Are "Real" Relationships Dying A Slow Death Or Can True Love Still Survive And Conquer All The Misconceptions In Today's Culture?

Relationships In Peril
"Relationships In Peril"

This is "my take" on why I believe relationships aren't working or lasting in today's world.

Give love to get love
"Give love to get love"
Real love is never easy
"Real love is never easy"

People Have Forgotten or Just Don't Know What Relationships Are Supposed To Be About

If you truly love someone, you always want what's best for them. You always consider their feelings. You don't point out their flaws, you accept and love them in spite of them. You never expect more from someone than you are willing to give. You should always love, care, and nurture your relationship as well as your partner.

"You must love from within in order to be loved"...

Best friend for life
" Best friend for life"
Best friend for life
" Best friend for life"

Take More Time To Be Friends As Well As Lovers

In my personal experiences, my best and longest lasting relationships were always the ones that started as friendships and grew from that.

If we jump into a relationship without really knowing someone, just based on physical attraction that's just lust and not "love". And when the lust tapers down? If that's all there was?

Take the time to find that one person that you can always confide in knowing they'll not judge you but support you. That can always make you laugh. That will not kick you when you're down or even pick you up when you fall, but rather hold you steady so you don't "fall" .

"To love and honor for better or worse, in sickness and health, forsaking all others till death do us part ".

Soft spoken truth is heard more than shouted angry words
"Soft spoken truth is heard more than shouted angry words"
Never stop listening to what your partner has to say
"Never stop listening to what your partner has to say"

People need To Remember Communication Is Crucial

I know sometimes we fear being honest because of fear of being misunderstood, or hurting our partner's feelings. But words shouted in anger are way more hurtful as well as actions done out of anger or hurt feelings. And if you want to be heard, you also need to listen as well.

Screaming at each other is not communication, it's over talking the other, and then how can you get what's really being said.

Communication is key and crucial in every aspect of keeping a relationship healthy and strong.

"We can't find the solution unless we know what the problem is"

Are Real Relationships Dying A Slow Death Or Can True Love Still Survive And Conquer All The Misconceptions In Todays Culture?

"Burry the hatchet"

And last, but not least:

Forgiveness Is Important

Don't bury yourself in hurt feelings, anger or you chance killing and burying your relationship. When you spend a lifetime with someone, there is going to be times of anger, hurt feelings. But we have to forgive the little things/ issues that arise so that together can overcome the bigger issues in life.

"Thank you for reading and I hope everyone who is reading this has either already found their "true love "

or finds the true love everyone deserves to have"!❤


Are "Real" Relationships Dying A Slow Death Or Can True Love Still Survive And Conquer All The Misconceptions In Today's Culture?
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  • Phoenix98
    We live in a day and age of hook ups, friends with benefits, instant gratification and cheaters, liars and selfish individuals.

    Relationships and love are hard, they take work and effort from both people in involved.

    Laziness is part of why relationships don't work once a guy or a girl snags gets into a relationship they become complacent and people are just more lazy in general these days and lack the drive to put forth work and effort into anything much less a relationship. I think this can also create the problem of taking your partner and their traits, quirks, etc for granted.

    Rushing into things is also a problem these days people don't take the time to learn anything about the person they want to be before getting involved romantically with them. And because of that people often get involved with people who don't share their vision of the future may have competing ideals or things about them the only person doesn't like. And who they aren't compatible with or have poor chemistry with. And chemistry, compatibility and a mutually desired view of the future are all things that are needed.

    Communication is something I've seen be a problem to, partners don't communicate their worries, fears or really anything. Communication and honesty are vital probably the most vital things in a relationship. When you don't communicate, problems can sit there and fester and then just explode and became real big issues that can threaten a relationship. Same thing applies to not communicating things like what you like or dislike, a lot of people are afraid to do that because of what they think their partner might thing.

    Instant gratification people want their cake and to eat it to and they want it now. People these days lack patience.

    People lack morals and values these days which I think is part of the problem which people who cheat, lie and sneak around they aren't honest. They lack solid morals and values.

    People are selfish these days to, and often forget that it's important to put mutual satisfaction at the top of your list, for both you and your partner, you need to be your partners friend as well as lover and both of you need to make sure the other is satisfied physically but also emotionally.

