Why helping your Wife/GF with the housework is Manly

Many men think splitting the housework with your GF/wife is unmanly. But actually it's the exact opposite. This is a short mytake because it's very simple to explain it.

Why it's manly to split the chores with your girl

Men are physically stronger than women,they have more muscle mass and can do harder and longer phisical work. It's unfair when you and your wife both work yet she,the phisically weaker partner does all the hard phisical work. What would be fair is splitting it,depending on your preference. She can cook and you wash the dishes,she can clean the living room and you clean the toilet

Why helping your Wife/GF with the housework is Manly

Why it's romantic

When your see your wife coming back from work,kicking her heels and putting her feet up and you expect her to still do all the housework it means you don't care about her,you just married her to do your housework and for sex. But when you tell her to take a rest and you do it instead it shows that you're strong,are ready to sacrifice for her and take that pain instead.

Why helping your Wife/GF with the housework is Manly

So what is more manly?

What is more manly? Yelling at a tired woman to still do stuff for you and clean and cook or help her with the housework? It shows that you still care about her and want her to be comfortable

Why helping your Wife/GF with the housework is Manly
Why helping your Wife/GF with the housework is Manly
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Most Helpful Guys

  • holograph

    I don't think it's "manly" to help with housework. I don't think it's gendered.

    Rather, I think men need to be okay with doing things even if they aren't "manly."

    We can't be obsessed with the idea of doing "manly" things. How about we do "necessary" things.

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  • fabulousoldfart

    i tried to help my wife by yelling at her and showing her how my mom did it but she left me...

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Most Helpful Girls

  • MsShyasf

    Guys need to help with housework anyway because it’s their house as well

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  • Larissa_007

    First of all it is not helping, it's his house too...

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    • Nadim171

      If you read the mytake i said split it :)

    • The title is still talking about helping the GF/Wife with household work which implies it's the woman's responsibility and the guy is just being chivalrous by helping.

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  • Chores should always be divided, they shouldn't be only on one partner's weight.
    Figures that I both worked AND did all the chores, with not one but two persons who couldn't be arsed to do anything at all...

    • Nadim171

      Well honestly that was wrong you should have told them to do some of the chores and that you dont have time to do all of them.

    • I did, and they wouldn't listen. Now I left and found someone else, but they keep trying to contact me and convince me to go back to them.

    • Nadim171

      But your sister... you can't break up with a sister

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  • I have a dish washer and a maid... I split nothing. LOL

  • dantetheexplorer

    If, like an adult, you're taking on your fair share of the housework, it's not "helping out".
    It's just you carrying out your responsibility.

    If you use the phrase "helping out", the underlying implication is that the responsibility of housework falls solely on the shoulders of your wife or girlfriend, and that you are merely "helping" her out with that responsibility, like some good Samaritan.

    However, any mature, level-headed, emotionally-balanced adult will realize that housework is a shared responsibility.
    Just like how having children is a shared responsibility.
    A father doesn't "help out" his wife when it comes to taking care of the children - it's his RESPONSIBILITY as well to take care of the children.
    He's not a glorified babysitter.

    Also, doing housework isn't " sacrificing " yourself.
    That's like saying you going to your job and working from start to finish is you "sacrificing" yourself for your company.
    It's your responsibility to fulfill your basic duties at the office, just like it's your responsibility to share the housework and childcare with your wife or your girlfriend.
    You don't get some gold star or congratulatory pat on the back for doing what you're supposed to be doing. Imagine a Team Manager going around and saying things like "Good job balancing that Balance Sheet, Mary!" or "I see you called her back like you said you would - that's fantastic, Joe!"

    "Helping" your wife or girlfriend with the housework isn't "manly" or deserving of some great celebratory party.

    It's your responsibility to do your share of the housework.

    Before you had a girlfriend or before you were married, as an independent adult, you must have done housework as well.

    How is it suddenly NOT your responsibility just because you now have a girlfriend or wife?

    Unless you've been involved in a horrible accident that saw you lose your limbs or ability to walk, you still have two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet - you can still do housework.

  • AimeeEllenn

    I'm glad there are guys like you! My dad has never helped my mum with the house work it's always been me and her doing it. It kinda made me worried for when I do move on with someone I don't want to be doing it all by myself, so I'm glad there are guys like you!

