Why do I lose interest while developing a new relationship?

When I start a new relationship, I'm super into the guy, but sometimes I'll start to get bored. Not of him, but the process. It's so much work to get to know someone in an intimate way, like the transition from talking to boyfriend or whatever you want to be. It just seems like this void in time where it's like "are we monogamous? i'm not talking to anyone else, it's just important",
"do you feel like this is serious, or just me?",
what do i need to know about this person before i'm committed,
"do you just want to fool around or we talking like get together and stay together for as long as possible?"
"how is the sex gonna be? when are we going to start doing that?"
"can i tell my friends, or should i just hold off?"

It's just a fuckton of work, like I really like him, but it's at that awkward stage, but is it weird i feel that way? i'm thinking i will feel totally committed when we get there but this stage makes me see his name light up on my phone and I just need at least 20 minutes some days to answer, even if he's just responding to whatever i said. i don't think it's him, it's this process.
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lol y'all are so annoying. i didn't say HE was boring, because i'm not even complaining about him. i'm saying i think the "what are we" stage is not fun and i asked why i feel that way. but all y'all dr. phil's who most are single, think i need a real man or that i'm ungrateful, if you can't read, don't reply.
Why do I lose interest while developing a new relationship?
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