12 Virtues to Aim for – According to JAMES WEGERT with MY annotations

12 Virtues to Aim for – According to JAMES WEGERT with MY annotations

These are the 12 traits you should Cultivate in oneself and Look for in a Partner

THESE ARE NOT OWN INNOVATIONS!!! I got these virtues from JAMES WEGERT. A very kind man summarized his books for me before I read them and these are the ideas I got from his summary. I notice the 12 virtues James Wegert preached correspond with the 12 Sons that Jacob Blesses in the book of Genesis – 2 of which were songs of Joseph and two of which were doubled into one person!!! BUT THE ANNOTATIONS ARE MY OWN IDEAS


They accept people of all ages and cultures and backgrounds and economic stations and appearances knowing they do not know how they struggle or why they behave the way they do


They control their body, their anger, their mouth and their money by not being negligent or reckless in any of those areas.


They have a degree of tolerance with difficult people – they make intelligent decisions – they take care of themselves and they serve their society according to their role and position in life


They are aware of their influence and relational virtues and do not attempt to injure others by misleading or corrupting them


They care for the struggling and straggler in society and take measures to encourage or aid the outcast rather than mocking them


They protect the personal private interests of people and do things to benefit them with no desire for personal gain


They do not choose greed over social etiquette and do not prize possessions over personality


They lift the mood of others by giving them happiness and joy rather than putting them down by humiliating them or criticizing and discouraging them


They maintain an air of love and kindness and warmth in their religious dealings and do not turn the house of God into a house of moral crime or hatred


They are straight with others when they are not happy with an outcome or action for the benefit of themselves their God and their audience

Gives their Best Effort

They are sincere and faithful and fully committed to their social causes they serve not only in charity but also in profession and family and relationships and religious houses


They dispel self-destructive temptations and barriers to success by choosing to maintain good behaviour and impressive quality and conduct – even when no hope of improvement is on the horizon

12 Virtues to Aim for – According to JAMES WEGERT with MY annotations
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  • Those are good to aim for! Thanks for highlighting them for us and for Mr. James wegert :)
    Is this still revelant?
    i might need to work on some of this stuff... XD
    Is this still revelant?

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  • DylanJonesss
    Agreed this I's the signs of a virtuos person but. Watching ones mouth can be difficult if there honest.
  • crazy8000
    As long it's two way otherwise is it pointless.