  • Janncis

    @Nadim171 why you only write about what man should do? Why you dont write how feminim is to fix a car, toilet or make new fence? Why you are acting like man dont know a shit what to do? Its called common sense, to help other around.

    Since you are 14 years old, its not manly to say other a lot older man what they should do. Its manly to help where you can, and not bash other people if they are not doing the same. Woman can easlly do there own stuff.

    Since you talked about sacrifice, do you even know what man sacrifice just by being a man? Helping around when you can is not a sacrifice. Sacrifice is going down with ship while woman survive, sacrifice is working jobs where your healt is damaged. Not helping at home. Why aren't you writing about work place deaths? aren't these man sacrificing something? How about other dangerous jobs? How about going to deployment and back with scars, where no one understands you, where your family breaks apart? aren't that called sacrifice?

    Your just 14 worry about things of your age. And leave that toxic feminism.

    • daliah

      This!! @Nadim171 should listen to every word of this.

    • Nadim171

      Bro, please let me explain that all the things you listen, that you hate and men are expected to do like be the breadwinner and go to war is the result of, and I don't like to use this term because it's misused "toxic masculinity". In fact women can be the breadwinner and women SHOULD go to war.

    • Janncis

      @Nadim171 man beeing stronger, better solders is biology, gender roles are biology, man are different than woman. Woman can't do things that man can do, as man can't do things woman can do. There is no way woman could carry man out of combat. Man + gear will weight twice of woman without gear. Woman can't be effective solders. Woman can't work
      physically demanding jobs. There bodies are not made for it.
      There is nothing toxic for admiting differences. We are expected to do them because we can do them, because woman usually can't do them. There are things that are expected from woman to. As a man you are expected to care, to defend your fammiliy.
      Yes woman can do job they like and earn more than man, i dont give a shit about it. But do you job right.

      Again you are only 14 you have no idea about grown up world. You think that because there are no real expection of you yet. As you will get older, people will expect you to act different. When you will have wife, you are expected to defend her, and if you dont, your a peace of s**t.

      Stop bashing man for being man. Its totaly wrong, as you dont have a idea what it means to be man. Man already commit suicide a lot more because we dont really know how to express emotions. Bashing man for being man only drives us closer to that edge. But deam your just kid what you know about it. Loosing friends isn't fun. Not being able to help friends isn't fun. As a man we have a world of problems, but we must endure them. That is being man.

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  • Hurlyburly

    Do not *help* the woman with the housework, do your own part of it. Helping sounds as if it was only the woman's responsibility. You benefit just as much as she does from a clean place and home cooked food.

  • David_Kek

    My friend, your woman statistically is fucking some other man.


    • Nadim171

      I don't have a woman and no

    • Nadim171

      Yeah... you expect me to beleive reports from the most sexist website ever

    • David_Kek

      the study was Norwegian, aka from equality land.
      I'm glad you don't have a woman, that means there's enough time for you to lose your retarded beliefs before you set yourself up to be cuckolded. Here's a tip, lose the feminist crap.

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  • tenukitanuki

    Bro you should just do it yourself anyway and then when she starts sleeping over and moving in that's when she helps /you/ because /you/ already need to finish these tasks. I still remember one girl washing my dishes in the morning sun through the window, like the perfect vision of that consideration and effort. I felt so good in that moment. Never fight about the dishes. If you're fighting about the dishes then there's bigger things afoot and greater demons to slay.

    And you know what I appreciate after I get done a task or chore? A little shoulder rub. If you're not going to fold the laundry then you can at least rub a foot when she joins you on the couch. They may not be touchy-feely in public but I've never had a problem with my natural disposition in the privacy of home.

    Also note: don't step on toes! The best thing guys learn in the military or certain job sites is protocol; don't do someone elses' job! It can jam up operations in the most uncomfortable way. If you or she likes to do X or Y chore a certain way, let em go. If things are combined, you can always split your portion your own way. It's all about staying on your own personal grind and not getting lazy out of comfort. So you scored a great girl, don't rest on your laurels.

  • Can we please stop arguing how regular-ass shit that people do is feminine or masculine?

    You're making a justification for something that IS NOT a problem.

    REGULAR ADULTS should know how to cook and clean, gender does not apply. If you can't, that's on you.

