Is my boyfriend rude or am I just over reacting?

there's a couple reasons that have recently happened that have made me ask this so here it goes.
It’s 6 months until we would have been together a year, and we were sat watching tv and he just turned around and said “since our first anniversary of getting together is just a week before valentines should we just not go out for our anniversary and just do valentines” I thought yeah thats fine since they are so close together. He then continues to say “we’ll go for a nice meal, we won't buy any presents and then we’ll split the bill” again I dont mind paying for my own things but he literally never ever takes me out at all, always makes me pay and I just thought for valentines I could feel special for just one night and its 6 MONTHS away, why is he bringing the bill up already?

later on that day I was telling him how Iv’e lost 8lbs recently and he turned and was like “no you haven't, where? You look exactly the same, You’ve lost nothing”. He then shouted to his brother in front of all his family and said “she reckons she's lost all this weight, doesn't she look the same” it was so embarassing and shot all my hard work down as I had literally been starving myself pretty much nearly every day.

again on the same day we were sat in his kitchen, he kept going to his fridge to get cans of fanta out, never not ONCE did he offer me a drink? He then eventually passed me his can and said do you want a sip? Im not gonna bother giving you a can. Whereas every time he's coming round mine i make sure to stock up on loads of cans, different choices so he can have as many as he wants, and he couldnt even offer me ONE even though there was a fridge full? sorry for being so long I just think these small things are rude? Or am I over reacting?
Is my boyfriend rude or am I just over reacting?
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