How To Keep a Man!


Hello! Happy Friday gagers. I`ve been doing my homework lately and realized (from the questions I have seen here previously) that women here need advice on how to keep a man! I think explaining that to a woman as a man can be overwhelming and a lot to say. But here are the good news, ladies! Keeping a man actually isn`t rocket science. You just have to know the right equations. Here are a few tips on how to refresh your dating game, relationship status and romantic life!

1. First basic tip: ALWAYS remember that your partner is a person, an individual, a human with his own thoughts and desires, JUST LIKE YOU.

Yes! Your man is a living, breathing thing that chose to be with you. Unfortunately, women struggle to realize that men and women ARE different, and it should stay that way. Never feel the need to change him or his ways, because that is just who he is. If you don`t like the way he lives his life, leave early before he thinks he isn`t good enough for anybody.

How To Keep a Man!

2. Don` t nag at him.

Don`t complain or nag for hours at a time. Rather, show him that you trust that he can perfectly well do shit himself, even if it takes a while. Say please and be thankful when he does favors for you. Nagging is annoying and all guys would want to do is get a break from you.

How To Keep a Man!

3. Encourage him to spend time with his friends and family.

Just like your friends and family mean a lot to you, his should mean a lot to him as well. Healthy friendships and family ties are healthy for your relationship as well.

4. Give him alone time!

A lot of guys like to play video games. I am sure you have hobbies too. Coming from me it might be different, since I play videogames myself and have more understanding, but it is a hobby and if he wants to do them sometimes, let him! Or, even better, play with him and become really good ;)

Men will always be boys. Either let him play or join the game!
Men will always be boys. Either let him play or join the game!

5. Have a "I don` t care" attitude.

Girl, your man chose you for a reason. You`re probably the most gorgeous person he has ever seen. And not only that, men separate sex and feelings more than women do, so if you were more to him than just sex, be proud! However, it is normal for girls to get possessive over their boyfriend when other women are involved. Don`t do this! Be a strong woman. Be the woman who is the best he will ever have. Give him his freedom and his privacy (that means no phone-checking!), because it will be his fault and issue if he does something behind your back. Trust is super sexy in a relationship. And if he ever actually does something bad to you, walk away like a boss.

Rock that body and embrace your looks. Be better than other women out there!
Rock that body and embrace your looks. Be better than other women out there!

6. Have a life outside him.

It never hurts to go out with your friends when you feel like it. Put some high heels and a pretty dress on and have fun! This will make your man miss you when you`re gone, but it`s also nice to know that you are not super dependent on your man`s attention 24/7.

How To Keep a Man!

7. Cook for him (and embrace your female qualities)!

Put feminism and sexism aside. Embrace your femininity and cook your boyfriend`s favorite meals! In today`s society with modern feminism, women are getting the false impression that being feminine equals being worth less than a man. That`s so not true! Being feminine is sexy and guys prefer feminine women. You can be strong and independent and still do feminine things for your man.

Mmmm.... what`s for dinner?
Mmmm.... what`s for dinner?

8. Be sexual and open in the bedroom.

Of course, nobody should feel the pressure to do something they aren`t comfortable with. However, it is important to take your partner`s fantasies into consideration. Remember that he loves YOU, so no matter the fantasy, be sure that you will be his only after it`s done.

9. Don` t be overly jealous.

You are fine as hell, girl. He chose you! Remember this. If he takes glimpses at other women, don`t overthink it. It`s just basic instinct and not like he is going to screw her the moment you look away. If you are confident in your relationship, you have nothing to worry about.

How To Keep a Man!

10. Don` t get lazy with your appearance.

Looks aren`t everything, but they mean a lot! Good looks are always a plus and make things super spicy in the relationship. Good looks also takes effort, and putting effort in the relationship is always a good thing. Keep your body nice, take care of your skin, teeth and hair. The spark will still be there!

How To Keep a Man!

Let me know if you agree or disagree with the points above! And let`s hear some input from the guys!