    A relationship needs all of the above and more to truly flourish. I'm old fashioned when it comes to dating, always have been and my past relationships never yielded much. But I still hold out for a solid, healthy relationship, real love, marriage/kids and all that because I know it's out there. I'll have it sooner or later but I think it's worth waiting around or searching for someone who I can give it to and who can give it to me in return. Someone who can make you genuinely happy and who you can do that for in return is worth far more then anything in this world.
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    • I think golly just rewrote my mytake better than I did. Very well said. And all the things I was trying to say.
      And, when you do find that person, you will be one of the ones to have that lasting relationship, because you "get" it. And I hope you truly find a person deserving of the great man you appear to be. Here's to you finding her in "2020"🥂

    • Phoenix98

      Hah sorry about that /=. Thank you/welcome

      I hope so and here's hoping lol ^^.

    • No you're good lol

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  • TonyBologna25
    I typically don't like cheesy quotes, but these are so true. I'm in what you'd call a real relationship, but it's had a lot of hiccups. At the end of the day, we're always trying our best to make each other happy. I wouldn't want to live without her at this point.
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    • Glad to hear it lol
      And funny you mentioned cheesy quotes lol just posted a mytake yesterday bout that very thing lol
      You should check it out lol

Most Helpful Girls

  • Moonchild714
    Awesome MyTake my Gal Pal. So True, I believe Real Relationships will always be Majority of Humankinds True Goal in Life. I work with a lot of young people and they are so oppsite what you hear about this Generation & that includes Relationships. I no longer ay Oh Millennials or Our Future is going to Hell, I look at them and say you've refreshed my Faith in Youth.

    I use to be a person tgat had to have adventure and excitement in every Relationship and when things would quiet down I got bored, or things got roughand that was my cue to bow out. I can see now it wasn't so much me needing adventure and goid times only I just hadn't found my everlasting True Love. I never opened up to any of the guys I was in "Relationships" with I didn't trust their Love to be Strong enough to Handle the Real Me. Then came my husband and even ehile trying to fight our connection I found myself opening up to him telling everything about even though we were just "Friends" I Trusted him, Trusted his Love, and felt Safe with him... I knew I was going to Marry him just had work past my issues over our age differences. Thank God I did... He's the Perfect Man for Me!!! My Best Friend, My Love, My Husband, & Father of Our Children...
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    • 😭😭 I'm so happy you found yours.. had mine. Don't think I'll ever have that connection again. Starting to believe it's nonexistent in today's world. Especially after 20 min. after posting this, went to neighbor's cuz she was supposed to give me ride to my doctor's appt. But because she was gone running errand, her husband felt it was okay to chase me around their kitchen, almost tried pinning me, as saying he loved his wife, and justify his actions by being a man. WTF I'm really fucking sick of that buillshit excuse. So, because you're a man It's okay to treat someone that way. My blood pressure was elevated to the point, the doctor feels the need to monitor it. Am I developing high blood pressure. Or is it because one more pervert man thinks not what they want, regardless of how they"re behavior is making someone enter feel.. Sorry, guess in a mood. But good you're feeling better, in a private room day for you🤗

    • I know what you mean, I know I've had plenty of experiences like that. Not all men are or think that way. My Dad didn't Oldest Bro doesn't my husband doesn't several Men I know just don't believe behavior and mindset and call out those guys.

    • Oh I know. I just really miss my hubby today😓 didn't have to deal with that shit with him around

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  • GreenEyedChelle
    I'm not sure. It depends I guess. People dont have the same morals like they did years ago! And being in a relationship for a long time is a lot of work and people are more lazy with relationships so I see why they'd rather move on than to try harder. there's days when things are bad and I'll think wow it'd be so much easier to leave then to just keep dealing with bullshit. But at the end of the day he deals with me and all my bullshit and bad days. We're still best friends and I still love my partner at the end of the day.
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  • asomeone
    "Real" relationships are a modern construction. The modern marriage has evolved from a mostly economic relationship into the way it is currently understood, in relation to love. Up until the 19th century, marrying for love was less common than marrying for wealth or social status, cementing family bonds, etc. Interracial marriages were illegal in some parts of the US as late as 1970, and same-sex marriage became the law of the land here in 2015 even though in the 90s a significant percentage of the LGBT community were opposed to assimilating into historically heteronormative institutions like marriage.

