My girlfriend got jealous, cause I was talking to a old sex buddy, what should I do?

So me and my girlfriend went out to the club last night, went out with my sister and my dad. Me and my girlfriend were standing next to each other, my old FB was walking past us a few times staring me up and down. Then she did again and said flirtly “hey... (and my name)”, i said “oh hey there” and my girlfriend stepped up and told her to f off and kept saying it until she walked outside.

l will admit it was pretty funny, then i got my girlfriend to leave, cause she was ready to bash her. We walked home and she didn't talk to me the whole time, then she said “im going to my mums and find her”. I told her to “fuck off and dont come home” she said “you were ready to talk to her, in front of me. Why would you?”, i said “fuck off, go on. Fuck off”. She went off and didn't turn up to her mums, she was missing for a few hours, i ended up finding her at the park. With her phone turned off, at least 10 minutes after she left.

i begged her to come back, she told me that my old FB only talked to me to start drama, the fb has been going around saying my mum is a meth addict (she not), she's startinf shit at my girlfriend work and now started on us, my girlfriend gave me tough advice and it hit my like a brick. But i still think my girlfriend is in the wrong. Is it normal for her to react like that and get that pissed/jealous?
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It happened again, the fb spoke to me again at the store. I am just trynna be nice. My girlfriend was with me and she got to the car and said “again? Seriously?”. I said “dont start”. Then my girlfriend went to her mums to pick up a parcel, she messaged me and said “im hated for being jealous, you probably get a spark out of me being this jealous. But i dont, it needs to stop, i have enough to deal with. With what i found out today, just ignore her please”
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She also said “if you know it makes me this upset, why do you keep doing it? Please stop. My doctors appointment didn't go well and you want to push me down even lower. Just stop” i didn't tell her off this time, i did speak to her nicely and she wasn't being mean about anything. I didn't shove her away when she became upset, im pals with her inlaw and sister (they are married), im trying to keep the peace with them. By talking to the fb
My girlfriend got jealous, cause I was talking to a old sex buddy, what should I do?
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