Surprising Measures to Take to Keep Your Relationship Spicy 🔥


Hello! Me again! Hope everyone is doing well despite the pandemic and the current (and rather suspenseful) election going on in the US. Perhaps this can help you get your mind off things for a second. Enjoy!

1. Close the bathroom door.

Yes, being comfortable in a relationship is extremely important because it shows trust. It`s a liberating feeling that you can share everything with a partner, even during those times when you are most vulnerable. However, I strongly believe that bathroom time is me-time, regardless of how much you are willing to share with your partner. You can survive ten minutes away from each other so you can do your private business, no? The reason I say this is because your partner is going to imagine you in all your different forms; when you are dressed up, just woken up, when you`re sick, etc. However, when they see you constantly sitting on the toilet taking a poo, and making the room smell, it can be a subconscious turn-off later. When you`re having sex, such images can also pop into your mind.

Surprising Measures to Take to Keep Your Relationship Spicy 🔥

2. Take it easy with the sugary name-calling.

Calling your partner cute names during the day can be sweet and an indication of your love for each other. However, calling each other "honey", "honey bunny", "sweetie pie", "pumpkin" and so forth slowly makes the relationship less sexy and spicy. Instead, use each other`s real names or nicknames more frequently and see how that changes things.

Surprising Measures to Take to Keep Your Relationship Spicy 🔥

3. Stick to your manners.

Of course, it`s funny to have farting contests once you start getting comfortable. It`s hilarious to let out a huge burp, but having poor manners even after years of dating can be quite the turn-off. If you show your partner you still care about impressing them and acting properly around them, it will make your partner more sexually attracted to you. If you happen to let out a fart or burp, laugh about it, but then proceed with saying "excuse me" or "oh my god I`m so sorry".

Surprising Measures to Take to Keep Your Relationship Spicy 🔥

4. Keep trying new things.

This does not only mean in the bedroom (because that`s pretty much self-explanatory!). If you keep trying out new hobbies, looks, exercises, etc, it will give your partner new ways to get to know you. Their curiosity about who you are and what you like to do will never end! It also introduces new activities to include in the relationship that maybe the two of you can do together.

Surprising Measures to Take to Keep Your Relationship Spicy 🔥

All in all, these are very small measures and require very little energy to do. Who doesn`t want simple and free ways to keep your relationship feeling new, refreshed, and spiced? 🔥

Surprising Measures to Take to Keep Your Relationship Spicy 🔥
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  • thehorriblesheikh
    Interesting. I think the second point is very important, calling someone by their real name can be a turn on, it is for me. I can't help but feel turned on whenever a woman takes my name, and when a woman calls me "love" or "hun".

    However, if a woman calls me "dude", it can be a turn off, unless I am close friends with the woman. As for "sweetie", that comes off as rather rude to me, no matter who says it.
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    • ragequeen

      Exactly. Words have connotations. Good or bad. Words like "honey" or "sweetie" or even "buddy" have more like sugar-sweet, innocent, and friendly connotations. If you want your relationship to become more sexualized, you have to change those associations. Calling your partner by their names or nicknames or even "baby" takes you back to the honeymoon phase when both were nervous and excited about each other without being too comfortable.

    • Yeah, a word has so much power over a person that it can set one's mood for the whole day. Using them strategically towards something can yield satisfying results in a relationship.

      I like the idea of calling my female friends or perhaps a partner "babe", to come off as caring in a deeply intimate way. Sometimes I say "girl" or "man" when I am trying to convey to someone that I am worried about them. We all have our special words we use.

  • DJB72
    Are you sure you're 19?

    Insightful wisdom. My wife and I have used the bathroom in each others presence, but only when we've been so sick we needed assistance. Your take on keeping the relationship fresh is refreshing. There's more that goes into it than you mentioned, but to cover everything you'd need to write a book the size of Encyclopedia Brittanica!
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    • ragequeen

      Thanks for the feedback :)

    • DJB72

      No problem. Your insight is still way beyond what most people have at 19 though!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Kayla45
    I don't have a relationship with anybody but I'll keep this in mind for when I do.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I absolutely agree with 1, 3, and 4. I usually call my partner "honey" or "sweetie" and am not aware that has ever been a problem for us.
  • bigCraneGuy
    You should never stop dating your spouse. Monogamy is not something that fits into our natural order of things so to keep it you have to constantly reattract and re-impress your mate. Your husband or wife and then your kids and then you're in-laws and so on in that order of priorities and importance.

    My wife loves to dance so I learned to dance period it took me a few years to really get it down but I know all kinds of fancy dances now. Not club popping but actual dances.
    • One more thing my dad taught me. This was true at my grandparents home as well. Barring horrible nightmares no children are allowed in the parents room. For one it teaches your children boundaries. And B it gives you a space of your own as a couple or even just as people

  • Bluemax
    Number one. OMG! YES! YES! YES!
    I never urinated or defecate in front of my wife and she did likewise.

    Actually when I think about it there was one time my wife impishly followed me and two friends into the men's room at a Denny's. We all peed in front of her. She just stood with her back to us and made playful and mischievous conversation.