    As for true love: it exists, and if you equate true love with "real" relationships, there's never been a better time to find. My theory as to why most people never find it has everything to do with timing. Most people know at any given time whether they want to be single or want to be in relationship or even wants to be married. Subconsciously, we're aware of what level of commitment we're ready for, and that awareness screens out potential opportunities for connection. Real love doesn't happen without real connection.

    The most important thing, I've found, is being comfortable being single. It's okay to not fall in love with someone you've spent time with.
    • I did have it tho... The till death do you part. Till death did us part... But yeah stay single now by choice

  • kymberz
    wow. and you wonder why i fell head over heels in love with you (well no - i fell in love with you after the baby shark video - bahahahahah!)? you express some of the most honest and deep truths so easily. and i truly believe that true love can still conquer all! and thank you for that beautiful magical spell you cast on everyone who reads this. i knew you were a witch!
    • Good witch 😇or bad witch 😈😂😂

    • But thank you for reading and liking it.

    • kymberz

      Glinda of course!

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  • VegetaSSB
    Very well tought and written. I agree with every point you mentioned about what is really necessary to make a great relationship and make relationships in general, not just husband wife, work, and sadly i have to agree with you, the actual and crude fact is that today we are in an age that, as was prophesied by almost all cultures, believe it or not, about the end of times, the love and good and honest relationships between individuals is fading so fast as to be seen as literally almost extinguished.

    We are indeed in the times prophesied as the end of times, and this I know due to my many studies in all different areas, such as hidden story, people doing experiments by themselves and showing that a great deal of what is taught in schools and university are actually wrong in a lot of points and so on.

    But more on the topic, from my viewpoint the major problems that resulted in the current situation we are living today was the second and third wave of feminism, that really were pushed by paid agents that infiltrated the movement, that was a legitimate movement till it was infiltrated by intelligence agencies that transformed the movement into a war between the sexes really, even tough majority of the defenders will say otherwise.

    The second major problem was the movement for sexual liberation, that was a consequence of the second wave of feminism and of intelligence agencies plan to create general caos for a master plan they have for the future regarding the famigerate new world order, that would be a one world government as idealized by the communists, but truly idealized by the people that have backed up communism financially really.

    In my opinion the sexual liberation movement was what really created the ground for what we see today, when people aren´t really interested in real and substantial relationships, that need to be nurtured to grow and evolve into a deeper and deeper partnership with time, but instead people are resorting to short term gratification of the sexual pleasure or just using other people to fill their emptiness altogether.

    Other situation i think contributed to this generation where genuine and deep relationships are lacking is the consequence of the alarming divorce rates everywhere. I think it affected most the male side of the equation, growing without the presence of a masculine figure a lot of times due to divorce, they simple are too lost in their own identity, and this leads to women of this generation asking where are the good men, maybe the lack of a proper masculine figure in the lives many men of this generation made them not have a very solid identity and maybe they are really lost trying to build their masculine identity without a lot of proper guidance and this leads to fear of commitment and other problems that contribute to the high proportion in failure of modern day relationships.

    Other factor that i think plays a great role in the current situation of relationships is the fact that today´s kids are growing too close and even dependent upon high level technology, such as the actual smartphones, computers, television and distant from the real world and distant from face to face relationships, a part from school time, and a lot of times the parents themselves don´t dedicate enough time of their days to their children and compensate for this by literally giving everything the kid wants, by being too complacent and not correcting the child miss behaviors and this in it´s turn is making people act with less accountability for the consequences of their behaviors, especially the bad and anti ethical ones.

    If you sum it up you realize why relationships are failing. If there will be a solution for this or only the clean up event will solve this and a multitude of other problems is what i am waiting to see, but I do want to believe that things will start to be sorted out before the event happens at max some 25 years ahead.
  • Massageman
    Great points. "Relationships" have become too superficial in today's "me- me - me- I want it now" culture. Perhaps the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (with Gene Wilder) should be required viewing to help straighten them out.
    Thanks for the post.
    • Thank you and lol willy Wonka maybe they should... and funny that's what I always say this me me me , I, I, I but relationships supposed to be "we" or "us"

    • Right, right, right!

