How To Keep a Man!


Hello! Happy Friday gagers. I`ve been doing my homework lately and realized (from the questions I have seen here previously) that women here need advice on how to keep a man! I think explaining that to a woman as a man can be overwhelming and a lot to say. But here are the good news, ladies! Keeping a man actually isn`t rocket science. You just have to know the right equations. Here are a few tips on how to refresh your dating game, relationship status and romantic life!

1. First basic tip: ALWAYS remember that your partner is a person, an individual, a human with his own thoughts and desires, JUST LIKE YOU.

Yes! Your man is a living, breathing thing that chose to be with you. Unfortunately, women struggle to realize that men and women ARE different, and it should stay that way. Never feel the need to change him or his ways, because that is just who he is. If you don`t like the way he lives his life, leave early before he thinks he isn`t good enough for anybody.

How To Keep a Man!

2. Don` t nag at him.

Don`t complain or nag for hours at a time. Rather, show him that you trust that he can perfectly well do shit himself, even if it takes a while. Say please and be thankful when he does favors for you. Nagging is annoying and all guys would want to do is get a break from you.

How To Keep a Man!

3. Encourage him to spend time with his friends and family.

Just like your friends and family mean a lot to you, his should mean a lot to him as well. Healthy friendships and family ties are healthy for your relationship as well.

4. Give him alone time!

A lot of guys like to play video games. I am sure you have hobbies too. Coming from me it might be different, since I play videogames myself and have more understanding, but it is a hobby and if he wants to do them sometimes, let him! Or, even better, play with him and become really good ;)

Men will always be boys. Either let him play or join the game!
Men will always be boys. Either let him play or join the game!

5. Have a "I don` t care" attitude.

Girl, your man chose you for a reason. You`re probably the most gorgeous person he has ever seen. And not only that, men separate sex and feelings more than women do, so if you were more to him than just sex, be proud! However, it is normal for girls to get possessive over their boyfriend when other women are involved. Don`t do this! Be a strong woman. Be the woman who is the best he will ever have. Give him his freedom and his privacy (that means no phone-checking!), because it will be his fault and issue if he does something behind your back. Trust is super sexy in a relationship. And if he ever actually does something bad to you, walk away like a boss.

Rock that body and embrace your looks. Be better than other women out there!
Rock that body and embrace your looks. Be better than other women out there!

6. Have a life outside him.

It never hurts to go out with your friends when you feel like it. Put some high heels and a pretty dress on and have fun! This will make your man miss you when you`re gone, but it`s also nice to know that you are not super dependent on your man`s attention 24/7.

How To Keep a Man!

7. Cook for him (and embrace your female qualities)!

Put feminism and sexism aside. Embrace your femininity and cook your boyfriend`s favorite meals! In today`s society with modern feminism, women are getting the false impression that being feminine equals being worth less than a man. That`s so not true! Being feminine is sexy and guys prefer feminine women. You can be strong and independent and still do feminine things for your man.

Mmmm.... what`s for dinner?
Mmmm.... what`s for dinner?

8. Be sexual and open in the bedroom.

Of course, nobody should feel the pressure to do something they aren`t comfortable with. However, it is important to take your partner`s fantasies into consideration. Remember that he loves YOU, so no matter the fantasy, be sure that you will be his only after it`s done.

9. Don` t be overly jealous.

You are fine as hell, girl. He chose you! Remember this. If he takes glimpses at other women, don`t overthink it. It`s just basic instinct and not like he is going to screw her the moment you look away. If you are confident in your relationship, you have nothing to worry about.

How To Keep a Man!

10. Don` t get lazy with your appearance.

Looks aren`t everything, but they mean a lot! Good looks are always a plus and make things super spicy in the relationship. Good looks also takes effort, and putting effort in the relationship is always a good thing. Keep your body nice, take care of your skin, teeth and hair. The spark will still be there!

How To Keep a Man!

Let me know if you agree or disagree with the points above! And let`s hear some input from the guys!

