What would you do if your girlfriend pooped in the toilet and forgot to flush?

You walk in the bathroom and see that your girlfriend left a huge pile of poop in the toilet. What would you do?

I would probably have to break up with her. I wouldn't be able to get past that. I know that girls poop but I wouldn't be able to handle actually seeing it. Serious. And I'm not the only guy who thinks like that.
What would you do if your girlfriend pooped in the toilet and forgot to flush?
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I’m from the school of thought that girls don’t shit. But my girlfriend left a load in the toilet and I saw it. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?


Straight up, it's nearly impossible to come back from that. Deep down we all know the truth about females' capability to blow it clean out their asses but seeing it first hand is beyond damning. I once walked into an even worse scenario than you just described.

I was dating this girl who wasn’t filthy AT ALL. She was actually as cute as could be. The type you really couldn't imagine a forceful log coming out of. Well, one morning, after she left my apartment, I walked into my bathroom, lifted the toilet lid, and discovered something you can't un-see: before me was the unholiest loaf of shit I've ever caught eyes with, accompanied by a bloody tampon. BLEW MY MIND. Nearly hurled at the sight of it. This adorable girl defiled my throne in the most heinous way possible.

“How?” I asked myself. How could she dump, wipe, fling her used sponge into my toilet, and forget to flush? She even closed the lid so I know for a fact that at some point she had to look back and say, “Oh boy, look at that mess.” Yet, she still left it floating there for me to find.

So what should you do? Either throw bleach in your mind’s eye or move on. I chose the latter. I couldn’t forgive her for befouling me like that. Part of me actually believes it was her way of trying to get out of the relationship we had going for us. And if it was, then brav-f*cking-o, she went above and beyond the call of duty.
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To this day I've never known of my mother, sister or other female relatives pooping and I think all girls should practice this high level of discretion

Like this woman for example

"I have been with my fiance for four years. I still wait until he is asleep, not at home, or doing something for a long time (mowing, jogging, etc) before I do the #2. I will suffer painfully before pooping while he's awake. Which isn't hard since girls don't poop. :)"
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What would you do if your girlfriend pooped in the toilet and forgot to flush?
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