  • ThatGuy133
    It's a combo of dudes being lazy and technology allowing them to take the personal part out of communication. They no longer need to approach you face to face and it lets them get the balls to skip a bunch of steps to get to the crap they want.

    Slowly and surely it's going by the wayside.
    • Even when they get the relationship. How many men and women are in relationships and flirt talk dirty and think is ok cuz it's the internet do it's not real.

    • Yea, it's an endless cycle of stupidity. People just looking for that quick nut/fix

    • Lol yeah I guess.

  • Avicenna
    Excellent Take, but in a world where many people are talking to multiple other people at a time, I don't think we have the luxury of taking months to get to know each other, especially online. This means we have to really get to know each other once we go exclusive.
    • Why I'll stick to the old fashioned way or not at all.. you talking to me to get to know me, better not be talking to someone else at same time. And if they are, nope that don't work for me.

    • Avicenna

      If you specifically tell me that you want to do that, I'd be fine with it, but without that explicitly being agreed upon, it has to be assumed that you're talking to multiple people, especially if we meet on a dating app.

    • Maybe why I'm not on dating apps. 🤷‍♀️

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  • Stephen_77
    Of course real relationships are dying. But let's be honest, it's women who have mostly fucked things up, women and the government. It was women, starting in the 1960's, that decided to rebel against marriage and motherhood. Look at the attitude of most young women today: "I don't need a man. I don't want marriage and children. I'm a strong independent woman." And even the women who do get married, it's mostly women who file for divorce. And look at how many women choose bad men over the good men, just because they find the bad men more exciting. With the sexual revolution and the brainwashing of feminism, I can't see real relationships making a revival. Once you change the morality of a society it's almost impossible to reverse it. Sure, there are some relationships that are strong and real, but they're in the minority. The only way things will improve is if women switch off from all the brainwashing and go back to their traditional gender roles and start taking relationships seriously and start choosing nice guys rather than bad boys and assholes. But that's just not gonna happen. Women have fucked it up and most won't even admit it. So yer, real relationships will continue to die.
    • People have fucked it up, not just women. I'm getting tired of some men blaming women. So men are totally blameless? The men who have a good women at home, but still fuck the secretary at work. Or the ones that think a wife is their property, so I'd ok to physically abuse them? Not all men that have money or a good job or appear to be a good guy. You don't know what they're like behind closed doors. Nor do you know why women choose to get divorced but a lot end because of adultery or physical abuse. So I suppose they should just stay and take it? Maybe relationships after dying because more men are women bashing all women. Who wants to be with a man that talks, acts, thinks that way?

    • This is the problem. The majority of women just won't accept fault or blame. You're focusing on the exception to the rule. I use to have a book called "Who Killed the American Family." And it was written by a woman. She spent years researching into the root causes of failed marriages. And after years of research she concluded that it's was mostly the fault of women and the divorce laws. For example, she quoted a study where hundreds of women were asked why they divorced their husband. The majority of these women did not say, "Because my husband was abusive or committed adultery." No, most of these women gave reasons like: "I didn't need him anymore; or I knew I would win in court." In other words, these women were divorcing good men for selfish reasons. It happens so often, women divorcing good men and running off with douchebags. Are men always blameless? No! But in most cases it does seem as though it's the women who fuck things up. Not to mention the divorce laws ans family courts are on the women's side.

    • One book written by one woman makes this true. Ok, sure. I hardly think I'm the exception to the rule.
      Every woman I personally know who has gotten divorced were for reasons very different than that.
      Do some woman get divorced for bullshit reasons? I'm sure thet do. I didn't say women are "never" to blame. I'm saying they're not "always" to blame like "you're" making them out to be as you're accusing women of not accepting fault or blame, is that not what you're doing? Blaming most women? There's fucked up women, there's fucked up men, there's fucked up "people", period. People need to blame those people individually, and stop blaming the whole damn gender.

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  • Ellie-V
    In my opinion this generation has more healthy relationships than not. They don’t last long because we’re still in the “exploring ourselves” phase getting to know what we like and what we don’t and honestly as a collective I don’t think we are as okay with playing the long game just for the hell of it. Marriage and relationships now are not what they used to be. It’s no longer THE way to getting ahead in life or society.
    • I would have to disagree on the healthy. This hookup/ casual sex culture is not so healthy. And the its ok to cheat. Is ok to sext one person while screwing someone else, isn't healthy. And how does that get people further ahead in life?
      Or society?

