perfect example is during my time with a friends with benefits of the past. We had been sleeping with one another for almost 5 months. Then she started going back on dates again. To which she spoke honestly about wanting to get back into the dating world, I understood, and we went out separate ways. None of which caused any kind of drama as I ran into her a year later, we smiled, hugged, and chatted for a tad about the past year, and went back to our own lives.

  • Blueeyes81

    I had a friends with benefits that was amazing. Neither of us wanted a relationship with the other, neither of us developed romantic feelings. I used her for sex as much as she used me for sex. It was mutually beneficial. It ended when a friend of hers wanted to try and pursue me, she bowed out so her friend could have a chance. No hard feelings.

  • "We all have been a friends with benefits and have had a friends with benefits"

    Wait, did I miss the memo?

  • mutedaisy

    I've never had a friends with benefits. The concept of it has always seemed depressing.

  • MargaritaPeach

    This is a great MyTake! Everything you said holds true for about 90% of people. Friends with benefits only works out well when both partners understand the following: 1) becoming adept at managing your emotions is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself 2) sex is not the same as love 3) friends with benefits partnerships should never be used as a crutch during a low point in your life and 4) just enjoy it and don't attach so many strings.

  • shadowlegend

    I wrote a post about exactly this. It's just unhealthy.

  • martyfellow

    I've never had a relationship not based on some level of mutual affection, even if we were both with other people at the time. We knew we'd always love each other, even if we weren't going to be together, so we didn't have undue expectations and no one got hurt, except for those other people we were both with...

  • flirtygirl247

    I think the biggest thing, is that for girls (although we deny this) it is hard for us not to get attached to the guys we have sex with. Girls don't like to be used and it really is not okay for girls to be having sex with guys who don't give two shits about them. You can deny it all you want, but girls always need more.

    • Azara

      the poster did a nice job of not making this about gender,. and the responders did a nice job of keeping it non biased... your post is disappointing. its a;so projecting. you dont know all women or what they want or how they feel about sex, nor do you know how men feel or get hurt.

      you're also making a claim that women can't possibly be in control of their sex life,.

      friends with benefits doesn't mean getting treated like shit. thats a decision anyone in any relationship is going to have to deal with. is my partner respecting me. not like people dont get treated like shit in all tropes of relationships.

      if friends with benefits members real;y dont want a relationship or are ok either way and communicate honestly then no one is getting treated like shit. and women can think for themselves, they dont need a proxy from gag. though it might make you feel temporarily prophetic,.

  • dartmaul15

    friends with benefits: when one of you just want to fuck and the other want a relationsihp, and the second person thinks he or she can fool the first person into a relationship using sex and gradually inceasing intimacy.

    TL:DR doesn't work.

  • ImSoSozzled

    I have had one friend with benefits and it was perfect. We spent the night with each other about once a week, watched movies, laughed, had fun, and there was no drama. Then we both ended up getting in relationships at the exact same time, and that was the end of it.

    There's no reason it can't work as long as the two of you are upfront about what you want. If you can't handle sex without getting attached, yeah it's probably not for you, but I disagree with the premise that it "ALWAYS" has to end badly for someone.

  • ClariceOwen23

    I don't exactly agree with this. Of course it's not for everyone, but at the start of this take you said that it never ends in a happy ending. Just because it didn't work out for you, it doesn't mean that it never does. I've had a friends with benefits in the past and it worked out fine between us. No one got attached and there were no feelings involved. I haven't spoken to him in years but I have no regrets.

  • Darklydarkened

    Look, if you're heartbroken out of a friend with benefit, well you're just stupid. It means that you couldn't handle the thing properly.

    Though I'm not a big fan of such types of aquentices, I don't think the idea of having a friend with benefit is false. It's just a deal of having sex, nothing more.

    And about being used, sex is mutual, why would you think that you're being used? Besides technically, everybody uses everybody, at least fundementally in all sorts of relationships.

  • InquisitiveMale

    Not 'always' true... I have just such a relationship that has been off/on between relationship for the past five years or so. Although in general, I cannot refute your article- the horror stories are plenty.

  • Dandeus

    "We all have been a friends with benefits and have had a friends with benefits"

    We have? That's news to me. Seemed evident to me all along it was a dumb idea.

  • serp777

    This is stupid. Sex is just a biological act. No need to turn it into a lifetime drama. Its a way to have fun and work off some stress. Why invest so much emotion and feeling? Relationships are ovverated anyways--people put way too much effort into something that is intended to lead to sex anyways. its all about sex in the end--if it wasn't all about sex in the end then it would just be a friendship. Sex is what turns friendship into romance. SO yeah, no need to go over the top here.

    • Azara

      i disagree.. cuddling (physical affection) and deep honest communication, and attraction, and a desire for romance, turns friendship into romance... sex finishes it off after there's trust.

      or sex on its own can be casual but it is not in itself romantic. which involves intimate feelings.

      i DO agree however sex does not need t o be over dramatized. just do it if you want to dont if you dont, but call it by what it iS and nothing more and no one will be hurt.