    However you and your partner divide household responsibilities is your business, but stop acting like you deserve a gold medal just because you do basic shit like do dishes. You don't deserve praise.

  • Guys like that are the best 😍. Both men and women work nowadays and that's how it should be as an idle mind is the devil's workshop. So, it's only fair if the guys help with the housework too.

  • women all cheer for the guy who helps with the chores but none of them want to have sex with him. the moment you start doing womanly shit around the house they lose respect for you and they won't look at you the same so have fun growing up to be a world-class cuck

    • Nadim171

      @northwestrider please tell him about your fiancee

    • i don't need to hear from one guy. i have listened to the thousands of nice guys whose wives have left them for bad boys

    • Nadim171

      And their wives are assholes, I'm not going to date a girl who wants a criminal with an IQ of a Rock to begin with.

  • jgokgotit

    I agree with your example, assuming both the man and woman go to work. Responsibility should be split evenly. However, if she is not working and I am then I would expect her to maintain the house more. If I was staying at home and she was working then I would do the housework. Maintaining a home is a full time job if done properly.

    • jgokgotit

      And no matter what, whoever makes a quick mess, like spilling a drink or dirtying a dish, should quickly clean it up then and there.

  • AdamSpaghetti

    I used to work, take care of our child and do all the housework, get groceries, wash clothes get him to school and back.
    She didn't appreciate it, she just wanted more and more from me and came home less and less.
    Men should do their part, but don't think women are gonna see it as manly or anything.
    That's a fantasy.
    Just from my experience.

  • TheFlak38

    a 14 year old trying to lecture us once again on relationships and marriage although he is not even at dating age. Tell me boy where is your masculine, aggressive, career woman wife to bust your balls, tell you to shut up and give it to you in the back door with a strap-on? Why do you give advice about relationships that you haven't even experienced? Show us your masculine wife.

    • Nadim171

      She isn't masculine. True femininity is a soft look and a dominant personality. And i won't shut up. You don't own gag

    • Nadim171

      I just reported you, enjoy

    • TheFlak38

      where is your wife? show her to us. Show us how she treats you like shit exactly as you say a real man should do.

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  • Shutupman

    Euh helping? In this day and age most women work just like men, so it wouldn’t be helping. Men should be doing housework because they live there too. How it gets divided is dependent on how many hours each works. But it shouldn’t be seen as a favor for a man to help his woman out in the house.

  • 🤔

    Men should do house chores bc they are adults. Not bc they are helping. They should do it with or without anyone else.. just like women do. Did they live in a garbage bin before they met their wife? Mostly likely no 😅

    Also not true about endurance. Men often have denser shorter powerful muscle. Women have longer muscle and greater endurance.

    Men have strong spurts of intense energy. Women have long drawn out periods steady energy. Different metabolism... Women rely on fat metabolism for sustained energy. Men are more dependent on available glucose for spurts of energy.

    Even in the healthiest male, Glucose stores deplete and need to be replenished frequently, whereas fat stores are plentiful unless the woman is severely malnourished.

    Greater endurance means better chance of survival for her and offspring in times of famine.

  • boggboss

    I don't think it's manly or romantic it's simply another one of life's tasks that need to be done I don't even see how housework is still seen as a feminine art when most guys live single and clearly clean there places so why would it change once they got a partner lol

  • 1truekhaleesi

    I wouldn't call it manly. Both people need to help out because they live there and a healthy relationship is a partnership. Also because I'm not his mother.

  • GigiMary

    My fiancé is an absolute mess when trying to help me with housework! It's cute, but it mostly just makes more problems for me. He misplaces things, can't cook, doesn't clean the dishes throughly enough, and forgets to separate whites, lights, and darks and segregate by fabric while doing the laundry. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

    Besides - I take pride in my housework! We also add to the relationship in different ways. I like the take, but don't think I could or would want to add its message into my life, though I think the message is valuable. Thank you for the myTake!

    • Nadim171

      You're welcome! But you can always train him to do it exactly the way you want. No one can do something correctly without being taught how to do it

  • leahzrc

    The girl is in the picture is holding the same bowl that im eating my cereal out of right now

    • Nadim171

      Wow😂 enjoy your cereal. I just ate cereal too

  • MzAsh

    I love that my man knows men aren’t above doing housework. It’s part of why I love and respect him more.