    • Ellie-V

      I believe it has always existed long before the year of 2000 and while it may have increased to some degree, it’s not happening with the majority.
      So personally I don’t feel that hookup culture matters as much as people feel it does.
      And no, it’s not a way to get ahead but... no one has casual sex for the purpose of leveling up in status unless you’re specifically talking about the pressures of being a man then that’s a different conversation. But as a society, hooking up is not used as a tool. That was marriage. And that’s not the case anymore.

    • I'll just respectfully agree to disagree with you.

  • FatherJack
    Relationships are dying , mainly due to deliberate toxic social engineering , girls are very subtly taught that they are superior to their male counterparts ( my own daughter has pointed this out , without any prompting !! ) , and men are surplus to their requirements... female popular culture in 1st World Western countries , for the last 2 decades especially , is on the " I don't need no man !! " type theme. On the other side of the coin , boys / men are bashed simply for being male & influenced to feel ashamed for merely existing as a human male !! This , plus a " culture " of promoting a self absorbed and self centered mindset is heavily pushed by the " media " and other sources.
    I'm a FT working single dad , and so glad I do not have the desire to even date... let alone endure the hell of another relationship , not from bitterness , but simply cannot be bothered with the chore of multiple job interviews ... equally I am in THE most undesirable group.. a man with " baggage " , women do not want single dads & I do not blame them one bit... there are vast numbers of available men , considerably more than available women. Give me ferrets and dogs over the vast majority of people anytime !!
    • VegetaSSB

      Your first paragraph summed it up. But this culture will be destroyed relatively soon by the clean up event, also known as the end of times revelation.

  • SarahsSummer
    I’m not sure what misconceptions there are but, Yes, Real relationships are continuously dying while new ones are continuously forming and flourishing.
    Besides, a “real” relationship far surpasses any fake ones people of today are wasting their time on.
  • blutwolfe
    yeah they're dying at a rapid rate, almost everyone I know is single and will never settle down basically. People think too highly that they deserve the best or some shenanigans, life is too short to be thinking like that. It's a self centered society. I think there will be a few that survive but it'll eventually get phased out. I have hopes, but well they are hopes, not reality.
  • Unit1
    Nicely written! You covered pretty much the fundamentals in this one.

    well... I Can't argue what's the best thing that happened to my life. I have like 2 best things that happened to me. For one i found porn at 11. The other thing is moving out of my tyrannical creators and making and spending my own money.

    real love is dying and you can see that by the high divorce stats alone. have you prepared yourself what this means and what you can expect to happen?
  • I think people nowadays are way too shallow to understand what true love is. When you ask someone about who they want as their partner. Their response usually is: someone who looks hot, someone who makes a ton of money, someone who is tall dark be handsome. These aren’t things that will make you truly love a person.

    Divorces happen when people marry for reasons other than longevity or compatibility.
  • Jjpayne
    I would hope so... But I know some girls just don't want to get married... Because marriage can be seen to change things... I think like gender identity, relationships now a days have taken on many forms
  • pumpdavid
    They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don't think it's possible for you to miss me as much as I'm missing you right now... This is to tell you that it will survive
  • CocoBat
    It seems people are switching over to "open relationships" I hate it, but I don't think it's stopping any time soon
  • NerdInDenial
    True love does not conquer all. Just read the comments of random people complaining about their partners not doing enough for them.
    • Exactly the point tho... what are "they" doing for "their"partners? And why tell stranger on internet. Communicate that with "their" partner. People communicate more with strangers about their relationship issues than with the person they should be communicating with. And, where did I say love conquers "all"? Believe I asked if itcould conquer the misconceptions of relationships. 🤷‍♀️

  • Gatman34
    We all know it’s because of dating apps ever since those came dating has gone to shit yet people especially men still use them cause they are desperate as shit and the women who use them complain about them yet still use them
  • DevilsAdvocator
    "True Love" IS the misconception in today's culture. A disneyfied, overly romanticized notion of something which has never existed, and never will exist.
    • AJC997

      Hopefully it does exist

  • broken_heart_at_48
    I believe it takes more than just true love for a relationship to last. It takes 2 certain kinds of people to make it last. So with the way our society is heading where we seem to become more selfish and less thoughtful and caring. It doesn't look very promising. Lasting relationship are already starting to look like a thing of the past. Out of everyone I can think of that's old enough to of been in an adult relationship for at least 20 years no one is still with their first adult love. Let alone never been divorced. At least my age and younger I can't think of anyone that's made it past 15 years with the same person
    • Sadly, that seems to be true. But there is still people that value the true meaning of what a relationship should be. And maybe some people will get it before it's too late.

