Invading the privacy of your girlfriend/boyfriend?

whose fault is it when your invading the privacy of your gf/bf?

My current boyfriend was texting his ex Lauren the other night when he was drunk and I was with him, I asked him what they were texting about and he said nothing. Last night when I was curious I asked to borrow his phone to find my phone, and he caught me looking through his texts, and he had deleted the texts from his ex Lauren, but had been texting a different ex yesterday!

I know it was wrong to do it, but he was being all sketchy about texting his ex the other night I wanted to know what it was about. He's never cheated before and I do trust him, but I was mostly jealous rather then not trusting him, and his response to when we were talking about it after he caught me was...

"You should have just asked me, I would be honest with you." but when I said I did ask the other night and he was sketchy about it he said "I was drunk, and probably just wanted to annoy you." How does that make sense? If he's not gonna tell me why should I even ask?

Again, I know I was wrong to do it, but is it not a little sketchy that he was texting both of his ex's in the same weekend? Do I not have a right to be suspicious if he won't be honest with me?

We mostly worked it out, but next time it happens I hope he's honest.

What do you guys think?


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it annoys me that he was texting old girlfriends. I understand innocent flirting with others is needed to keep a relationship going to a certain extent but I don't want it to be behind my back or with girls he has had romantic feelings for in the past.
Invading the privacy of your girlfriend/boyfriend?
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