How To Keep a Man!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ManOnFire
    This is an excellent Take! Definitely need to follow these things, and I would also add: women need to be okay with men's emotions. The hard truth is that while a lot of women say men should "open up" more and talk about what they feel, a lot of women really cannot handle that! And will treat a guy like he's overreacting for getting something off his brain in an emotional way. I am so glad I have a girl who I can feel free to be myself with. I literally show her exactly who I am, just like I do with family, that I don't show anyone, and she makes me feel so free to be who I am and she doesn't dislike it.

    However I can't say I fully agree with this: "I think explaining that to a woman as a man can be overwhelming and a lot to say." If a woman can't accept hearing from the opposite sex advice on how to keep a partner, then she already has work to do. Other than that, this is an excellent Take.
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    • DaMack999

      Well you gotta know women and men don't think a like. So idea of sharing emotions aside of romantic and relationship kinda sucks.

  • thehorriblesheikh
    This myTake comes across as sexist because it's hard for people to separate their personal experiences with the opposite gender from their general perspective about things.

    I don't think it is sexist because it does not say that the man shouldn't have to hold himself to a standard for his woman, it's just that this myTake was not intended to be about what standard a man should hold himself to for his woman.

    While it is okay to believe that one shouldn't have to hold themselves to a standard. The reality about life is that no matter where you go, you will have to hold yourself to a standard to be treated well. Wether it's work or traveling to a different country, or just socializing with a new group of friends.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Honestly, I feel underappreciated sometimes in my relationship. I treat him the way I want to be treated, I don't really nag about anything & constantly remind him he doesn't need my permission to hang with his friends. I don't try to check his phone or ask about female friends, Ill cook whatever he wants, buy him gifts and introducing new things in the bedroom but I just feel like sometimes he'll take it all for granted and that other guys would be lucky to have me
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    • ragequeen

      Talk to him about it! It is important that guys don`t take stuff like that for granted, and you seem like a very good girlfriend. Approach him in a friendly way, but tell him that you don`t feel appreciated enough.

    • JackieJaii

      To be fair he was in a pretty bad relationship before where he was mistreated and emotionally abused and will tell me how much better I make him feels and how he appreciates me but that'll only be every now and then

    • JackieJaii

      I don't think he realizes every girl will do for him what I do

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  • vita00
    Been there, done that. I got cheated anyways but at least I can say I tried to make it work.
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    • Slim57

      He was an idiot you're better off

    • vita00

      Thanks 😭💖

    • jasco

      fam keep looking get u a dude who not stupid and got some eyes and some glasses while you at cause yo ex boyfriend was legally blind

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  • sejla
    I agree on most of those points lend to a good relationship but women can do everything right and a man still step out a real relationship. If they are going to stray they are going to stray even if you do everything perfect
  • FictionalCharacter
    This makes me cringe of how unrealistic this is...

    -First of all, I only agree with #1. Cause yeah, we are all human beings that have needs and should accept the person we love as they are. Which is why we chose them.

    -‘don’t nag at him’. Girl please, there is a time and a place for a ‘NAG’. You know why? Cause guys don’t listen. Even us talking to them nicely, that shit goes waaay over their heads. That nothing clicked to get what we were saying. Also, guys don’t like ass kisser’s. Which is why guys claim they want a strong woman. Hell, even this spongebob clip got it right of not ‘nagging’.
    -‘’Encourage him to spend time with his friends and family & give him alone time!’ Then what the fuck is he in a relationship for? Yeah I understand respecting your family. But push him away to his buddies and leave him alone? That’s the definition of a fuckboy right there: with no commitment and hanging out with his buddies and only sleeps with women.

    -‘Have a "I don` t care" attitude & have a life outside him’. That is called being single with no attachments.

    -#7 confused the shit outta me. What does cooking have to do with feminism? No guy has EVER complained about a woman’s cooking. And feminists don’t complain about cooking either lmao. They usually complain about pay raises and sexual harassments. Where the hell did cooking come from?

    -‘Be sexual and open in the bedroom.
    Of course, nobody should feel the pressure to do something they aren`t comfortable with. However, it is important to take your partner`s fantasies into consideration.‘
    I think both partners should respect each other’s bodies and communicate with what is comfortable.

    -‘Don` t be overly jealous’ yeah, the same goes for the guy too. But if either person is going to be on their phone while the other is talking to them. Jealousy instinct is going to kick in.