  • veebee14

    I don’t think it should be called or classed as a male or female Job both genders will have to clean up / tidy up some points on there life and along with that I strongly disagree with stereotypes for male and female things or jobs etc so no I disagree help is help

  • gomlet

    The concept of manly and unmanly is a social construct, regardless of rather people think one thing is manly or not means literally nothing, you do you, and if you're in a relationship, help out, house work, lawn work, whatever, helping out is just something good partners should do. My opinion on it anyways.

  • aa180

    I will never understand why anyone does chores - man or woman. Besides the unavoidable necessary ones like washing your kitchen utensils and taking out the trash, I really don't get what drives people to do things like vacuum the floor or wipe all the windows or scrub the shower, etc.

    Like, if you work for 8 hours a day and finally get some free time after you finish, what on Earth makes you say, "I know, I'll clean the house!"? Like how does that thought even pop into people's minds lol

    • @aa180
      Go ahead and never clean your floors, shower, counter tops, toilet, sinks, refrigerator, stove top, oven etc. Find out the hard way why you should clean things.

    • aa180

      @MysteriousDarkness I already never clean my room nor wash my car and I haven't learned anything the "hard way" about why I "should" do so. Life is great and so much more convenient when I don't have to care about such a boring and incessantly repetitive waste of time such as cleaning and tidying. I happily spend 100% of my free time doing what I enjoy, but have fun devoting multiple hours of your week to scrubbing the toilet and mopping the floors, since you seem to think that the world will end if you don't do it 👍

    • @aa180
      Have fun with the mold in your shower and refrigerator, grime in your sinks, poop on the rim of or toilet bowl bottom of toilet seat and on your toilet seat lid, dirty dusty floors, dirty windows, creasy stove top etc. Have fun with your filth.

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  • IIGrifterSixII

    Gentlemen its not manly. It might be nice and appreciated a but there's nothing manly about it and thats ok. We dont have to be manly all the time. You should help your girl... I mean I dont but mines well trained. But you want the real story look at the picture. Its all about immasculating you and conditioning subservient behavior. Dont buy into it,

  • Meditatingsquirrel79

    With my Ex, years ago, I was the "House man". I am disabled. Epilepsy. I lived in Austin, TX for 2 months. She work and be at home cleaning and getting stuff at the store for food. I walk around the city to find new cool places to hang out for awhile. I always made her, what she said, "make that sandwich for me." For her lunch time.

  • Nxtawm

    Yes because I can't cook, one of us has to be able to lol

  • Gedaria

    Living on your own you have all the jobs to do , no little lady to palm them on to. Last night spent time cleaning bathroom vacing up. Fill and empty washer , and started to iron shirts and trousers , then started on some food , sit down to eat it 9-30pm...

  • lovedejj_xo

    I mean you can clean up after yourself? I’d prefer he help with the outside work because I’ve never even touched a lawn mower and all that jazz... I can keep the house clean.

  • daliah

    You know that women aren't the only ones who have jobs and come home tired, men work too. So no they both can share doing housework and not just men because women want to "kick their heels and put their feet up".

  • brathwaitereginald74

    I don't see it as being manly, i see it as being self-reliant in the eventuality that she leaves you; it makes you more attractive to women so that you have more options to choose from.

  • PeterPan246

    Only so when the man has the pants on and is the man in the relationship otherwise can be less masculine...

    • So if I'm just in my boxers and I do the laundry... I'm less of a man? That explains a lot, thanks

    • You misunderstood me, what I mean was when a man is the majority leader and more in control in the relationship, a woman will generally respect him more and whatever he does even if he does traditionally more female roles like washing, cleaning or ironing, he would still be respected.. its only my opinion and what I have learnt and seen over the years..

      Sorry if I offended anyone..

    • No offense taken. I've observed that, too. My wife is a self-described Feminist and all, but at home we largely fulfill traditional gender roles. The point being there that it's an agreement we both made rather than just following some antiquated social code.

      Last night, I stayed up late and cleaned up the kitchen before I went to bed. She's uh... on her cycle right now and I felt bad that I haven't cleaned up much lately and I wanted to get it done before I went to work today. I *guarantee* you I'll be the hero even though she does this like 4x more than I do in a given week.

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  • yeahkenickie

    Or, simply because you live there too. You used those dishes. You wore those clothes. You got stuff on the floor. You help clean. That's how a family works, no matter how small.

