Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing

Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing

I promise this won't be long.

So, I got a number of complaints regarding how my last two myTakes were too "pessimistic", "depressing" and "horrible", from a number of G@gers, so as a way to make up and apologize, this one will be much more lighthearted.

Lets go!
Let's go!
Generally, many people prefer to keep their hobbies to themselves, as an escape from everything and everyone, their partner included.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing
Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing

For example, one of my biggest passions is tea making (take a peek at my take on topic How to drink a cup of tea with your date ) and it's often of my rituals to relax and de-stress when I'm on my own.
My fiancée never drank tea, she didn't even consider it, but when I introduced her to the practice she really got into it and has her personal favorites too - tea, and not the pastries I brought up, that were the only thing that interested her at first!
So, something that brought me joy and passion became an excellent connector for us.

Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing

The same happened for her multiple, polyhedral passions. She's a very keen and talented photographer, painter and crafter, and although I'm not as talented as her it was really fun for her to involve me in her passions and try to teach me.
Trying to teach me to paint and chalk carving, waking up at sunrise to reach ghost towns, castles and old graveyards to get perfect photographies of ambiance...

Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing
Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing
Why sharing hobbies with your partner is not always a bad thing
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Massageman
    Right after we got married, our favorite hobby was making hand-made Christmas ornaments. Also did some macrame, stained glass, etc. as those fads came and went. After having kids, time for ANY kind of hobby diminished- oh, heck, it flat out disappeared !!! My wife used to crochet "throws" but finds it hard as her fingers stiffen up from age. So overall, I guess you could consider our hobbies not to be the "same", but rather "complementary".
    Lately, I am getting back into model railroading, my third layout. It's just under 4' x 4', but it will be made with a high degree of realism. For anyone who is into Model RR, it will be a hybrid HO/N gauge with forced perspective, and I am planning on it being a special treat that we pull out and use at Christmastime for the grandkids. I am into gardening, photography, and music, but those are more of things I just do than "hobbies".
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  • Phoenix98
    I think it's good if partners have hobbies that they share but also their own hobbies for themselves to. And your right of course to it's good to involve your partner in your passions or for them to try and involve you in theirs it can without a doubt be fun !
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Most Helpful Girls

  • PrimalInstinct
    Personally I wouldn't bother myself with someone who doesn't share at least some of my hobbies. Too much difference means you're likely incompatible in other ways.
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  • kangy
    my partner need to share some hobbies I have
    and I like guys who take care of themselves so it will be good if he is into fitness
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  • Bananaman177
    It can definitely lead to fights and disagreements, but I see those fights and disagreements as necessary for the long-term health of any relationship.

    Sometimes boundaries are negotiated affairs and sometimes they're established through conflict.
  • Interstate
    Sharing hobbies in my opinion is one of the BEST ways of extending to your other what motivates you, and a lot of the time adds to what makes you happy. They get to experience the joy of feeling what makes you YOU.
  • genericname85
    It definitely can be something that connects you but I'm every relationship you have to preserve a piece of what you consider to be yourself. It you give that up, you'll lose yourself which can ruin a relationship and ruin you if the relationship ends.
  • confusedgamer
    I would definitely be guilty of coming for the pastries first, for me tea of liquorice roots that has been in the kettle for about 4 hours or more is the best tea
  • Avicenna
    Its fun to share hobbies with your partner and develop new ones with them.
  • simplelikeme
    I don't think it is a bad thing to share your hobbies with your partner if you both have the same interest. But you both should respect each other's style of your hobby.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    My husband & I share a lot of hobbies and usually have fun with 'em together.
    Not if you are a gamer like me. My sister and her husband are gamers so they are always on xbox live fighting together on some game. Lol
  • Shiningtempest
    @Jean-Marie_Céline A woman would have to share a common hobbies with me to reduce the probability of the dating ending in an utter failure.
  • Bluemax
    How I wish my wife loved sailing as much as I.
  • Sha84
    excellent blog very professional
  • bloodys2
    Good boy, that's the kinda stuff we like from you!
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Suxxie18
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    Our only hobby is. Sex