Should I keep waiting for him?

A month ago, I told the guy I like my feelings for him on dms. He typed a long paragraph saying I’m a lovely person but he’s not ready to date yet after what happened between him and the girl he liked. They never dated; they liked each other but she played hard to get so he got tired and confused. And most of his past relationships went horrible so he wanted to take a break. He told me to wait for him, maybe a month, and he might return his feelings for me and ready to date but he wants us to be friends rn.

After my confession, we’re not awkward at all. We tease each other a lot, and he sometimes calls me and we spend more than an hour on call with each other. It seems like he’s just trying not to be awkward around me since I like him. It’s ok if he only likes me as a friend. But not trying to sound selfish but waiting for him seems a bit unfair for me since he’s making my hopes high of me dating him even if it might not happen. I don't know if I should wait for him any longer

Should I keep waiting for him?
21 d
Hey guys! thanks for ur opinions. I’ve considered myself moving on from him. But should I be distant to him for a while cuz that might work for me? But I don’t want to stop being friends with him. It’s just he’s making me confused so I kinda want some space from him. He always talks to me so it might be hard for me to get distant and I can’t just ignore him
20 d
Hey guys! Sorry for bothering u again. I had a talk with him and he said he kinda liked me during the day I told him that I like him. But he didn’t tell me that during that day. Rn he’s confused about his feelings but he rejected me at the end of the day. He only likes me as a good friend now
Should I keep waiting for him?
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