    -‘Don` t get lazy with your appearance.‘ Here’s the thing about couples, they do get lazy with their appearances cause they are comfortable with the person they love. They don’t have to try so hard with what they have.


    None of this list (except #1). Sounds like a good relationship material but rather a single person dating.
    • 100% Couldn't have said it better myself !

    • Tom1089

      Its the same thing over and over. If you are open and honest with your partner then that is all you can do everything should be equal and responsibility shared. You shouldn't have to be told not to nag people or experiment in the bedroom you should know if you do or not and be mature enough to discuss it with your partner.

    • Ngl this article is about how to get most men over the age of 23, most men can do these this for themselves and besides, I wouldn't cook for a man who can't cook for himself, most of these sound like "how to become his mum but you sometimes have sex" with extra steps

  • Kaneki05
    Meh sounds like Bs. You shouldn't have to keep a man. A man will just love you for who you are or they don't if they don't well they will leave that's just that time to find someone else. And if i loved a girl she could look like a train hit i would still love her no doubt so really don't care about her keeping her appearance up if she don't want to or cannot be bothered.
    • elisa_0

      THIS! A million times this!

    • Clayaya

      You’re the only guy in this post with a brain. Would they want their daughters to learn how to keep a man? Ew.
      Men are not something to prioritize or be kept. YOU ARE. Your goals your aspirations it’s never anything or anyone outside of you. Know that you are whole on your own.

    • @Clayaya so true! Thank you! Such powerful and inspiring words!

  • chapawapa
    Hmmm this post irritates me

    Seems pretty misogynistic and one sided. What is this the 1950? At least there were modern women things in there.

    I would have appreciated a mistake coming from both angles because it takes two for a relationship to work and there are a lot of dynamics at play
    • chapawapa

      MyTake* not mistake

    • zagor

      And what do you find offensive in it?

    • chapawapa

      The thing is trash. One of my doctoral mentors in the past is an MFT, and I've learned a lot about relationships based on attachment theory. That theory has taught me a lot and allowed me to see things based on this foundation. This list is based on gender roles in society. It doesn't necessarily describe the different facets of how a relationship works and the complexity of attachment styles and people's mental health. It merely gives tips to a particular relationship ideal for a cultural pocket. If it benefits you, then go for it... Just doesn't apply to a wide range of people.. Especially in my line if work

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  • MrOracle
    How To Keep a Man!How To Keep a Man!
    Even Morgan Freeman agrees!
    Even Morgan Freeman agrees!
  • RiJox
    Men just don’t want to be kept.
    I already knew all this that you wrote. It will help those who didn’t know.
    Still single though, Gods plan 📞
  • WolfyGirl2077
    How to keep a man u need:
    1. A basement
    2. Chains preferably metal
    3. A Sock or soundproof walls
    4. Make sure everyone think he's out traveling the world "finding himself"
    5. ENJOY!
    • sensible27

      The name checks out. Why's your name that?

    • @sensible27 many reasons

    • @sensible27 DAMN U!! and yes
      Also its my gamertag everywhere even on ps4
      Ps. Dont add me i ain't accepting

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  • Rory_Pants
    #1 Remember to find a man that compliments your life and who wants your attention and time. Always start with a mindset of abundance. There are countless men out there ready to compete for your affection.

    #2 Being an INFP I understand the feelings of my partner and the need to just be alone to recharge my social batteries. True when under attack you've got no idea the emotions and the dark side I keep bottled early on in a relationship. (Not dangerous, but I can say some extraordinarily stupid shit to you in the moment when threatened or provoked) Basically walls up and I don't fully trust you enough to share it all with you.

    #5 Doesn't work for me. I try to form connections on why you don't care and my mind overthinks the situation until I formulate a solution based on your actions and words. Communicate your thoughts openly and don't make us jealous and there should never be any woman in the picture more Important then you. (Usually my thoughts of the situation are completely wrong, but at this point its over which is a completely avoidable situation)

    #6 Have a life, purpose and goals. Expect that from your partner otherwise you'll never be happy. I generally don't like social situations and will encourage my xtroverted partner to engage in these activities without me. If she really wants me to go out with her friends I will enjoy it to an extent. But its outside my norm and if you know your man, you'll help him in social situations where he struggles or have a close friend of his he feels comfortable around tag along is always good

    #7 Equality is everything as you get older and recognizing your partners weaknesses and strengths.

