Should I be ok with my boyfriend wearing grey sweatpants in public? Like to the gym or class?

So grey sweatpants season in upon us and I don't know what to do. Me and my boyfriend have gotten into arguments over him wearing grey sweatpants or sweat pants in general. The problem is his dick is way bigger then average and like 5-6 soft so it leaves an obvious outline and he circumsized so the head leaves its own giant outline smh. So u can just see his junk and head all swinging around at the size or a regular hard on but u know he not hard cause it's just flopping around. Don't get me wrong it's a turn on and I love seeing it but I don't need other girls seeing it. We gotton in arguments over it and he got really mad because I said I woudnt care if he was small or average but he not and he said that not fair cause just because he large he can't be comfortable when at the gym or class like every else. He also sayes that I like to show off my body at the club. This is kinda true but not completely (I like to make girls jealous of my bod Im not trying to get male attention I love my bf). However he claims he only trying to be comfy but admitted to liking when people realize he bigger then them. I do kinda see his points tho cause I do wear sweats to class sometimes ans I love to be comfy plus I hate jeans. However I can't get over not wanting other girls to see. I get he's large and he can't hide the buldge all the time like it's seems like whatever shorts he wears shows a giant buldge when he sits down. All shorts seem to do that to him so I don't make a big deal out of it even though I noticed girls staring before. I just feel like he can avoid the whole sweatpants thing so I would like him too. So what should I do girls? Should I let him participate grey sweatpants season or stand my ground? Ps he hates wearing boxer briefs to control it cause he saise it squished him and ruins the point of be comfortable. Also do any of u girls struggle with something similar?
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OK I accepted I was in the wrong on this one. It's a tough pill to swallow tho any advice on how to get over the jealousy/insecurity?
Should I be ok with my boyfriend wearing grey sweatpants in public? Like to the gym or class?
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