Advice on Relationships and Marriage

Advice on Relationships and Marriage

This is phrased as though it is meant for the ladies, but men, you can learn from this too. You see, a man will not marry someone he is cool with. He is not going to marry someone that he likes. Just because he likes you doesn’t mean he’s going to marry you. You will not impress him with your looks. Your looks will get him to look but afterwards, he will look the other way because as good as you think you look, there is another lady who looks as good, if not better than you do. Have you ever noticed that there are men who marry a woman who looks less good because the true beauty in who she is, is that she challenges him to be a better person. You see, there is not a single man here that will marry a woman just cause she looks good, and just cause she’s got a nice smile. That’s not why he’s marrying her. He’s marrying you cause one day he sat on the bed and said this woman makes me wanna do so something real. This woman makes me wanna have kids. This woman makes me wanna start a business, get a job, get my money straight, get it together. That’s what relationships and marriage is about. You see, relationships are not friendships. Friendship is just courting, but relationships are a partnership. You are two people supporting each other. You are two imperfect people that alone, do not mean much, but together make a force to be feared. You build each other up. You sand down each other’s rough edges. You don’t give up on each other. If they have been treated badly by an ex, you help them get over their issues. You encourage their desires. You take, and you give. If you fight, then fight, but never give up on them. That’s what marriage or any relationship is about.

Advice on Relationships and Marriage
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  • Lliam
    I agree. Everything you said is true. Okay, I could quibble with "makes me wanna have kids, start a business, get a job, get my money straight", because a guy might already have his money straight and he might not give a fuck about having kids. Everyone is different. But I understand your point. Yes, a good woman makes a guy want to look more deeply at himself and be the best he can be. He wants to make a good life for his partner, which means a good life for them both. He wants her to be happy, fulfilled, safe and secure. And a good partner wants the same things for her man. That's why they make good partners.
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  • msc545
    Use your brain and DON'T get married unless you want to get divorce-raped a few years later. Marriage is a horrible deal for men.
  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Very nice take! I agree for the most part!
  • Jamie05rhs
    I totally agree with this.