    #8 If you've had sex more then 3 times and he hasn't whispered in your ear before going down on you. "Tell me what you like and don't like" you need a better man. 😫🤦‍♂️

    #9 We all like what we like. People watching is a way of life and a girl walks by looking like a hoe. Of course we're gonna be a guy and check her out and we expect to be shit tested a little bit to know our attention to them hasn't gone unnoticed and you're a little bit jealous. This shows to your man you care at least somewhat about losing him.

    #10 Showing up for us is always 👌 But not really needed, nothing is more beautiful when you're not wearing make up, wearing our t-shirt with some leggings and jacked up hair. Then we know you're comfortable and trust us and you'll find a secure man will love your quirks and personality more then your superficial looks.

    Hoped this help peep into the mind of an introvert and good luck finding your friend till the end. re-state://background_color_rgba (0, 0, 0, 0), font_color_rgb (77, 77, 77), justifyLeft
  • BunOwl
    The tipps by the op are pretty much are all there is to it but since everyone is different there is one very much important point that you yourself want to have for yourself as a woman too and that is not be taken for granted, just telling your better half that you appreciate them every once in a while can do so much and helps, at least in my experience, with making them appreciate you and keeping small gesures going, which are important in an relationship.
  • Sarahloves19
    F*ck off bro. He's man not an ANGEL or GOD whom we shall worship.
    Only #1 is true. Mytakes shall have dislike button. I've seen that the men who don't wanna stay won't stay no matter what you do. The good man will stay without you having to be his obidient and cool dog. Are you teaching women to be ass licker or a doormat?
    • Elsa143

      I strongly agree with u. Especially the last line is so accurately written by u.

    • Most men are dogs. Just treat them according to their behavior, loyalty and actions. Good men are Angels and they are the ones who deserves to be treated like a royalty.

    • Misandry alert 😂

  • godfatherfan
    Wow, bullseye. Usually these kind of posts are a lot of bullshit. But I agree. Esp the cooking part. I HATE figuring out what to cook or where to go eat. I am actually happy to cook though. But the few women that have cooked dinner for me I really loved that.
  • Rocco70
    Wow, wish I could be with a girl like you! So much insight. The old sterotype some girls talk about with other girls, men only want sex or women are smarter etc. Gets so used. Its like a man calling blond women dumb. You mentioned something, if we dont want her, we usually leave. Sterotyping of either genders thoufhts are unreal. Insecure lonley people could be so much happier just remembering whats written by you, and my last point, jealousy is the most reliable way to end up alone. Being dominating with rules attached is no good either. If you 2 go out, he dances with another girl, dont get mad. It could be a friend of his or just someone enjoyable to dance with. You can't own either sex, if your together , both can and will have their own couple of friends, he shouldn't have to be going through any trips with your insecurities, and vise versa, because if he wasn't happy being yours he would walk. most intelligent adults sense when to come home and when to stay home. And setting rules isn't a relationship anyone needs, only leads to future lonliness and lack of companionship. This above advice she gave is a goldmine of tips!!!
  • glock33sig357
    To keep a man you have do all those talking points plus engage him intellectually if he is that type. Be interested in the sports he's into or any other activities he loves, but at no point should you become his mother or try to monitor his movements.
    • Clayaya

      Why shouldn’t he prioritize her interests?
      Men are not something to prioritize or be kept. YOU ARE. Your goals your aspirations it’s never anything or anyone outside of you. Know that you are whole on your own.

    • @Clayaya The question was HOW TO KEEP A MAN, not who prioritize who. But by the the comment you need to have all of the attention in the relationship and my suggestion would be buy a mirror so that you can have what you want; no self-respecting man would put up with you for too long and if he has then has to have a side chick to show him how a woman should treat a man.

    • Clayaya

      Dude you’re an idiot. This entire post is dumb. We should not be teaching young girls how to keep a man.

