5 Awesome Male Relationship Consultants Men Should Definitely Listen To


As a female relationship consultant, I am willing to take on the right male clients that seek my advice, but there are some times when I will refer clients to a male dating/life coach who can better relate and empathize with their experiences as a man.

There are many hardworking and respectable male dating and relationship consultants out there producing great content and offering valuable services, but there are a few outstanding men that have proven to be positive, influential voices in the dating and relationship niche. These are professionals that all men could benefit from modeling their mentality after.

Nick Notas

Nick Notas is a dating and self improvement coach for men. He's helped tens of thousands of men build self esteem, develop social skills, attract the women they want, create healthy relationships with women, and repair existing damaged relationship with women as well. He offers a lot of great advice on texting with women and how to make a great first impression.

Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is a British life coach, YouTube personality, and writer. In 2013 he released his first book, the New York Times bestseller Get The Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve.

He has made many television appearances, including being the matchmaker on NBC's Ready For Love. He's also provided as the resident expert on the Today Show.

James Sama

James Michael Sama is an internationally known speaker and author. He speaks at live events across the U.S. and has become a go-to expert with media outlets such as CNN, Bravo, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and CNBC,

James is known for promoting healthy, positive masculinity an femininity, and understanding how men and women can best partner with each other, not compete with each other.

Charles Orlando

Charles J. Orlando is a relationship expert and the author of five acclaimed books -- The Problem with Women... is Men book series, and The Pact: Goodbye, Past. Hello, Love!, and he serves as expert host of the hit show Seven Year Switch on Lifetime.

Harris O'malley

Harris O'Malley (AKA Dr. NerdLove) is an internationally known blogger and dating coach who gives dating, relationship, and sex advice to the modern nerd. He has many great articles and videos that tackle the real issues such as incels, attraction, anxiety, nice guy/bad boys, masculinity, mental health issues, etc.

5 Awesome Male Relationship Consultants Men Should Definitely Listen To
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  • captain_voidwalker
    I'm better than all those people, if you want a relationship follow these rules.
    1 be attractive if you are not attractive get attractive.
    2 own your own house
    3 own your own car
    4 be debt free
    5 be well invested for retirement.
    If you fail to meet any of the above criteria stop looking for a relationship you have other things in your life to sort out first.
    These rules apply to both men and women
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    • MzAsh

      Can’t argue with that

    • For most people that is a life-long process. Otherwise, it's also a recipe to attract gold diggers. Just sayin! :P

    • I think you misunderstand. You also dont date someone unless they also meet the above criteria

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  • Anonymous
    Add these two to your list

    Better Bachelor


    Undead Chronic

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    • MzAsh

      I will check them out, thank you

Most Helpful Girls

  • jennifer_bloom
    I like Aaron doughty who is not a relationship ship focused coach but discusses it briefly in some of his videos he said when you practice self love and raise your vibration you automatically attract people and you should serve your own interests to maximize attractiveness
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    • MzAsh

      I will check him out, thanks.

    • go through his videos and look for the ones that focus on attracting your lover

  • Desconhecida
    Interesting topic! I'd love to talk to you some time about it..
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  • coachTanthony
    ---------------Mathew Hussey is the only one I recognize. Have no real idea of who these others are but will check them out!
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  • Jamie1865
    I personally think this is all snake oil. Everyone lacks confidence on occasion, but people who want to charge someone for 'self help (clues in the name) podcasts, CD's or seminars etc are like Astrologers - BS artists.
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    • MzAsh

      I can’t speak for everyone else, but my end goal is to help people for an affordable price and to be more accessible than a counselor.

  • Bluemax
    I'm only familiar with Dr. Nerdlove (O' Malley). I disagree with him on roughly half of what he says... maybe less than half. When he's right, he's profoundly right. When he's wrong, he's profoundly wrong.

    The others seem worth looking into.
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  • blutwolfe
    interesting but I never got any insight when it comes to dating coaches. They seem for the people who really struggle or low emotional intelligence.

    My problem is getting a long term relationship during hookup culture, it's not women that are the problem it's that women don't want relationships like they used to
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  • ZackBan
    I've never seen the point of it.
    Most dating coaches I listened to online never said anything that actually translated into results as far as my relationships or lack thereof goes.
    Not that I'm saying they're frauds but I think we can agree that there are things we're better off figuring out on our own
    • MzAsh

      In some cases, maybe, but I remember way back when I used to find them beneficial.

  • OurManFlint
    I'm not familiar with any of these gentlemen. I look forward to hearing what they have to say. And reccomend Zo Williams book Relationship Dismount.
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    • MzAsh

      I’ll check it out, thanks.