How To Keep a Man!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ManOnFire
    This is an excellent Take! Definitely need to follow these things, and I would also add: women need to be okay with men's emotions. The hard truth is that while a lot of women say men should "open up" more and talk about what they feel, a lot of women really cannot handle that! And will treat a guy like he's overreacting for getting something off his brain in an emotional way. I am so glad I have a girl who I can feel free to be myself with. I literally show her exactly who I am, just like I do with family, that I don't show anyone, and she makes me feel so free to be who I am and she doesn't dislike it.

    However I can't say I fully agree with this: "I think explaining that to a woman as a man can be overwhelming and a lot to say." If a woman can't accept hearing from the opposite sex advice on how to keep a partner, then she already has work to do. Other than that, this is an excellent Take.
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    • DaMack999

      Well you gotta know women and men don't think a like. So idea of sharing emotions aside of romantic and relationship kinda sucks.

  • thehorriblesheikh
    This myTake comes across as sexist because it's hard for people to separate their personal experiences with the opposite gender from their general perspective about things.

    I don't think it is sexist because it does not say that the man shouldn't have to hold himself to a standard for his woman, it's just that this myTake was not intended to be about what standard a man should hold himself to for his woman.

    While it is okay to believe that one shouldn't have to hold themselves to a standard. The reality about life is that no matter where you go, you will have to hold yourself to a standard to be treated well. Wether it's work or traveling to a different country, or just socializing with a new group of friends.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • JackieJaii
    Honestly, I feel underappreciated sometimes in my relationship. I treat him the way I want to be treated, I don't really nag about anything & constantly remind him he doesn't need my permission to hang with his friends. I don't try to check his phone or ask about female friends, Ill cook whatever he wants, buy him gifts and introducing new things in the bedroom but I just feel like sometimes he'll take it all for granted and that other guys would be lucky to have me
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    • ragequeen

      Talk to him about it! It is important that guys don`t take stuff like that for granted, and you seem like a very good girlfriend. Approach him in a friendly way, but tell him that you don`t feel appreciated enough.

    • JackieJaii

      To be fair he was in a pretty bad relationship before where he was mistreated and emotionally abused and will tell me how much better I make him feels and how he appreciates me but that'll only be every now and then

    • JackieJaii

      I don't think he realizes every girl will do for him what I do

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  • vita00
    Been there, done that. I got cheated anyways but at least I can say I tried to make it work.
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    • Slim57

      He was an idiot you're better off

    • vita00

      Thanks 😭💖

    • jasco

      fam keep looking get u a dude who not stupid and got some eyes and some glasses while you at cause yo ex boyfriend was legally blind

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • bluetoblack99
    Good points. But you should reword the title to “How to get a good man”. It starts with being respectful.
  • TruthBringer
    Just look at the women's comment section😂. THAT's why you can't find or keep a man 😂😂😂
  • flamiE

    I think it all comes down to if a man wanna be kept.. have those good vibes and what he needs to make him stick around and don’t give him things that you think he wants because someone told you that’s how a man should be treated..
    That’s some good though pretty obvious advice. If a woman needs all those tips I’d imagine she’s not a great partner as some of these should come naturally to someone you care about like cooking for him etc.. others would depend on the individual like give him some space or have a “I don’t care” attitude.. some like it, others don’t..
  • laPrincesitaRoxi
    I was kinda agreeing didn’t see the issue what you were saying right up until your started to get sexist and assume cooking is the female role and sure a woman can cook for her man but can we not embrace the idea that it’s a woman’s job? Not all women want to cook and might even prefer a guy who’s gonna cook I don't know but point is that’s very ideal advice anymore it’s a very outdated idea the whole gender role thing.
    I can agree with a lot else that you said especially the no checking phones that ones facts and us women have good intuition and when something is up we’ll always find out anyways
  • Regmorus
    That's an ideal picture of basics. You nailed everything exactly. WOW!

    I think it really would keep any normal and good man like forever, absolutely! Sad that so many girls would probably disagree with you.

    Those who say it's not what is needed are simply not capable of it as person or don't want a good AND normal man (which is fine as well, to each their own).

