Everybody wants my boyfriend?

I am faced every day with hurtful comments about how ugly I am for my boyfriend or how I'm not enough for him. His mother and his little sister used to say horrible things to me. They made fun of me for being broke (his family has a lot of money), they make fun of me for not having a big butt or boobs and they say I am not womanly enough for him, they would call me a stick, and they have said that I cannot go to the beach with him because everyone there would think I'm a boy. A lot of the girls he has classes with would tell him that I'm ugly and that I don't know how to dress and mock me because I can't even get a new pair of sneakers.

There is the issue of female attention. Being very attractive, and very charming, he gets a lot of female attention. it still bothers me to think that even MY friends (I'm still questioning their worth as friends), would take him from me if they could. a girl who i thought was my friend kissed him, knowing how I felt about him. My friend has made jokes about how she could take him from me. Another girl offered to suck his you know.

My best friends family want my boyfriend for their daughter.

He checks out other girls and I know all guys do it, but it really hurts me. I can't even go to the mall with him without him looking at the curvy girls (which kills me a lot because all I've ever wanted was to be curvy and beautiful). He'll even talk to me about the hot girls he used to talk too.

I am completely aware that he's the better looking one, he's the one everyone likes, the one every girl wants to be with. I am completely aware that I am completely below him. But I hate to be reminded of him by everybody. I hate that everyone reminds me about how no good I am for anyone and how I have to try 5x harder at everything just to try to be on his level.

I've always been digested by how I look, but it's gotten worse. I can't eat, or sleep. I'm ruined. Help me.
Everybody wants my boyfriend?
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