  • genericname85
    yeah i think women should also listen to mathew hussey, cause he has a very charming way to put them in their place. i'm not bashing on women. i'm speaking about the outraging bigotry of wanting equal pay but still demaning men to pay on a date. i couldn't have told women so nicely that they are morons to expect that if they want an "equal" partner.
    • MzAsh

      I love listening to Matt and I’d encourage women to as well.

      Regarding the equal pay, I think it’s necessary for men and women to consider themselves equal partners in both professional and personal environments. However, it’s nice to be treated once in a while and I treat my man too. I don’t demand it, but I’d also turn away a cheap skate.

    • yes. i get that. i will treat my partner once it is established that there's a connection. i don't pay for them on first dates for 2 reasons. 1: i want an equal partner that can pull their own weight and 2: i hate female cheapskates that date for "free dinners", cause those exist.

    • MzAsh

      So if you meet for coffee and a scone for the first date... you’ll refuse to pay for that? Lol

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  • selfdestruction
    All these people are very far left ideologically. I’m good on them. The hands down best life advice I ever got was from Jordan Peterson.
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    • MzAsh

      Jordan Peterson isn’t bad. There’s some things I don’t agree with him on but overall not bad.

    • karangill

      I agree!

    • karangill

      With the selfdestruction

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  • mrgspoter
    I don't know anyone who got anything but less money from this, it's normally all simple things that most people know, just for manchild type man who don't care to know, I don't think this works for some mind sets at all. Is there money back if it fails?
    • MzAsh

      It’s not for everyone, but many people do need even the basic advice. It’s usually at the coach’s discretion whether or not they will offer refunds. Some do, some don’t.

    • mrgspoter


    • karangill

      @mrgsporter what do you consider a man child?

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  • ArrowheadSW
    I've never really heard much about relationship consultants. This is news to me.
  • Lliam
    Such a good MyTake, MzAsh. Great stuff. I didn't watch all the videos yet. But it's an important topic. Thank you.

    In order to keep our relationship strong and healthy, my wife, with my agreement, has enrolled us in various counseling sessions over the years. It's not an idea I would have ever thought of. But we learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We also learned more about healthy communication and other things. Again, it wasn't because our marriage was in trouble. It was more like education. People need to learn in order to progress.
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  • Jack9949
    I’m just surprised you never heard of Dan Bacon. Author of The Modern Man https://www.themodernman.com
  • Guanfei
    Is that the kind of consultants telling you that a "real men" is basically a doormat for his woman?
    I've seen a bit of Matthew Hussey in the past, he wasn't exactly like that.
    • MzAsh

      No I don’t think any of these men are about that.

    • Guanfei

      Alright, then I guess I can watch these.

    • MzAsh

      Let me know what you think

  • winterfox10
    I'm just glad you didn't recommend any of these silly YouTubers like "Better Bachelor," or "Strong Successful Male."
    • MzAsh

      Someone else suggested better bachelor lol

    • Yeah, those guys seem pretty out of touch with reality...

    • MzAsh

      I’ll have to look them up out of curiosity

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  • certifiedalphafemale
    I'd suggest Arica Angelo, Wingmam, Jessica J, Bosana B and Kezia Noble. Kama Lifestyle can be a good dating coach as well.
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  • Phoenix98
    Honestly the only guy I've really found to like is Alpha M aka Aaron Marino.
    • MzAsh

      I don’t think I know of him. I’ll look him up.

    • Phoenix98

      You probably wouldn't have heard of him outside of youtube.

  • sensible27
    It's one of those games, the only way to win is not to play (in quotes... I GUESS...)...
  • asshole_
    I wouldn't listen to anyone I don't know

    That's why I don't take GAG seriously. I'm just on here because I get bored a lot
  • venomhbk1313
    Myself I wouldn't seek a Dr I'm Native American and partially psychic so if I need to please a lady to make her happy I can with no problem
  • Be4rdy
    Yea I doubt any of them could fix my train wreck of a dating life
    • MzAsh

      I’m sorry to hear that. Ultimately, you’re responsible and in control of fixing your dating life. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • karangill

      @MzAsh I would agree to that. But you need to see some rewards to get the motivation to keep moving. I haven't had problem with women until I started using tinder, which made me think of myself as an unattractive person/ not very attractive. Which isn't the case for women (having ton of matches even if they aren't fit or attractive, because guys like me who aren't having a lot of options would swipe on someone after waiting a year for a good one)

    • Be4rdy

      Yea I've been single for 7 years, have tried dating but never works out. Been like 3 years since I went on a date with anyone. I also stopped using tinder because it's the worst.

      I just have a huge problem with letting folk into my life these days as I basically trust nobody and well women dont like that

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