My boyfriend bruises me but does it in a joking manner, is that normal?

First off I should start off saying I have fair skin so it might just be why the bruises show up. Anyways, my boyfriend will grab me roughly and say he's joking. Tonight he kind of scared me when we where at the drive in movies. We where parked in my car and he grabbed my arms held me down and was trying to lick me (because I hate that) he said in a very cold voice that if he wanted to do anything he could but he's choosing not to as he gripped tighter to my arms and stared angrily into my eyes. A majority of the time when he ends up bruising me accidentally is when he is trying to do the licking thing. He will grab my arms tight and I will try to pull away and he will just grab it tighter and towards him no matter how much I fight it. I don't know if he is just joking or maybe trying to prove his strength. Just after tonight it made me very uncomfortable. He also keeps bringing up abuse like he mentioned about a girl he knows that gets beat up by her boyfriend and he brings up that I would blame him for bruises and say he abuses me. I'm starting to get a little scared by him. I don't think he's abuses, I just think he isn't aware as to how it makes me feel. He seems to be getting a little more aggressive with his joking. I think he might just have a cruel sense of humor but it's making me feel uneasy. Im not sure what to think or know if I should be even concerned about this. Is this normal relationship behavior?
My boyfriend bruises me but does it in a joking manner, is that normal?
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