  • Phoenix98

    Yeah I'm not really to keen on doing housework after working 9-14 hour days at my manual labor job where I lift and move usually at minimum 10,000 pounds a day by hand.

  • 0112358

    I don’t really know any men who don’t expect to split them.

    I also don’t know many people male or female whose spouse seems to really appreciate what they do even if they’re doing 85% of the work.

  • Jersey2

    No, just no. Cut the lawn, paint the rooms, fix the dishwasher. There was a study that showed that guys who helped with the housework got less sex not more. Be the man.

  • Bman4907

    I do all the cleaning already. I haven't met a woman in my life that actually cleans, aside from the women on active duty.

  • Shamalien

    If we both work all day we should split the chores, sure, but whoever is working less and bringing home less cash should pick up the slack at home.

    • Since 90 percent of women make less cash than their male counterparts this is a convenient way to get out of household work. Housework is thankless and endless. It should never be dumped on one partner. Sharing it eases the monotony. If you live in the household help maintain it. If someone is working 60 hour weeks, sure, you aren't going to be pitching in 50 50. But few jobs require that kind of overtime. A truck driver isn't going to be able to pitch in as much... But a regular working guy and woman can work out something equitable.

    • Shamalien

      The natural order is that the woman would stay home and the man would work and no matter how much we try to avoid this fact we can’t. Men don’t make more cause of some conspiracy either, they provide more value and thus get value in return. Not to say they shouln’t ever help out but if they make most of the money and they usually do, they should come home to a meal and a clean house

  • MannMitAntworten

    I do it all around my home. I do not consider it manly nor womanly. I consider it necessary.

  • anawells

    I think it is more fun and consider it as a bonus activity, doing something together

    • jgokgotit

      When I had a girlfriend I loved being in the kitchen with her. I can't cook worth a damn so I would end up prepping things for her. Even if I could cook, both of my girlfriends loved it so much I doubt they would let me do it anyways. Also, weirdly enough, I like doing dishes. The only chore I HATE doing is laundry because of the time it takes.

  • mrpayne77

    I'm a little bit ocd on cleanliness don't like clutter kettle toaster has to be in a cupboard minimalist makes cleaning up easy

  • Paul09

    Well these men are shallow, and the women that date these types of men put themselves in horrible situations. 50/50 for life! Yet these types of men get women.. How?

    • Nadim171

      Because women don't want a man who treats them like shit, if you treat anything as shit It will hate you. Even if you treat a dog badly he'll end up biting you and (hopefully) even killing you

    • Paul09

      Not sure what you are getting at? No one wants to be treated like shit.

    • Nadim171

      Unequal treatment

  • EmotionOfFear

    Obviously. The house is both of YOURS. So split the chores.

  • I love doing the housework a lot more than my fiancée does

  • jojouzumaki

    it’s not manly but fun if the guy does help with household chores.

  • stormbreaker06

    hey woman lover

    this is so common sense. any man that can't clean is a bum that does not deserve life.

  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    Division of labour should be about equal OVERALL, but household labour is only one form out of many. If a man works 60 hours a week on an oil rig, and the wife spends 30 hours a week cooking a cleaning at home as an unemployed housewife, then you're not gonna convince me the husband should come home and do 15 weekly hours of household chores. Of course, many marriages now have both husband and wife working at least 40 hours a week each, before even getting round to household chores. So it should be divided up accordingly. If the woman was the sole breadwinner, and the husband stayed home, then the husband would absorb much of the household duties. It's just a matter of crunching the numbers and being rational about where labour is best (and most fairly) allocated.

  • John_Doesnt

    The definition of "housework" has changed dramatically over the years. Cooking used to be a man's job, but now it's considered housewife work.

  • UnicornLobotomy

    No, she'll respect a man that appreciates how she does the chores in the house and will respect you more for expecting her to do them. If she doesn't have a job and you have children with her respecting the house as her work space is imperative. Nearly any man, who were to help that much, would began to misplace things or opine on how the chores are done a little too much and stir up drama in doing so.
    In fact, giving valid opinions on her organization, design, cooking, or parenting methods would be more received if you didn't partake all of the damn time after or before work, as long as you are respectful but assertive to her.

  • Liam_Hayden

    I already do all the housework myself. And I make Adrian Monk look like a slob.