My opinion on why love and romance is unfair


Love is an unequal partnership. It seems men have to carry most of the weight of a relationship on their shoulders, especially in modern times. Just compare the expectations society puts on both sexes:


- Should be strong and muscular

- Should be lean

- Should protect their woman even at the risk of their own lives

- Should have the more successful or lucrative career

- Should be the breadwinners

- Should provide emotional support and endure the girls moods

- Should approach and initiate contact with the girl in the first place

- Should be fun

- Should have a sense of humor

- Should lead an interesting life

- Should lead the relationship


- Should be lean

- Should be using makeup and dressing nicely

- Should not be a bitch??? I don't know lol

It is of course a generalisation as I know there are many wonderful women out there who put a lot of effort into their lives and the relationship, but I feel like on average it's true.

On average the guy earns the most and the girl spends the most on shopping sprees. On average it's the girl throwing tantrums and the guy having to deal with them. On average the guy spends more time in the gym working on his body. On average it's the guy who takes the initiative to approach and make something happen. On average the guy is expected to tackle difficult situations and make the right decissions.

Meanwhile the girl just kinda expects unconditional love("would you still love me if I woke up tomorrow without arms and legs?")

There's even the well known "girlfriend vs" memes and they're kinda true

But can she run Minecraft?
But can she run Minecraft?

It used to be that the woman took care of the household but nowadays it's sexist to let her do most of the chores.

I heard some women argue it's their role to raise the kids, but I disagree. 1. Raising your kids should be a reward and I'd much rather change a diaper 2-3 times daily than sit at work 8-10 hours. 2. It's also considered sexist to make the woman stay with the kids at home.

So girls, you often mourn that guys just want sex, but really many women bring nothing to the table besides sex. So what do you offer?

My opinion on why love and romance is unfair
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  • Mädchen
    OK I disagree with a Lot here but I'll try to keep it short
    Your expectations women have of men are mostly not true for most women. Yes is there are a lot of gold diggers but that's not the majority. Besides, why are men even entertaining gold diggers? If she is only after your money, Break Up. Most women don't expect muscels. They're Like big boobs. Nice to Look at but Not expected. But is having a sense of Humor really to much to ask for? Women not only want a partner but also a best friend. Someone they can have fun with. Do men Not want the Same?
    And men have a Lot more expectations than that. I can list a few if you want but for now I'll keep it short.
    But what I so agree with is that it's somehow more Taboo to ask women to Bring more to the Tablet than it it for men
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    • Unit1

      For many of us it's either gold diggers or our hand. :/

    • Mädchen

      @Unit1 I understand that nowadays Dating in average is harder for men then it is for women. But I personally would rather be single than be with someone who only want's me for my Money. I've been single the first 21 years of my Life. And I'm single again now. I don't think that's as Bad as being with someone who doesn't appreciate you.

    • Unit1

      And I'm single at 25 years. The only action men like us will ever get with the opposite sex is by paying masseuse and prostitutes. They're expensive anti depressants but if it works, it works. Happiness knows no price limit.

  • SarahsSummer
    nothing in life is inherently "fair" but that doesn't mean you don't put forth effort and give it your best every day. and I have no idea what a GTX 1070 is or how it relates to us in any way. .
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    • Unit1

      FYI what a GTX 1070 is

      The GTX 1080 Ti is much better than that.
      Anyhow... the funny thing is, I have it but I have no girlfriend 😆 I'm not sure what to do about it. It's not like I was to choose mutually exclusively either.

    • @Unit1 that comparison between women and a video game accessory is pretty pathetic and geared towards video gamers that choose gaming over girlfriends to make them feel good about their purchase. One detriment to the gaming industry is gamers growing up, getting relationships and moving on to more important things than video games.

    • Right, because if you play video games you're automatically an incel virgin and a looser. God thank women for showing us the way

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Most Helpful Guys

  • JustSomeGuy11
    I guess you could say they bring everything.

    The unconditional love that they expect? You'll get back x10. You'll often hear about the guy being a complete dick, yet the girl stands by his side.

    The reason why those expections are there is because us guys let them be there, too busy shutting up compared to nutting up and challenging them.

    When looking at a girl, you could easily fit the exceptions of guys to them. Sure there'd be a few variations but more often than not they're interchangeable between the guy and the girl.
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    • Oh the guy can be a complete douche and most women wouldn't care as long as he's sexy, rich or popular. But take that away and they will dump him in an instant. That's their unconditional love for you

    • Clearly you're set on your ways to which I'm not trying to change, but that's not what unconditional love is.
      I'm talking about the wife that should of walked out when her husband started beating her, or the girlfriend that should of broke up with her boyfriend when she found him cheating. They love yet get nothing in return, all girls ask for is that a little bit of the love is returned to be happy.

    • JustSomeGuy11 It's not love, it's endurance, scarcity and at a worse case scenario stupidity.
      If a woman found a man cheating she should give him the benefit of the doubt and ask him about it, and think deeply wether she should keep him or not.
      A girl getting beaten by her husband should only even consider leaving it in the past if he was drunk and would never drink again, and it depends on how bad he hit her...
      A person that chooses violence is a douchebag but that's her choice.

  • Unit1

    Some girls think they're the center of the universe. I stay away from them and ignore them.

    I highly suggest you carefully choose with what women you associate yourself with and not limit yourself to a specific group of women. There are some really pleasant women out there (single or taken), that will change your view on them. They did change mine ♥
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  • DWornock
    If you look at the big picture, it doesn't make one iota of difference. Humans have been around for more than 2 million years and you are only looking at what is occurring in the last 100 years or less it 1 in 20,000 of human existence. The current situation is not normal so it will not last. I won't even last another 100 years let alone a brief 20,000 years which is only one tenth of 1 percent of human existence.
  • jwsstein
    That was pretty good and was pretty terrible there are good women out there. But none of them are on a shelf a Walmart I don't get that comparing a person to a game ever human Is worth more and I'm single at 44 and I would always pick or find me a girl that for sure wouldn't last my point is it's not one sided it both male and female that screw over each other
  • steelclever
    Well I'm a guy and yes this is a pretty big generalization I do have to on many levels agree. Well I'd say guys don't necessarily spend more time working on there bodies.
  • Shiningtempest
    This is why I prefer hanging out with my bros over dating.
  • Osborne775
    gtx 1070 would be nice

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