What does "I think I love you" mean?

so anyhow me and my boyfriend have been off and on for more than a year. and he already knows that I love him, because I told him. and so anyhow last night, I asked him how much he really liked me, and he paused and then said I like you a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot. and I'm like mmm.. well do you think you could ever love me? and he's like, I was going to say I love you but I stopped myself because I don't really believe in the word love since my parents got a divorced. And then he's like but I think I do love you. And we do hangout like everyday and he always calls me and texts me rather than me doing so. So my question is what do you think? do you think he love mes, or do you think he just said that? And love isn't something you gotten believe in, its an emotion and you know when you love someone. So that's why I'm a little conscious.


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  • He cares for you a lot and If his parents divorce was anything like mine was, I don't understand how 2 people that said "I love you" and got married could have done that to each other, it was ugly. He may just be wounded and nervous about it, don't overly push it, he will say it when he is ready. For now, just know that he REALLY likes you and he's thought of you in a loving way. Good luck.


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  • I've said that before because I felt like I had to... and I didn't mean it, but his parents got divorced so it is probably hard for him to know what love is.

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