If you've seen "Legends of The Fall", did Tristan love Susannah or Isabel?

I know that's old but I really love that movie and It's kinda close to me.
I always thought that Tristan loved Susannah but he also loved Isabel, though who he loved more?
I think all of females have been in the place of Susannah and Isabel at one point in their lives.
Watch a short video to remember what was between them or If you haven't seen a movie watch and write your opinion.
Tristan and Susannah

Tristan and Isabel

  • If you've seen "Legends of The Fall", did Tristan love Susannah or Isabel?He loved Susannah
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  • If you've seen "Legends of The Fall", did Tristan love Susannah or Isabel?He loved Isabel
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  • You know, I actually like this movie. Sort of. When I say I only "sort of" like the movie, I sort of roll my eyes at this almost Ayn Rand-type, unattainable male hero. I mean, the truth is that Tristan was a complete asshole that everyone worshipped. I do believe that Tristan loved his father and his brothers, but he didn't love any woman and I think he hardly loved himself.


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  • I noticed a lot of girls like brad Pitts character in this movie? Is it looks or something else?

  • I haven't seen it. Is it a good movie? Would I like it?
    If its too girly then nah.

  • lol good luck getting answers for this. i remember the movie but i can;t recall that

    • Is that you who voted for Susannah? Watch short videos, I posted above and how you guess?

  • This proves you are very old. Lol

    • I am just 2 years older than you xD You are at the age of one of my guys from past, so don't call me old :D

    • Oops I thought I was still 20, well as long as I've been 21 for a day already, I am 3 years older than you. And my past guy is 19 now. SO YEAH, It's not like I am old, It just you too young hahaha

    • I apologize for calling you old. Grandma

  • Isabel

    • How do you know?
      Love of Tristan and Susannah was kinda speechless and very deep nowhere like love of Tristan and Isabel. I think he loved them both but why do you think Isabel more than Susannah?

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