Lately my girlfriend has been taking my texts out of text.

Lately my girlfriend has been taking my texts out of text.
A text to be taken out of text.

Me: Hi cutie, I'll be playing basketball for a few hours this afternoon.

My girlfriend: Sure, maybe I'll go play basketball all night tonight.

That's just an example of a recent exchange where I'm just letting her know what I'm doing during the downtime when we aren't together. I've done it for the two years we've been together.

Heck lately, words of support and encouragement have been taken wrong. It's strange because when we talk she doesn't take anything out of text. So am I texting wrong, where my words are not capturing what I mean. Or am I texting thoughts at the wrong time. I don't know but if we're texting while she's on her lunch break, and I close with " Enjoy the rest of your lunch." I'll get a reply saying, " What do you mean by THE REST of my lunch?" I'll explain the obvious and hope it doesn't happen again but it has been.

When I've asked her about it she says she can feel my bad attitude in my texts. I haven't had a bad attitude ever since we met. Then when we see each other after her work shift or mine, there is no miscommunication or feelings of bad attitudes. Only when we text.

My solution? We both quit our very decent paying jobs.

Lately my girlfriend has been taking my texts out of text.
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  • Gottabsavagee
    Then instead of texting call her or use nice emojis. Therefore she will get a better vibe out of it
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  • DontFvckingAskMe
    Is she more than 10 years younger than you? Maybe she isn't in love with you anymore and try to start a Fight so she can move on.
    Also, is she older?
    Seems like she has no trust. Maybe from old mistakes? you should talk instead of texting. Calling or Videocallling. But Message her beforehand, she seems a little agravating.

    Or she is Hiding Something, Like she's upset but won't say about what.

    Did you consider asking her to go to a couple therapy?
  • spartan55
    How about stop texting so much. Your girlfriend claiming she spots attitude in your text is like me saying I have X ray vision. Explain to her that voice inflection/tone and body language aren't present during texting. That's why it's a horrible way to communicate.
    • TahoeHiker

      Thank you so much. I will.

    • spartan55

      Good luck man, I can definitely empathize with you on this.

  • doogood
    I am a little confused, was that your GF's actual reply back to your text?

    Or, is that you giving your interpretation of what your text actually ended up communicating to her?
  • bhaywardd
    She seems upset about something, maybe you two should communicate?
  • Big-A
    This thread title makes me chuckle every time I read it.

    OP is a funny fella.
  • Unit1
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • A_Guy_Thats_A_Dude
    She sounds mental. But I don't know use emojis?