    Just to not induce wrong impression: I don't count me in by the mentioned kind of men, however in my case these more or less would have to be the selfexplanatory givens for the girl.
  • honestmind
    2,4,7,8,10 are a must

    But seriously, if I found a girl like this I would marry her

    Well done!
  • Avicenna
    This is excellent advice. I'd add though, that good, open, honest communication in general is also crucial.
  • MindyV8610
    I've done #5 and I didn't know this bothered him when I didn't react to his stories about women flirting with him since I trusted him. In the end he told me he made up all the stories about random women flirting with him.
  • the_bruh
    Well I'm certainly jealous of the one you're with or going to be with.
  • iambae
    Very good advice; now where are the women that actually do all this stuff and are still single? Lol
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Keep in mind. It's "how to keep a man" not "how to keep a boy"
    • And how to keep a boy: You don't because they don't appreciate.

      And that's what a lot of girls here are talking about.

    • Regmorus

      GREAT! 100%!

  • Slim57
    Definently keep a woman around who does these things
  • Jessie91331
    Simple, at least once a week, give him a blow job. It isn't that difficult, it can really be lots of fun and the guy will be yours forever.
  • ManHater
    One rule above all these. "DON'T BE A DUMB CUNT"!

    No MAN likes to have a stupid ditssy woman around.
  • worldscolide
    love this.. my wife does most of this.. I do most of the cooking though. I think a lot of this goes both ways though.
  • Jjpayne
    OMG! This is really great stuff!!! I could not agree with you more!!
    • Jjpayne

      Very well written! A key that you touched on was space for each other which is so healthy and important

    • Jjpayne

      And not nagging and not bring jealous are so easy to fall into but so important to getting better with in a relationship.

    • Jjpayne

      Girls seem to really like your article 😂
      I got two thumbs down for my approval 😂

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  • JKingOff
    Wow, great advice! It's interesting the way that you worded some of it, and I would not have had the patience to explain everything like that. your words and wisdom sound like they come from someone who has years of experience in a single successful relationship, and ongoing. I absolutely love your mentality, and I think any guy would be truly blessed to be with someone who is similar to you. I hope every female that reads this learns from it and takes it to heart and is able to apply this newfound knowledge in future successful relationships.
    • Rocco70

      Thanks man, im 18, and really not too bright, but to make up for ut I feel, and watch and listen. All my life girls used me but hey, thats cool, but sometimes its not. Im going into opre med next week, Univ South Africa, I spent 1 yr in high school, im not intelligent man, but again, I watch and listen, Someday maybe I can be smart. Im going to be a childrens doctor, my country needs me, every day little black children hurt and scream, their parents haven't money for doctors. I won't charge one dime, Im very blessed. In closeing, i can speaak Zulu fluently, im waiting so hard to help, at times I've cried because their my people too, were all, black and white children if Mother Afrikka. Be well my friend

    • Rocco70

      I brought all this up becausedespite wealth, i hear and sense the childrens hurt. If we work to heal, without color or religion, then were truly doing our work. For God, if bot for him, then for decency. Our lives become richer with love, our sight clearer, oyr hearts bifger. Auf weidershein, m. Rothschild, jogannesburg

  • Meatunnel69
    How To Keep a Man!
  • Clayaya
    This shit is stupid. Fuck keeping anyone. Just be solid Within yourself people come & go this is toxic.
    • Clayaya

      Men are not something to prioritize or be kept. YOU ARE. Your goals your aspirations it’s never anything or anyone outside of you. Know that you are whole on your own.

    • Lol as expected, a feminazi spreading her toxicity

  • DavidDong
    I do like a girl that can steer me correctly and push me to a more supportive person, push me to improve my career for example.

    I like a independent woman, which you described relatively well.

    I have always seen the woman as the person that can push my ass further and obviously that doesn't mean shouting in my ear, but working with me.

    My mum kept my dad because my mum helped him basically build his life, I mean really, he lived in a small village and now we live in a high end place. Essentially by my mum carrying weight.

    A relationship isn't bedroom and lovey dovey time at a cafe, it's a symbiosis, a blend.
    That is wife material not just keep a man for longer.
  • charlet
    Men will always be with the women that like to have sex with the most-my advice.. learn how to ride.. that's how u keep your man
  • ConstantPain
    I would prefer a women who was okay with a sexless relationship. So that would be important twist.
  • Aquiline_feast
    Man are born to be free. I have no intentions of keeping them forcefully.
  • Daniel3035
    All pretty good 5&6 tho be careful with or it will be spanking time.
    • SuzuBrooke

      Eh, could be said the other way around for men. But she's meaning as in don't be completely dependant on that person to have fun and bring life to the party. Gotta be your individual self if you know what I mean.