  • Kdude010
    Yes real relationships are dying because the hook up culture is alive and well. People are more sexually active now than ever before. Who needs relationships when people can have
    one-night-stands? Although, I wouldn't say that real love is nonexistent.
  • bamesjond0069
    Its over. Almost all girls are sluts these days. Sorry but i can't have true love with a slut. I resent sluts for being sluts because i like one and she turns out to be a ho bag and im mad i have to break up with her. Waste of my fucking time. can't whores like tattoo skank on their foreheads? How do you find a classy nice girl with morals these days? Thats step 1 in how you find a real relationship in my opinion.
    • stevemeh

      Cause they give their virginity up to douchebags and fuck half the town looking for the " perfect man to settle with ". With her cunt blown out she will want a man with tons of cash but also some sexual experience to satisfy her cause everything has to be about her and nobody else. I agree with the tattoo thing though and also I think feminist should get a tattoo with the female symbol with the power anal fist on one end and a nazi swazticka inside the circle. It would help so much on who I'm able to talk to these days.

    • @stevemeh exactly sluts and feminists are strictly for casual sex. They are never for relationships.

    • stevemeh

      I would never interact with a feminist cause they might get a panic attack and stick a pen in my eye for a perceived threat or something and claim I was trying to rape her to death with no contact and I will never interact with a slut simply because she might be diseased and might give me something nasty with a simple sneeze or some shit.

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  • Thalia95
    I think so cause their apps like tinder. And on another post on here a woman claims her boyfriend “smothers her” while she cheating.
    • People always try to put the blame on someone else.. iit's never their fault🤷‍♀️

    • Thalia95

      Of course can’t accept responsibility.

    • Makes me mad. People running around taking advantage of people. Shitting all over people. But the good people that wouldn't do that die too young

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  • stevemeh
    Its mens fault that men aren't good enough, women most affected. Yes love is dead and women helped kill it.

    True love is just a lie these days, seemingly women fantasize about marrying the perfect men while fucking a bunch of other men along the way and when that seemingly perfect man is found he is either too boring, too poor, not hot enough to strike envy with the other cackling hens, and he is " too good for you " thing which translates to " he isn't good enough for my end goals ".

    Dont forget the divorces, the cheating, the lies when a woman will pin a kid a kid on a guy to milk money out of him.

    All these things are easily avoided and men are going mgtow. No problem to begin with if men just stopped interacting with women altogether.
    • Thanks for responding... even if your response was more women bashing garbage... but ok not getting into that... can't fix stupid so not going to bother trying... have a good night sir

    • He speaks the truth. You're the stupid one.

    • stevemeh

      You can't fix a broken heart and you can't fix blissful ignorance till it hits you hard.

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  • Abtraction
    Why would a man want a relationship?
    Why would a smart man risk it?

    A single man who works on himself, has a good job, has total freedom. He can do whatever he wants, usually has more money, buys whatever toys he wants, has all his time to himself. My house, cars are paid for, my place is totally organized and furnished just the way I like it. I can cook, clean, and have a washer and dryer. I have a stockpile of all the typical necessities like food, toiletries, ammo, and booze.

    If a man marries or has kids he risks it all and has a very good chance he will lose big.

    I'm single/divorced, have a good job and plenty of money, and can pretty much have everything I want with-out a relationship. I spend most of my time doing my hobbies, running my business and enjoying life.

    I enjoy my peace, I can stay-up all night writing code, playing x-box. I even work 100% remote, so I'm thinking about buying a 50ft sail boat and working from it anywhere in the world.
    • If that works for you... Great. But why do people act like men are the only ones who face risk in a relationship? Women don't 🤔 okay 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Abtraction


      Women have everything to gain, and little risk other than time which is mutual.

      If we co-habitat, have kids, or marry. The man has all the risks. He will lose his kids, alimony, child support, and half his assets, maybe even his freedom.