  • thewanderingme

    Not every friends with benefits relationship has one wanting more than sex. Those are the ones that go sour. It's foolish to ever settle for less of a commitment than you actually want, whether it be a regular boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or friends with benefits. many do start and end friends with benefits relationships without drama. The key is to enter it with someone you DO NOT have feelings for. And that is an actual FRIEND, not someone looking to use you for just sex.

    • Azara

      more than sex and commitment are not the same at all. commitment does not create intimacy it just creates limitations.

      intimacy is state of mind with the person not about relationship rules. you can have very profound deep experiences and not be committed. intimacy being about commitment... thats just a hall mark card., really depends upon what people want individually. not everyone wants a paper cutter relationship,. foist mean they want fluff.

    • @azara what does that have to do with my opinion?

  • rthomas43

    Eh, I've had several friends with benefits situations that never had any complications.
    As long as neither person wants something more, it can work just fine.

  • clampfan101

    I think sex with anyone aside from your spouse is a bad idea. Partly being Christian, but also because bg+gf relationships break up so much more easily.

  • genuinlysensitive

    You are 100% correct. Accept for the "we have all had fwb" Maybe all you girls have, but not all us guys. friends with benefits, not only sells yourself short emotionally, but sexually as well. Even those who do those types of relationships admit that sex is better and more often in a healthy relationship. So if its just about sex wtf would anyone trade better quality, and more frequency for less on both counts? I don't know the only thing I can think of is they are emotionally stunted individuals.

  • SIGguy

    Reasons 3 and 4 are part of why I limit female friends. The other reasons are because I confuse loneliness for love and I invest too much in one girl. Nothing they're doing wrong, I'm just predictable.

  • josesmaf

    You raised some good points. Thanks for sharing that!

    • Anonymous

      Welcome. If there is anything you'd like for me to say on here please message me a topic.

  • Lilwoman24

    Totally accurate. Im going through this. A guy i have been sleeping around with we began dating. We have been sleeping around. for a year, and he doesn't care. I am. here stuck in the worst mindset. He is such a piece of shit, and sadly i knew it. I knew he wasn't worth my time. How can you be friends with somone for years, screwing them for one and then do not care about the person. You have posted a wonderful my take.

    • Eat_Lead91

      Find a proper, genuine guy who cares for you, please!

  • Unoriginaleveryday

    Friends with benefits would be fine if people stopped behaving like they're in a relationship.

  • Scrambledagain

    Bwahahah, we all have had fwb? Wtf planet are you living o... oh wait you a girl, never mind.

    • LMAO funny because its true! Then they get all upset because guys don't want to get serious with women who sleep around.

    • @genuinlysensitive hey and I got three down votes. Good times. Hey @ khaleesi89 you said we could message you for help, so I'm putting out here to help all my male brothers: "how do I get a fwb?" I want one. Clearly it comes naturally to you so... well how?

  • 9mfeo

    I think that if you go into it with clear boundaries and no expectations of it turning into anything serious that it can work.

    Not everyone wants the emotional commitment of a relationship. The narrative of "if you have sex with someone, you'll get feelings for the and they'll hurt you so only have sex with people you're dating" is so tired. I don't want a relationship right now, casual or serious. I shouldn't have to have some mook's opinion based on anecdotal evidence forced down my throat because they *want* what I don't.

  • tantanyasf

    When this movie came out I saw it with my friends with benefits at the moment ahah , now his my boyfriend but I would never regret having him like a friends with benefits because it was fun.

  • rjroy3

    Well I've had 2 successful friends with benefits relationships work out for me. So I know they can work lol. People just seem to not understand that it's supposed to be temporary, not long term. It's basically having a regular sex partner while you both stay in the dating game. So when you meet someone that you want to be with exclusively you tell your friends with benefits that you found someone and can't do it anymore. So it's cool between you two. If it doesn't work out, then you let them know and if they are still single and up for it the friends with benefits is back on.

    If you understand what it is and use it as such then you won't have a problem. But if you lie to them or yourself going in, then yes there will be problems just like you would in any type of relationship. Be honest about your intentions and what you want. No one needs to get hurt.

  • Kuraj

    Reading this, it only makes it clear you have the wrong idea about friends with benefits from the get go.

    So, not really useful.

  • John_Doesnt

    Sorry I didn't finish reading, had to jerk off to Mila Kunis.

  • stasbar

    I agree with all of your points. I think friends with benefits relationship becomes love or kills friendship.

  • Albinoninja66

    This is 100% true. It should be common sense, but sadly many people are lacking that.

  • Observant

    Most women are cool with it in the beginning until they ultimately get the feels. They were sold a bill of goods by 50 years of feminism. Be careful of what you wish for.

  • ImTheQuestionGuy

    You left out STD and STI's and also it's just wrong

  • dudeman

    but these are the only relationships im comfortable with now.

  • OrdinaryGentleman

    I've had chances to be friends with benefits but I chose not to for many of these reasons good my_take.

  • verticallyinsecure

    such posts justify why women in the west are no better than boobs and pussy to fap on