A messed up Valentine's day and his way of making up for it


Long story short, my boyfriend slept all Valentine's Day, which left me feeling very lonely and disappointed.


I went on a walk on my own, he bought half-wiled tulips off a woman who had been gifted the flowers by her husband - a nice gesture, but not what I had anticipated.

See, I have very low expectations, but this was my first Valentine's Day ever where I was in a relationship, and I had told him in advance (communication is key) that I would love to get roses and chocolate on Valentine's, just because it would be a sweet gesture.

We gift each other something small each month for our anniversary because we're bored and love gifting one another, so we decided to turn it into something a little bigger this month (to make up for Valentine's) and I have to say, he really stepped his (already amazing) game up.

I miss having pets and have found taking care of plants to be a nice substitute, so he had given me a small orchid to take care off a few weeks back. I had managed to kill it, for reasons I am now aware off (it was a very cheap plant that had no shot at surviving in the first place), and I was pretty sad about that, so he decided to get me a new one.

He had already given me two beautiful and stunning succulents to take care off the previous day. Still, he returned with the most glorious orchid I had ever seen, absolutely amazing and beyond beautiful roses in a variety of colours and some cake.

[Photo by Margarita Terekhova on Unsplash]
[Photo by Margarita Terekhova on Unsplash]

After enjoying a cup of tea together, he told me he'd go and get himself some new shoes. So, he went, and came back with white Nike Air Force 1, which suited him well and I was really happy for him. Mainly because he doesn't have that many shoes and rarely ever spends money on clothes. He then said that this wasn't everything he'd gotten, went into another room and handed me another box.

[Photo by Brian Hall on Unsplash]
[Photo by Brian Hall on Unsplash]

I opened it and saw a beautiful pair of the Valentine's Day edition of the Air Force 1 (they have a heart on them on the side of the shoe). I honestly couldn't believe he had remembered that we had talked about getting a pair of couples shoes ages ago.

This is what I had been craving for years - someone so considerate they'd remember what I told them even months later.

I couldn't be happier right now and have been focussing on my offline life more than I have on posting here. So much has happened I honestly can't even process it right now.

My heart is so full but I have an important choice to make when it comes to this relationship, I'll try to write about that in my next post.

What did you do on Valentine's Day?

How would you have wanted to spend it with a siginficant other?

What's one thing you wish your partner would remember about you?

A messed up Valentine's day and his way of making up for it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    My boyfriend and I had had plans for Valentine’s Day but he got covid so we had to cancel our plans. Now he’s finally out of quarantine but because he hasn’t seen his dad in a few months he is spending the weekend at his dad’s house and we haven’t done anything to make up for the Valentine’s Day date we missed- he had told me he had a lot planed. I want to hint to him about it but I can tell he’ll make the excuse that he wants to spend time with his dad. I am a very understanding person and do not have high expectations at all but I feel like this is going to continue to be an issue in our relationship because I put a lot of thought into everything and I feel like he half-asses it sometimes. I’m glad you had a great belated Valentine’s Day!
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    • I can relate to this so much, especially because I used to be that person who was always planning, organising, investing time and energy into something that wasn't important to my partner and so on.

      I'm now with a person who basically has time for me 24/7, which is an incredibly unique situation. I can't even count how many times he's gone to get me flowers, groceries, sweets or simply breakfast.

      Don't settle for less. We all have our flaws - he can't really clean, for example, but that's something I choose to put up with because he tries to help still.

      I'm sorry that your boyfriend got Covid and that he wants to see his Dad now. How about setting up a Date for 14 March? A month later? I think that would be a nice, discreet way to get your message across.

      I hope you get to have the belated Valentine's day you deserve!

    • exitseven

      The pandemic has screwed up everyone's life. In the big scheme of things it could be worse. Everyone needs a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Tell him that you are giving him one of those cards but expect something big for Valentines Day,

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    And this is why guys hate Valentines Day. All this post was about was the guy doing this and the guy doing that and the guy buying loads of crap and not one mention of one thing you did for him for Valentines Day

    Hopefully you at least get him a nice steak and a good blowjob for Steak & Blowjob Day in a month
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    • I'm not used to highlighting what I do all day in my culture, so here's what I did:

      I surprised him with an electric shaver, several shaving products, things he can use in the bath tub because this is currently the most relaxing and exciting part of our day, an eye mask because he's complained he can't sleep without one, a home cooked meal and a foot rub. I got him so much stuff in total that he had forgotten about a lot of them the next day.

      He immediately went to the bathroom and went from a full head of hair and a long beard to a military style hair cut and a 'stache. He was giggling with joy the whole time.

      I treat my man very, very well. I keep him clean, groomed and healthy, to an extent where he gets hit on in public now because he's so full of love and energy.

      Your comment was rude. I'm glad I'm with someone who understood what it means to finally be happy, to be committed to a healthy relationship and to enjoy the gift of giving. It's truly a privilege to see someone's eyes light up when you guessed what they wanted before they wanted it.

    • Anonymous

      That's great, it's just too bad someone had to pry it out of you to get the complete picture. Original post just came across completely self centered

    • I understand that it may have and I'm sorry if it did, I wrote it in a hurry and was really happy about what he did, so I didn't think it was worth mentioning what his expectations were and how I met them.

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  • AdithyaR
    I spent my Valentine's day indoors studying and doing assignments. It's an overrated celebration for me.
    All my friends who are single have this thing where they spend the day together since they aren't dating. I just opted out and stayed in to get my work done, read a bit and play some video games. A good day for me.
  • Tuna陶拿恆
    I would probably do something lovely, there is no way I would let it go but I am afraid of something. I am a passionate person myself and over time I probably couldn't find what else to do after so many valentine days and making her expectation high would depress me.
    • Honestly, I think the most time you spend with one another, the more you'll appreciate the small things.
      Don't worry about disappointing your significant other too much and you won't!