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  • Ljd213
    1. Be Loyal
    2. Don't Rob Me Money
    3. Don't Be a B*tch
    4. Don't Be a Crazy B*tch
    5. Don't Be a Lying Victim B*tch
    6. Don't Be a Narcissist B*tch
    7. Don't Be a Drama B*tch
    8. Don't Be a Cheating B*tch
    9. Don't Be a Manipulating B*tch
    10. Don't Be a Divorce R@ping B*tch
    • Leona567

      Did you start dehumanizing girls at 16 or after 18 to under 40?

    • Leona567

      Did your mother hurt you as a kid? (I know that women can be physically abusive

    • Pighttussy

      No 1 cover all the rest. If she is loyal, you don't have to worry about her robbing your money or cheating or being a crazy ass hoe

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  • nerdybutlazy
    Sorry to tell you but you can do all this be the most beautiful woman in the world and he'll still leave you.. these are things you can do but again some women don't do all of this and are still in relationships
    • Men are dogs. Their mission is to stick their sausage in EVERY hole. No need to treat them right. The right guy won't make me nag, angry or jealous.

    • @Sarahloves19 I am sorry that something has warped your perception of men. Treating "them" right as u put it should come from the very elementary of being a person and that being human or a decent person no matter of others.. my next question is how or where does one find "the right guy". It's seems an impossibility to find such a person and I would go as far as saying that it is impossible. The 3 things u listened are all self regulated or controlled things. Men will never stop interacting with women just because they are in a relationship so it's up to the partner to not let such things rub them the wrong way. Anger usually stems from past and earlier experiences so the "right" guy would not have to even play out a specific senerio but to just trigger and u could be off to the races. And nagging is a something usually done by selfish people. If only they were put to the same and ever changing expectations.

    • @thrashnasty69 he can definitely talk to any gender. But when they double date or flirt leading on to sex i really hate it. I get mad at the fact that how can i be so loyal but my other half can't. It makes me feel like a fool.

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  • Twalli
    I understand your point with the "I don't care" attitude, but I don't think you worded what you described correctly. I think it's more along the lines of trusting him and leaving if you can't.
    As for cooking and cleaning (feminine tasks), I can do both. I don't enjoy either (mainly because I neither like eating nor cleaning), but I don't need a girl who does both. I need a girl who can do one of them occasionally.
  • ItsTheNephilim
    Beautifully written!

    Let's just hope that a girl who is willing to put up an effort from her side doesn't end up with a scumbag lol. There are girls who do all of that and still end up getting messed up by their retarded boyfriends.
  • An_Impulse
    1 2 and 9 is correct. rest is shite :D

    3. Encourage him to spend time with his friends and family. I would love to have someone who consider themselves as my family.. And my best friend.. And my lover. Not someone who consider themself as an outsider.

    4. Give him alone time! No need.. Just try to join the activities that i am doing.. Try to be more interested about it..

    5. Have a "I don` t care" attitude. This will make you lose your man.. If you dont care i would definetely won't care either. And this will start confliction..

    6. Have a life outside him. This also makes some peoples lives conflicted.. Have a life together instead outside of the man you love.. Make him feel special and introduce him into your life..

    7. Cook for him (and embrace your female qualities)! Some men might agree on this one.. I dont. I would love to contribute to the food we were having. i would love to join the making food process.. also i am a good cook myself too..

    8. Be sexual and open in the bedroom. Shyness gets man more than open and wild.. at least it is for me. I wouldn't wanna talk while having a special moment. Just cuddling and kissing would turn a man on.. So in this aspect its personal preference.. but i would like to have someone shy instead having an alligator in the bedroom ^^

    9. Don` t be overly jealous. Jealousy again could be personal preference.. I would love to have someone jealous.. some doesn't like it at all..

