Boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex. Why is he hiding it from me?

*Repost after deleting because I was considering posting under a different category, but this one fits the best.

To preface this, my boyfriend and I have had numerous discussions and arguments about how often he contacts his ex. In the past, he's had meetings with her and tried to lie about it because he knew I wouldn't like it. (She's not shy about wanting to reconcile their past relationship.)

Today I lost my phone and (with his permission) used his phone to call it. I used his call log and accidentally (it WAS an accident, I have an android and I don't know how to work his iphone lol) saw that he had had a pretty long (almost an hour, outgoing call) facetime conversation with his ex. I am ashamed to admit it, but I invaded his privacy to try to figure out how long they had been talking and how he'd managed to hide it. I found out that they had never stopped communicating through Instagram. He doesn't know what I know yet.

My issue is, he's been leading me to believe that he cut communication after I told him how much I disliked the last "secret" meeting they'd had at his house. I'm not angry, just very hurt. I know the conversation was most likely friendly, but the deceit really hurt my feelings. I also don't know how to admit that I've broken his trust by going through his phone.
Boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex. Why is he hiding it from me?
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