  • Jjpayne
    That is so beautiful and adorable! I've yet to have a love but I'm glad that got to experience that! Thank you for continuing to share your romantic experience! It is inspiring!
  • Ewgies01
    I love it! That’s so sweet. We like to order a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day and enjoy it together with a glass of wine.
    • Me too, he really made a point of making up for our somewhat ruined Day.
      That sounds so sweet too :)!!

  • lilyanony1
    As for valentines day lots of people say lots of crap about how it's commercial and yadda yadda yadda, what about Christmas, Easter? Any other day of the year that the world celebrates together?
    There's no definitive way to celebrate it its about what's special to you.

    I'm glad he made up for things in a way that was special to you.

    My ex used to "forget or work" just to avoid the day, tbh he did that for my birthday and Christmas too.
    Appreciated and special that's all most of us want to feel.
    Best wishes to you
    • Thank you for sharing your opinion :)
      Neither of us celebrates Christmas or Easter, so Valentine's is basically our only shot at something commercial, LOL.
      Thanksgiving and Halloween aren't big this side of the world either.

      It's a shame that your ex did that - I think it's important to have at least one day a year dedicated to you as a couple where you can show each other what you appreciate about your relationship.
      Best wishes to you too!

  • I got my girlfriend flowers. I get her some every Valentine's Day. This was the first of 3 we couldn't be together at all during.
  • Kas19
    My boyfriend said he was planning something for us while I was at work. He fell asleep and forgot to plan for Valentine's day, and forgot to pick me up from work. I ubered home. Then we got nuggies and got drunk.
  • McKellar
    So that boyfriend of yours messed up on your Valentine's day, and he made it up to you, and you're still crazy in love with him?

    Be content with the relationship that you have. If I was in his shoes & my first attempt of a Valentine's day gift for my woman failed,... even if I did successfully make it up to her, she would have left me anyways.
    • I'm very confused with your response.
      My boyfriend was tired because we had talked all night, he overslept and still tried to salvage the whole situation. He made up for it in so many ways that it ended up being a much nicer time for me than I had ever dreamed of.

      Why would I break up with him? It's not like this was so important anyways, I mostly wrote about it on here because it's a seasonal topic.
      This didn't influence the way I see him as much as much of his behaviour towards me has over the past few months.

  • slatyb
    I bought a dozen lovely white roses from the florist a few blocks away. They lasted for about two weeks. They should have, it was almost $10/stem.
    • That's so lovely!
      In my experience, they last longer when you put them in hot water before they're about to die, it gives them an extra 2-4 days.

  • GowerPower
    Not really a fan of Valentines day, I've never really got why people go mental for gifts on it saying oh my partner us so romantic and spontaneous. No they're not, literally the whole gift industry and more has been reminding them for a month to do something. Lol.
    Surely its more romantic when you get flowers or something on a random Monday just because they missed you that day?
    • I understand your point of view, but in Germany, I don't feel like Valentine's Day is milked commercially as much as it is in other countries.

      He does get me random small gifts throughout the month and I appreciate that SO MUCH too! We're trying to make it a point to be nice to one another even when it's a little diffiult because nobody's perfect after all.

  • Pulseofsulfur
    That's such a sweet story. But I honestly didn't do anything for Valentine's Day. I just randomly fell into a depressed state because I felt like no one loves me
  • CriticalDiscourse
    Valentine's day fucks with people's heads and this is a prime example of that. Listen, I'm glad you're happy, I just personally find the pressure to "do stuff for your partner because this particular day dictates you do" sets so many people (mainly women) to feel disappointed or less important if their lover doesn't go "all out."

    It's unfair pressure for a lot of people and just wracks people's self-esteem, all in the name of consumerism.

    Still, glad you're happy. I just think Valentine's day is nothing but a consumerism holiday, like most holidays.
    • I agree with you, it's just that in my family, Valentine's Day wasn't celebrated and this was the first time I had a boyfriend. I really appreciated how he showed me his affection, but honestly, it's not about Valentine's itself and more about the bigger picture.
      I was just happy to enjoy this experience with my partner.

  • MissGeorgia
    I dread Valentine’s Day... but then again, I also dread my birthday but enjoy other people’s.
    Nice gestures are good for any random day in a relationship. There is far too much pressure on one day... and it could go wrong, which leaves one or both parties upset.
    You can make any day Valentine’s Day.

    Remember the good things you do for each other, and remember that your partner is only human. We all mess up occasionally. We’re not always in the mood for a certain type of “special” occasion.
    It’s not worth holding one “bad” day against someone.
    Don’t see it as “making up” for something, but see it as a nice day that you had together.
    • This is an interesting opinion!
      I agree with you. We tend to celebrate our anniversary each month as we haven't been together that long yet and it's still reallyy exciting to have made it this far without messing things up.

      I also agree on the "not always in the mood for a special occasion" part, that's definitely true.

  • jimmy2
    God bless you 2
  • MannMitAntworten
    I worked as usual.
  • spartan55
    What? You didn't bite each others faces this time?
  • MyExBackCoach
    So what did you get him for Valentine's Day?
    • I awarded the post where I disclosed more information about that most helpful guy, so it's at the very top of the comments section.

  • EthenKirkwood
    Must be nice to have a boyfriend...
  • Catwalks
    Lockdown ruined my Valentine’s Day too