Rejected for being a male virgin?

A bit of background information about myself. I am a 27 year old white American male who has literally done nothing physical with a woman, including kissing. Now before people think I'm an obese neck beard I'm 6'4", have an athletic physique (swimmers type build) and facially on par with guys like a young Tom Brady, Freddie Ljunberg, etc.

Anyway, I decided to go back to college this year, more for personal reasons and not so much due to career goals, and this entire year has been annoying as hell in regards to meeting women. They all have/had boyfriends so it never went anywhere, despite the fact they were attracted to me. However, the other week I met some random 18 year old girl on campus, I got her number and we went out on Friday. The date went really well, or so I thought, and we were together for about 5 hours. The next day we spent some time together, we did some brief shopping and then went over to my place to watch a movie. After the movie was done we were chatting for a while and at some point in the conversation I mentioned to her that I had never been with a woman before. I felt kind of awkward but she said she appreciated it that I told her and assured me that it wasn't an issue.

Anyway, this entire week I've been trying to spend some time with her and it's been getting me nowhere, she makes her responses kind of open ended without really committing to anything.

Is this normal? Do women hate virgin men, especially those who are older? I'm just assuming she must think there is something wrong with me to be an attractive guy and still a virgin at my age. I'm feeling really angry about this because I feel betrayed and insulted.
Rejected for being a male virgin?
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