    But that was the only time.
  • ohshee
    Amen and you sound like lots of fun. All I can say is I agree 100% and you get it I've always have said the same thing kinda. , and that is have I ever fucked you the same way twice. Nooope if something is worth having well it's worth working for it even tho thsts not work to me it's giving and thst I love to do but anyway thank you for that that is some I have to add to my wish list lol
  • glock33sig357
    I find if you can do something completely unexpected randomly for or to your partner it keeps them guessing what's next eg: (women) As he comes home fuck him as he comes through the door, then treat him to his favorite meal with dessert and fuck the daylights out of him for the second time & finish up with a movie. (men) Take a lunch break come home for a quickie but keep her moist enough for you that she will reminded of you each time her pussy do involuntary kegals.
  • Massageman
    About #2 names you mentioned.
    I find it interesting that SO. MANY. NAMES. we call each other are food-related: Honeybunch, Sweetie Pie, Pumpkin, Honeydew, candygirl, etc
  • ArrowheadSW
    Pretty good advice! And the sugary name calling is annoying sometimes anyway. My ex-gf called me a name that I didn't like, and then she was hurt when I explained to her why I didn't like it... LOL
  • clampfan101
    I’m not in a relationship yet, but 1 and 3 seem super obvious.
    2 may or may not be difficult because I like cheesy romance. lol
    4 will be difficult because I’m a simple and very indoor person who doesn’t mind doing the same things for a long time. She may have to be the one giving new suggestions most of the time. I’m open to trying new things, the idea to do it simply doesn’t come to mind very often.
  • IronmanT
  • Lov2PlezUgurl
    Thank you so much if you have any more pointers or tips that you want to share you can always PM me I'm always looking for new information on how to please a woman
  • Torari
    How to have a healthy relationship 101.

    1. Have sex everywhere. No planning sex. Just do it whenever and whereever there is even the slightest hint of wanting it. Obviously whilst respecting other people right to not have to see that shit.

    2. Don't let other people tell you what you should want out of a relationship. It's your relationship, not theirs.

    3. If you're not happy, leave. Don't waste time in a shitty relationship hoping things will get better.
  • I like this! This was pretty fun to read! Thanks for posting it!
  • Finchie40
    Exactly my point add to the list of things a guy needs to do to get a girl in the mood , the book never ends lol
  • TruthBringer
    I get the feeling this is conciously or subconsciouly more directed to your desire for how you want your boyfriend to act. Nothing wrong with it lol
  • lovelyhoneybones
    You should be able to fart in front of your partner. I think it's really weird if my partner doesn't fart in front of me.
  • mobjay82
    Roleplay make up a hot scenario. go to the sex shop together, get some costumes, and sex games. men stop being nlil boys eat the damn cake
  • dadayvitos
    Amazing! I think the second poit is important. Words like "honey" or "sweetie" or even "buddy" have more like sugar-sweet, innocent, and friendly connotations.
  • TheAfrikan
    You are totally right you explained it in details , mostly the first point. Thank you for those sweet tips and keeping bringing in more.
  • MannMitAntworten
    I agree. Whoever said true love was using the moonhouse with your door open for your loved one to walk in was full of the proverbial shit. Sugary name calling is unimaginative. If this is common, chances are even the relationship is as dull as the creativity going into it. I would think maintaining a level of decorum would be a given. That is must be mentions must mean apparently it is not. Thankfully this has not ever been an issue in my dating world... well, perhaps one exception but I am still not entirely sure she was actually human and not from the 7th dimension of Hell. Here is where I agree and disagree. The quest to keep things ‘always’ new can in itself become an exhausting task. There is definitely room for familiarity. Just don’t overdue one or the other. It is all about a healthy balance.
    • What the hell happened to my numbers and separation to correspond to one through four? Effing app...

  • Alexalex92
    Good article! Be like a boyfriend and not like you're with your buddies and also to not get bored, do some new stuff on bed
  • Xoirwinkan
    And lathering your dick with hot sauce before surprising her with anal.
  • Y2KxD
    None of that makes a relationship "spicy" those are just mundane parts of a normal relationship
  • Alice9797
    I don't have a relationship with anybody but I'll keep this in mind for when I do.
  • Illusion4877
  • Heavenly_
    Interesting and cool advices, thank you!
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    I love this! Thank you for sharing
  • the_sinner
    Now that's something new!

    Very nice points.
  • knight2468
    I can’t agree more brilliant ideas
  • mrgspoter
    Yeah msybe
  • jimmy2
    Bless you good stuff
  • Jerre
    Very interesting and true.
  • a relationship with you seems like a full time job
    • G@G meme chef growin some hair i see

    • NotAggainn

      Umm yea, that's literally what a relationship is

    • @NotAggainn maybe for crazy people.

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  • Anonymous
    add hot sauce
  • Anonymous
    fuck all this I say give him blowjobs and he will be happy
  • Anonymous
    I wanted to try new things, but she got mad when she found me in bed with another woman. ... WTH?