Boyfriends friends hate me so much. What do I do?

I got into an argument with my boyfriend of two years and for new years eve we had plans to go to a party with his friends. I told him i didn't feel like going anymore but that he could go. He said "no I am going to come over so that we can fix things." I felt bad about doing that so I surprised him by showing up on his doorstep saying "lets just forget the fight and have fun with friends for the new years." However, when we got to his friends house. He saw me and said "dude, she's not welcomed here." I was so embarrassed. We left, and he sent them a message calling them "fu***** pricks. He took me out to a bar and did try to make up for it. I asked why they behaved that way; and he said he vented to them about how we have been arguing a lot lately. Later on, he asked me to respond to a text; and i saw another message from his other friend whom i liked a lot saying "BROO STOP DONT LEAVE WITH HER! DONT BE STUPID." I read earlier messages with him that said "brooo you got thisss. Dont fall for the enemy." I asked my boyfriend what is this? He said I don't know my other friends must of told him about our fight. I didn't really believe him. It looks to me that all of my boyfriends friends want him to dump me, and i can't for the life of me understand why. Yes we had a fight, but I have also been a great girlfriend; and I've known these people for TWO YEARS. Yes i said awful mean things, but he said mean things too! i dont know what to do because how can you be with someone when their friends hate you? and i also dont know if i should be mad at my boyfriend?
Boyfriends friends hate me so much. What do I do?
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