How to drink a cup of tea with your date

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

I premise this is based on my own experience and is not universal, but since I noticed really positive results in practicing this with girlfriends and friends alike, I thought I could put this out for everyone's benefit and try.
So, let's begin.

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

If there's something good my mother left me, is the way she prepares and drinks tea - I later discovered she didn't invent anything but very likely took inspiration from George Orwell's essay A nice cup of tea, at least on some points. Although I read it and found it interesting, the method and ways I have developed for myself, taken from those of my mother's, are ultimately quite different.
So, let's see the best way to drink tea with a date, or your romantic partner.

- Get quality tea

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

It can be Chinese, Turkish, Indian, Ceylonese or Afghani tea - it doesn't matter, as long as it's high quality and not cheap from the discount market. The discount one will just make you taste dirty water that you think it's tea. Be willing to spend a little more, it will be something that your partner and your tastebuds will be thankful for!
That said, and I admit that for true tea lovers that's an heresy on my part, I'm not really particular about the blend and hour you want to drink it: whenever English Breakfast, Irish, Oolong, Earl Grey, Russian Caravan... there's for every taste and preference, so find the one you prefer the most.

- Get delicious pastries

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

This is another one that true tea lovers won't forgive me.
A proper tea tasting should entail scones, sauces, sandwiches and then pastries, but since this is an experience I reccomend for the middle-late afternoor or early evening, I generally just offer quality biscuits and pastries.
With all the ladies I had the pleasure of sharing tea, the first thing they would get interested in were the pastries I brought, more than the tea itself. But I managed to let them discover how the tea was a treat in itself and the pastries were the perfect match for it!

No sugar, maybe milk

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

When I set up the table for tea, I never - never - put a sugar bowl. Sugar is banned.
It ruins the taste of tea, or like George Orwell wrote: "If you sweeten it, you are no longer tasting the tea, you are merely tasting the sugar; you could make a very similar drink by dissolving sugar in plain hot water.". This is absolutely right.
I still put little spoons with the cups though.
Why, if there's no sugar available? Because they are still needed to mix better the tea and the milk if you want.
Why no to sugar, but yes to milk? Because while sugar outright destroys the taste of the tea, the milk often compliments it and makes it slightly less bitter to those who don't like a excessively bitter or strong taste.

- Most importantly, have fun

How to drink a cup of tea with your date

Although it can be fun to teach and learn something new with your date and share such an experience, don't be (too) strict about those guidelines: you want to entertain your date or partner, not annoy them!
Although for me every experience has been different - someone only looked at the pastries, someone else enjoyed more the tea - I can guarantee that it always made for something particular and especially fun to share. Make it a pleasant and bonding experience above all.

Those are my little point for having a fun tea date or simply share a nice cup of tea with your partner. I hope you can find them useful and appreciate them.

Thank you for reading,

I admit that I wrote this a bit to share it on here, and a bit to refresh my memory and go over those points. Hopefully this afternoon tea will go as well as the others!

How to drink a cup of tea with your date
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Hurlyburly
    I really love tea, but...
    "No sugar, maybe milk" 🤢🤮 Even the thought alone of putting milk into my tea makes me feeling nauseous. Milk belongs into coffee, not into tea, at least in my opinion. Huge nope nope nope >___<
    And I DO add to sugar my black tea, at least a little bit (about half a tea spoon for a big cup). Pure black tea just tastes bitter and sugar makes it possible to really enjoy its taste. Fruit or herb teas are fine on their own though.
    I once accidentally tried my boyfriends tea though and yep, really can't taste anything but sugar in it xD no wonder since he uses about 4x as much sugar as I do.
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    • But I definetely agree with you about the quality tea. Most cheap teas taste like nothing at all.

    • lol I too felt that milk with tea was strange at first, and I was surprise to learn that is English tradition!
      I tasted some kinds of tea with milk and it was good, but I too prefer tea without milk.
      I agree with you on a little of sugar in black and strong ceylonese tea, but overall I prefer to avoid sugar in general - tea, coffee and other beverages.
      Maybe get your boyfriend to put less sugar, at first he may not like it, but I'm sure he may like it in the end!

    • Believe it or not, he already reduced his sugar in tea. He used to drink it with 3 teaspoons and went down to 2 🙈 still way too sweet in my opinion but oh well 😅

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  • midnightmoon05
    My cup of tea!! Love it 😍
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Massageman
    Oh, my. I like lemon and sugar! I'm sorry.
    My wife likes Constant Comment, tea with spice and orange added.
    I've come up with my own faux Constant Comment. 1 sprinkle of powdered cloves, 1 packer of sweetener or some sugar, 15 ml of Orange Syrup, typically found in Polish section of a large supermarket. Add hot water, stir, enjoy.
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  • Ronald_25
    I prefer chai, it has tea spice in it, along with ginger and cardomom, gives you the warm fuzzy feeling on a winter's day, and if it makes her sweat, I'll be licking it off 😉

    Rule in the Weasley household: spillage is lickage 🤷🏽‍♂️
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  • There's an account of a westerner researching the intricacies of the Japanese tea who sought the wisdom of a master. When asked to explain the essence of the complex ceremony he simply replied "you sit and drink tea with friends"
  • Avicenna
    Excellent advice. Drinking tea together is very relaxing.
    • Avicenna

      I used to bring her to a tea shop and have her try different teas, choose a couple and then we'd drink them at my place.

    • That sounds very good, in my limited experience I think I can say that tea is one of the few things that can really bond people of all kinds and walks of life!

    • Avicenna

      I agree

  • ShavenRaver
    I adore tea and have over 50 different types of tea. I drink it all day. It is the most popular drink after water. Also don't forget the water is important, use filtered water if in a hard water area and depending on the, the temperature of the water. But you are right, explore and enjoy it
  • MoscowMitch
    Sorry pal, you lost me at no sugar. I need that deadly white stuff.
  • Cleo81
    If I have cold mint tea with some brandy. Others wise green tea with lemon Honey.
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • coolhandroo
    Make sure it's from long island
  • CowboyAceTre
    I'll buy ya a coffee. Lol
  • Anonymous
    Nice but give them the D after the T lol
  • Anonymous
    That's all nice and good but do you fuck after tea
  • Anonymous
    Dude, you are a rollercoaster 😂😂😂
    Anxiety, flirting at work, nookies with your manager and now tea? You are a fucking legend.
    Never change!
    • I'm not sure if you are serious or not, but thank you! I'm doing my best!

    • Anonymous

      Anytime 👌