    • Daniel3035

      @SuzuBrooke Eh well we will both be unable to sit down for a week.
      Yeah but if that is true then why are you with a man if you are not dependent? Reality is you can do that so far but do need someone else you should be more likely to depend on a man than be independent.
      That's the whole point of a relationship. And you can't do everything alone like going abroad and exploring alone because you could get kidnapped or something would feel safer with someone.

  • mrgspoter
    Nearly all them means you think you claver enough to know what separate and diffrent creature thinks and wants it's wrong mostly lol
  • TheFlak38
    How to keep a man: Suck his dick.
    Here you go ladies. I saved you time.
  • captain_voidwalker
    2 easy steps to keeping a man. Step 1 keep is belly full, step 2 keep his balls empty
  • becreative321456987
    Too much. Just suck his dick and don’t be so angry all the time.
    • Bruh, you basically invited all the femcels of GAG to mob the shit outta ya with that line xD I don't necessarily agree, but I do think the bluntness of it was hilarious, so cred where it's due.

  • Pulseofsulfur
    Why can't women be like this?
    I 100% agree with this. I can't describe it better than you lol
  • Loladaisy12
    Most ridiculous article I’ve ever read. Have a word with yourself and stop being a massive doormat.
  • michael1469
    Putting out will also help too. Cook him a meal AND service him...
  • spartan55
    Finally a pink user nails it. Well done!
  • PiffDust
    There's my reading for the week, thank you
  • Lynx122
    Great Take!!! I agree with everything you said :)
  • chriscdi
    and i believe you are cuffed... correct?
  • MotherEarth2020
    Blackmail and entrapment works great to
  • msc545
    Nice mytake which 99% of women will ignore.
  • Jerre
    Agree with all your points. Good job!
  • The_Mad_Pirate
    Those are some very good advice.
  • S_Rose
    Thank you <3
  • ChefPapiChulo
    "how to scare away a man"
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Don't change from when your relationship started.
  • livontad
  • jimmy2
    Good stuff
  • nameloading
    Good advice!
  • Smf1989
    Nice inTake
  • db684
    As Ninja said: "Stop Negging. Don't be a negger."
  • robocop666
    give him good blowjobs. problem solved
    • You have no idea how much that little thing will keep him happy. I've gotten with lots of guys and their wife or long term g/f won't do it. So, they start to look around. I still dont know why so many girls have probs with head, but their loss.

    • robocop666

      @Jessie91331 this comment deserves to be the MHO

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Nice Take.
  • Mamamialetmego
    We don't care girls just want to fuck and leave.
  • KrakenAttackin
    Good list.
  • scooogy
    I should have bet on the many likes on this 😂
  • AkshiJanjua
    That's too much ofa perfect woman lol
    • I-C3_ME

      Isn't that the thing about relationships, u both have to put the work in to make and keep each other happy? So yes a woman that does all this can be amazing but the guy also needs to do he's part

  • Asianguy123
    give him sex, food, laundry
  • Kuressento
    Wow, that is very helpful advice.
  • lehoanglinh2022
    Không bao giờ giữ được đàn ông
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  • Anonymous
    How to keep a man:

    Don't cheat on him with a cute guy you met at a party and accepted to give him your snapchat and go on a date with him without telling him you have a boyfriend and without telling your boyfriend about the whole thing

    Fucking hell dude, what's wrong with you?
  • Anonymous
    “Keep his ballS empty and his stomach full”. That’s the keep it simple rule from mature ladies.
    • Anonymous

      @Emily204 Inthink you say that to all the guys 😄

  • Anonymous
    I'll just add that you remain his "girlfriend." Meet him at the door dressed to the nines or in sexually suggestive clothes occasionally. Give him a surprise BJ now and then (my girl does when I'm trying to watch sports, ha). Many posts use the word bitch. The positive way of saying don't be a bitch is to just remain respectful.
    • zariahdp

      Meanwhile guys can’t even give a woman a simple orgasm or a nice tongue lashing and your asking for all that? Bitch fuck you😂😂😂😂

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