Cute guy introduced himself. Should I be forward and is it worth a try?

Ok, so I am not the hottest girl on campus or anything, but I am also not totally lacking. Today, this really really cute guy came up and introduced himself to me. Normally this wouldn't happen to me, so I thought it was weird.

He came up and said hi as we were walking. I think he may have thought I was cute too because he seemed kinda nervous (saying sorry when he messed up something he said XD). it was really cute, and I thought that he was really hot. He asked what floor of our dorm that I live on too.

IDK. Maybe I am imagining things, but I think he might be interested.

Should I go and initiate by saying hi again/stopping by his room? Or would this be a futile effort and is all in my imagination? Haha. I know it seems silly to ask this, but I have only dated once before and am slightly inexperienced. Just had a really bad breakup about a month ago too. Hope you guys can help. Maybe I will be motivated to go talk to him. I am very shy too if that helps at all.

Thanks All!
Go drop by and say hi.
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Let him come to you and see what happens.
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Whoa. Awesome answers guys. So I guess I should just leave it at: be nice and forward next time I see him instead of finding him to say hi a second time? We only met really briefly.
Cute guy introduced himself. Should I be forward and is it worth a try?
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