      That is why relationships are dead, at least for a smart man.

    • "half his assets"... Men and women both work, both provide for the family, but men still say half HIS assets 🤔 weren't they her assets as well 🤔 so then doesn't she also lose half? And why shouldn't you still have to support your child, parenting doesn't end with divorce. Divorce affects all parties involved, yet some men only think about how it affects THEM, not the other parties involved, especially the children 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  • jimmy2
    Love is and will be the last thing we have in our lives. It go beyond our widest thought into all cultures
  • tweekzou
    I got my best Friend from a lot of Time (15 years)
    Ans i Hope i'll have her for all my life,
  • akihon
    True love doesn't exist if it ever did anyway. I don't believe that it's something that's even possible today.

    The sooner marriage goes back to being a negotiated settlement between two families the better.

    I don't believe that women have the capacity to actually love men, I've seen and experienced too many times that a man is only loved by a woman for what he provides and doesn't ask in return.

    So given that most women clearly lack empathy, mental stability and the ability to actually feel anything more than greed and envy why would any man opt for such a disastrous idea such as the concept of love.
    • You dont seem to know or seen the beauty of love. i guess you've always been in a relationship with the wrong person.

    • akihon

      Ah yes I love nothing more than being told I'm in the wrong for being with the wrong person. Oh how I love that it's the person on the recieving end being told it's their fault. I honestly never get tired of that

  • Liam_Hayden
    Real relationships are fine. Shallow, selfish people have always had trouble with relationships and unfortunately current society has an abundance of these.
    I agree with you. I think that is one of the reasons i get hurt so many times. I still treat love as something important and no one else does. I want to find the person that feels the same way i do.
  • jointhemiles
    Sometimes bad nature has to be in upper hand to show the world about good one
  • k1ttybaby
    Everybody's too busy fronting to be open to the possibility of real connection. I think it's the falseness of the internet that makes it this way. When you feel it there is no better high no words can describe it and it takes over your world. I miss it so much. Please people dont close off possibility because you're scared of whatever. Take care of your own and you have nothing to fear if you're genuine. The fucking players and bitches show themselves all too quickly. Dont give up on love. And remember: it's a choice to love, the chemistry is the thing that is a must. If you care you can choose to love anyone. Sorry for the rant.
  • Jennifer_32
    Not to sound emo but I was never loved so for me it never existed. I literally can't express the emotions you speak of. I mean i do like and care about people but this true love thing is something I can't feel.

    I literally can't have a wife or girlfriend because I can't give them the emotions they desire from a man.
  • SweetDisaster
    Love the story it was a great read. Relationships just need to things honesty and communication lots of it.
  • Brandondav
    Probably yes""Truelove can still conquer all Misconception in today's culture!
    • Used to believe that. But my belief in that dying right along side rack relationships...

    • Most relationships failed.. because some people don't really know what they want from it!!

    • Mine didn't fail. Mine ended when my husband died.

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  • GreenGold1992
    I believe true love is still alive, always has and always will. I think the problem is our society is too desensitized by pop culture and media and devices and public scandals among others.
  • JimmyQ
    True Love is something most human beings will never know. From cradle to grave you want safety, shelter, food and some entertainment to keep you from being bored out of your skulls.

    Your mind gets tired of all the flim-flams, shams and scams so you try desperately to find someone who is gonna put up with your crap and not make your life anymore difficult than it already is.

    If you have higher morals, you'll marry that person. If you have lower morals, you won't.

    If you have a healthy libido and find a person to fall in lust with, then congratulations. If you can find a way to somehow make that feeling last a lifetime, then you win all the prizes.

    But just like a day at the park, it will all come to an end and then just like everyone else, you will take our own hide to market.
    • Anyone who believes in true love is a naive fool.

    • JimmyQ

      @Shiningtempest I believe in true Love, but humans are completely incapable of this. It only comes from God. We can enjoy it through salvation by accepting the work of Jesus Christ, but we are too fled to replicate this without Him.