    10. Don` t get lazy with your appearance. Be who you are. You dont need to look beautiful or be flashy for your man.. Just be clean. And brush your hair. Would be enough.
  • Hazelstar99
    There's a saying you can make a 4 legged living being stay but not the 2 legged one. You can't make a man stay. You can put all your efforts. Ultimately it's his decision.
  • SirBearon
    I think this post is spot on. I think a few are more important. I think women who are ungrateful are the worst. Nagging and ungrateful I'd rather drown myself than to be with someone like that ever again.
  • Hunter7754
    This is the best mytake I've ever read :)

    Unfortunately though, its not always a guarantee because there are some women out there that do give it their all but aren't appreciated :(
  • melanieeeB
    You can't just keep someone , the fuck, you could do literally everything "right" and the person could still leave you. There is no guarantee that someone will stay just cause you put on an act, follow "rules" or whatever. Everyone ould leave one day, you just never know
  • Amanda2
    This is all true but the man will have to want to commit and see you as a woman who adds value in his life. Or else all of this makes no sense if he doesn't see you as a high valued woman he can't afford to lose. In that case, be willing to walk away ladies, and kick him to the curb someone else will appreciate all of this that she mentioned. Great mytake.
  • Browneye57
    Unfortunately honey, you are completely clueless. But here you are spouting off like you know something. Absolutely incredible.
    My best guess is that you only know how to project - cuz you don't have a clue about men.
    • hahahmm

      All the soy boys & desperate white knights negged you

    • Browneye57

      @hahahmm - Of course. Cuz they just don't know. But here they are, purporting to have it all figured out, and making all manner of bogus claims and statements.

      Feminism claims to want men to be just like women. Some guys buy into it, and then find out the women loathe him for it. Guys need to understand that women don't really know what they want - they simply verbalize their FEELINGS. Afterall, that's what their brain runs on, and those feelings are likely to change at any given moment - just ask them! They'll tell you it is their god-given right.

      So a real man has to know better, has to be THE REAL MAN, and provide for his woman what she needs and protect her. You don't go all in buying into all those feelings. It is ALWAYS about the FEELZ.

      And IF he does, she is just as likely to shut down sexually - the most scary thing to any man is the simple fact that she can actually do this, or they cheat or bail, or any combination. Any which way, HE LOSES. And she things he's a weak-suck beta-cuck.

      Same for crying. Women will say they want to see their man in weakness. Dear god, she immediately loses respect. The LAST THING any woman wants is her man breaking down into tears every time she does. No, she's looking for him to be HER lighthouse in her stormy seas of feelings and emotions.

    • hahahmm

      100% true. I hope you put your knowledge out there elsewhere online or in a book. Guys like us need to spread the message.

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  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    How to keep a man:
    Stop being everything that women's magazines, blogs, vlogs, videos tell you that men want and just listen to your god damned instincts and when your man tells you to stop being so god damned childish, do it.
  • jasco
    I like it, everything is awesome i love it make sure to do one for women to cause i wanna see how i can do better in relationships
  • yucel_eden
    Nice take but the biggest one is to not put him on a pedestal.

    Make him chase you a little sometimes but don’t over do it otherwise we get turned off
    • No... I’m not playing that game anymore...

  • Guanfei
    Fucking hell.
    This so refreshing to see real advices about how to treat a guy right.
    I was getting tired all these "dominate him" or "show him who's the boss" and other crap considering men as dangerous pets to keep on leash.
    The only thing I'd add, is that you should do efforts for him, but expect him to do the same. Be his equal, the one to complete him, the one giving him what he wants while he'll give you what you want.
  • Torari
    1. Don't start pointless arguments
    2. Maintain you looks
    3. Suck his dick spontanly

    If you can do these 3 things, you'll already be ahead of 99% of girls. Easy.
  • 007kingifrit
    please ladies especially take #2 seriously. i want to hear your feelings and concerns but you should ask me before you give advice and you should offer solutions not just point out problems
  • Elsa143
    No need. I am my own boss. He can stay or leave. I only agree with #1. Rest all shows no sign of love and sounds more like a fling thing.
  • sensible27
    Didn't read the whole things but maybe the trick is

    Don't 'strategize'

    Be an actual good human, there saved you hundreds of words... Probably...
    • Bhavin2184

      Agreed nice opinion

    • @sensible27

      That’s a nice thing to say

    • sensible27

      Thanks I guess. Apparently common sense isn't that common and people would rather put in tons of effort pretending to be decent rather than actually being decent.

