Guys; would you ask a girl her age unless you liked her?

I took a leave from my job while I was away at school and just came back to work again over spring break. Since I left a few new people have been hired including this cute guy who's two years younger than me. ( I'm a freshman in college, he's a junior in h.s) After work today I asked him to give me a ride home, and he agreed. While we were in the car he asked me where I go to school, and then when I told him he was like "so how old are you anyway?" I told him I'm eighteen and then he followed up by telling me he was seventeen. The conversation continued on, but I couldn't help wondering... am I over thinking it or was he asking me my age out of interest? [as in he likes me]


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  • I think he was just curious. If you were 23 or something he would definitely think differently than you being 18. He may like you but asking you your age probably wouldn't be a result of that.

    • How would he think differently of me? Also, say he was interested in me, would it make a difference to him that he's a year and a half( two years in school) younger than me?

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    • I'm sure he notices you and if he knows you well enough (which it seems he does) he already has an opinion made about you . At this point I don't think doing him favors is necessarily the best way to go about it. Since you are interested in him you should flirt with him but start in subtle ways. Remember that you can be the initiator too so if you want to ask him out.

    • Actually, this is only the third time I've worked with him and we haven't really "talked", just little comments here and there, mainly about work. I did tell him today that his haircut looked nice, but any other "subtle" suggestions for flirting?

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  • he's just curious. But he should know by now, a guy probably shouldn't ask a girls age straight out. He should have said, "when did you graduate from high school"? Then you just add 18 plus the years since she graduated. He probably wants to know if he's cruising with a cougar or jail bait. Laws are serious nowadays. Its nice to know, yeah? gooderz luck.

    • Haha yeahh. The thing though is, he already knew I was in college, because when I first introduced myself to everyone at work it came up that I was back for spring break after being away at school.

  • If the guy was me. I would follow the rule. After the age 18 then age is just a #, but after the age 21 then age is a much more fun #. ^.^

  • I think he was making conversation.


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