  • UnicornLobotomy
    Miracles do happen, call them "black swan events" if you're an atheist.
  • genericname85
    you don't add anything of meaning or definitory power to "love" and "relationship" by adding "true" and "real" to it.
  • TheFlak38
    Relationships will soon be a thing of the past. Marriage is already but men are still getting married because they are ignorant of the dangers and the system makes a lot of money with the marriage industry. With women having the most unrealistic expectations ever in the history of mankind and more and more men walking away from anything being single will become the new norm. In the best case it will be both staying in separate houses and meeting up tow or three times a week for a hook up. But thats all.
  • Melissa01979
    I believe true love exists.
  • Good take
  • Razal
    True Love Can Still Survive
    • Oops sent invite and you already replied. Sorry.. I want to still believe it can

    • Razal

      No worries about invite, i don't mind.
      there are lots of good people in the world and that's why i believe that true love does exist and can survive

    • I did believe that. Starting not to. And just 20-30 min after posting this. Maybe all older marriages really are a sham 🤷‍♀️ but I know my hubby was faithful to me for 20+years so I don't know

  • Rangers
    I'm not optimistic, as you can tell. Unfortunately
  • ronaldo75
    Millennials are way too self-centered.
  • austinbooth
    I say I think true love can survive.
  • Anonymous
    The internet ruined relationships tbh. Internet dating is a complete sh*tshow, but then you still want to get your rocks off? You can just watch porn, and the local women you thought were hot suddenly become 6's because the models you see on the internet are the most beautiful people in the world. And the don't reject your clicks, so there's no consequences. Or some celebrity you like is just way more interesting than anyone IRL could ever be. Most people aren't anything special anyway.

    Nobody is ever good enough for anyone anymore. THat's what it feels like. It's terrible.
  • Anonymous
    Everything you mentioned is destined to fail, unless the dominant ego is 'dissolved' To do so means facing yourself, will likely be very uncomfortable, will require meditation, reading, practice, and may cause depression, anger, anxiety and hopelessness. Perhaps this is why few put in the work to do so.

    Something to bear in mind. If you suffer from compulsive thought, cannot stop thinking, or have no control over your mind, then the ego is very likely in the drivers seat. Therefore this barrier of compulsive thought and incessant internal chatter will always get in the way of anything real, including love.

    If you want to know ow to break out of this compulsive, addictive problem, read the book 'Power of Now' by Ekhart Tolle, and pay particular attention to the state of 'No Mind', or learn about it.
    • My relationship didn't fail... it ended in death. But still lasted 20+years and if not for illness would still be going strong.. cuz we "got it" . But thanks for the advice

    • Anonymous

      There are exceptions. I also know a few others, but it is not the majority.

    • I agree just respectfully agree tti disagree why is happening

  • Anonymous
    I agree, except I would say it's not such a slow death.

    The allure of "real" relationships is largely disappearing for men. Most men I know are very cynical about relationships and about women. Let's face it, women are not what they used to be and they do not offer the same benefits in marriage or a long-term relationship that they used to.

    Yes, women earn money now, but that's not really a benefit for men; it's a requirement for a marriage / long-term relationship. So the things women used to bring to the table have mostly been replaced by money, and that is not an appealing trade off most guys.

    The sad fact is that the value women bring to the table for men has mostly been reduced to sex, and we can get that outside of a "real" relationship. Add to that the fact that the costs and risks of marriage for men have gone up at the same time those benefits have gone away, and it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that marriage or other serious relationships are less and less attractive to men.

    The inevitable outcome of all of that should be pretty obvious.
    • Are you saying women are only good enough for sex? Wow really?
      How bout men don't bring the same thing to table anymore. How bout it takes 2 to make or break any relationship? Yeah people forget that

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it takes 2 to make a break a relationship. But regardless, a man married to a woman today does not get nearly the benefit from that marriage that his counterpart did decades ago. And, he faces a lot more risks than men did in the past as well. Those are simple and indisputable facts. Are you saying that's not true?

    • For me it wasn't.. can't speak for the rest of you... can't teach you when you find your loved one dying on your floor... none of the little shit you idiots are whining about really fucking matter.. but for the last time.. can't fix stupid.. so done...

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  • Anonymous
    Having standards may help. Most of the people I know of are educated, come from structured backgrounds (e. g. military). Ideas like friends with benefits don't really strike the fancy among the less trashy crowds.
    • That's bad enough agreed. But now they aren't even flying that, this hookup culture, hooking up with people from the internet,... sexting.. all that is killing relationships