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  • hi_it_is_me123
    These all ain't work if you are over 35s. Many men on this site are shallow idiots
    • By the way you just want us to be female cucks. Like we should not get jealous and let him be a whore or shit. Nah i dont want a male cunt as a boyfriend. He should not make me jealous in the first place

    • jasco

      Well i can agree that a lot of men are sex craved, idiotic, annoying bastards but not all of us are thankfully so i do hope u find someone who isn't if you haven't already

    • Aww thank you

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  • HeadCase1
    Number 7 is what all women need to remember. Modern Feminism frowns upon women and girls who embrace their femininity. Doing that is not doing any favors for women.

    The same can be said for men. The concept of "toxic masculinity" is such bullshit. Little boys are being stripped of their masculinity.
    • elisa_0

      Cooking is not something women have to do though. Some women don't like cooking, which is completely fine, and she just needs to find a man who likes cooking so he can do it for her

    • Kaneki05

      @elisa_0 No point trying to logic with someone who thinks Toxic Masculinity don't exist lol

    • elisa_0

      @Kaneki05 I guess you are right

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  • I'll sum it up in one sentence, here I go: Don't be a bitch. There, done
  • Dchrls78104
    Well, well, this makes a whole lot of sense. Too bad a lot of women these days have a problem with it, especially no. 7! How many women would be happier with the men in their lives if they heeded no. 7!
  • es20490446e
    Sometimes it doesn't depend on you. Simply put the other person doesn't have the right predisposition for having a relationship.

    For example I dated a girl that just wanted to be with as many guys as possible. That is her choice, and not something I would change by being nicer to her.

    So just search a person with the right predisposition upfront. Then it will be simple.
  • I-C3_ME
    I like your view on this tho this isn't easy for men or women to tick all these boxes off. While this may help u keep your man, a good and healthy relationship also requires balance so the guy must also do he's part. Bonus question: what games do u play?
  • Lliam
    That's all good, healthy advice, ragequeen. It encourages self-confidence. Nice attitude. Great MyTake.
  • winterfox10
    I love how most of this can be summed up with the phrase "minimize the amount of time you spend being unpleasant to be around."
  • venomhbk1313
    the way you keep a man is not only to keep him satisfied sexually but you also got to satisfy his mind but the main way to satisfy a guy the way to his heart is through his stomach
  • Yay, you got it :D
    I for one don't recognize the words femininity and masculinity but other than that, you are spot on! :D
  • AlexUnleashed
    😂😂 That's it, I'm a boy for sure that likes her looking good. Well I'd probably do my part in dressing her up the way I like it too.
  • VanillaSalt
    I agree completely but number 7 is def the most important. Every woman has a pussy so you’re not special. And man will totally guck and date down several levels. What keeps a man tied and faithful is your independent woman’s qualities. Her support. A woman’s support is why she deserves alimony. She deserves your respect. Your loyalty. Your complete and utter devotion to her as a woman. Is why men put so much effort into dating and are okay with it. We want what we want and if you won’t give it to us we’ll get it somewhere else in which case you’re were just a one night stand.
  • ranger3456
    Yeah except women are still legal liabilities that will fuck you over on a whim either falsely accusing you of rape or sexual assault or divorcing you arbitrarily and taking half your shit and kids who she will manipulate to hate you.

    The fact that this take exists shows how little women actually care about us and how little they respect us. Women are not worth the effort or time.
  • BlueScorpio
    You can't. The only way to "keep" someone is if they want to be/stay with you in the first place and if you click, have the same interests and life goals.
  • Finchie40
    Remove selfishness , make him a priority , make him feel wanted , not a convenience
  • simplelikeme
    that's not too bad for a start. You forgot that we have feelings LOL and also the most important thing communication. Now if I could only find a woman like that 🤣🤣🤣
  • joemoon627
    Some men even if you do all those things are still going to fuck around. That's just the way some men are and u won't be able to change that. Not to say all men r dogs or men who are dogs can't change his ways if he's truly i love.
  • Phoenix98
    Yup that’s pretty solid and I feel that advice at least some of it is universal as well for both sexes.